Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Looks Who's Back

I know you've been losing sleep wondering what became of Ashley Parker Angel, the popstar who was famous, then broke, homeless, and living with his knocked up girlfriend, then back on tv and on airwaves for a short while. Well, he's scored a new gig: he'll be playing Link Larkin in the Broadway production of Hairspray. His debut performance is this Friday night.

He says, "From a really young age I was always involved in a lot of plays and musicals, even before I really decided that I wanted to pursue music. I discovered that I loved being on stage through theatre really so I feel like I am going back to where I started." Ashley also says that he played Danny in a college production of Grease in his home town where they "had to turn away a couple hundred people a night, and one of the reporters in my town did this article on it and she foreshadowed where I am at, she was like 'This kid is going to be on Broadway someday' and I have that article still and its cool to have that and see that she was right. I am ready for this Broadway thing, I am ready for it. It has inspired me in a way that I haven't felt in a long time, it's a new thing."

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