Thursday, January 18, 2007

DON's Deal

So I had a REALLY awesome night last night...Today is my birthday and, like the extravagant showboat that I am, I started celebrating Tuesday and will stop on Sunday. Some friends and I went out to dinner last night at Cobras and Matadors in Hollywood, which was awesome. From there I had planned to go home and pack for my trip today, but Rena and I decided to be spontaneous and hit up Element.
We got hooked up with VIP and it was a sick night. First person I met was pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. He was talking to some tattoo artists about getting new ink and was not super friendly, but did talk to me briefly. Then I saw Big and yelled at him that it is my birthday and he gave me a big hug and talked to me about their show (Rob & Big) and told me that their dog finally did learn to skateboard a little. Shane West was there and he looked super hot in a grey suit. I also met a couple very minor actors and a dude from The Real World who thought he knew me from high school, but by far my favorite person of the night was Joey Fatone.
When I first met him, I was totally in DON mode, practically interviewing him. "So Joey, I heard you and Lance are filming a pilot together. When can we expect that to air?" "Joey, you are frequently photographed with Lance and JC. Are you still friends with Chris?" Questions like that. But I lost my composure when he asked why I had no voice and I told him it was from screaming at Justin Timberlake's concert the night before. He got really excited, asking how it was, saying he missed his flight but was supposed to be there, that JC and Lance were there and said it was amazing...he was really cool. And how cool is it that I talked to a former NSYNC member about his good friend Justin, right? Later on I came back into VIP and he yelled over, "DON, come meet my friends." (ok, not DON, but he did remember my name) He introduced me to people, including Lance Bass' assistant and best friend who I talked to for forever. They are leaving for Sundance this morning and Lance will soon start work on a Christmas album, for those interested. Anyway, I finished the night hanging out with Joey, and Rena and I headed home after declining an after-party invite. All in all, a really fun way to start off my b'day.
So I'm catching a 4:30 flight home to SF and doing dinner in the ville with my sister, which means posting will only happen for a short while today, but I will try to be consistent.


Anonymous said...

Tell me you did pack, and it did not end with wet clothes and waking up in an airport in another state ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Em

tdizzleshizzle said...

Happy Birthday DON!!! Best wishes for you


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday DON!
We hope you have a fabulous're the best!
Erin & Josh

Day Old News said...

Thanks you guys!!

lex said...

happy b-day! see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Happy bday jaime! I'm so jealous you met rob and big! I'm obsessed with them!

junglefeva said...

Happy birthday Christy B..xoxo
miss you.

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