Friday, December 08, 2006


Brandon Boyd is the lead singer of Incubus. I know Mandy Moore likes all types of guys so tried to give you a variety in the poll. So far every time I check somebody else is in the lead. Keep voting!

Where in the World is LiLo?

Somewhere that requires one to sport a jumpsuit? Honestly, with LiLo, it could be a movie costume or it just be Tuesday.

My mom came to visit me this week and she thoughtful brought down lots of stuff I might need from her house. Most importantly, she prominently displayed my orange prision jumpsuit from Bay to Breakers in the center of my closet. If I had known it was chic, I'd have worn it to many a Hollywood club!


Killer Couple

Did Cameron Diaz and Jude Law die? They look like ghosts at the premiere of The Holiday in Germany yesterday. These poor two have done the most film promotion by far. Where has Jack Black been? I mean, I know he has Tenacious D to promote and a performance at the Video Game Awards tonight, for which I scored a really cool skateboard with the invite printed right on there.

Anyways, I think this movie looks alright. Anybody seen it?

How I Met Your Mother

This is so random but it made me laugh. The cast of How I Met Your Mother went on the Megan Mullally show and busted out with some Les Miserables.

Toothy Tile Gets Frisky

Some of you don't believe Jake Gyllenhaal is gay.

His see-through shirt disagrees with you.

Either way, enjoy!


Pursuit Pics

Photos from the premiere last night. How cute is the Smith family?

In Pursuit of Something

In Pursuit of Happyness premiered in Los Angeles last night. TomKat and JLo (Looking like an extra from Big Love) plus Gremlin all showed up.

DON readers Ginger & Penny were lucky enough to attend. Here's Ginger's story:

"So the premiere was held at the Mann theater in Westwood. So on the way in I saw an actress who's name I forget... she's young, black, very pretty Marcelle Bou- something? I'm sorry I don't remember. Anyway, she was super pretty. Then I saw Sinbad and tried to get Penny to say hi but she refused. So then we had to go to our seats and we heard people saying that TomKat, JLo and Marc were there... we watched the movie... I thought it was really good but Penny thought the beginning was slow. The end made me cry, You pretty much know what's going to happen from the previews and since it's a true story. The real Chris Gardner was there too.

Okay, so after it was over Penny went to the restroom and I tried to leave and got stuck in the crowd which pushed me right over to where Will Smith and his son Jayden were exiting. The thing is, I could only really see all of the star's heads so I don't even know what they were wearing. Will was very gracious and nice. His son is so adorable. He had his hair in little puffs on the top of his head and seemed tired (the movie started almost an hour late!). Then Tom and Katie came out and were talking to them. Tom is really short. Katie looked very pretty but seemed so much older than she really is. I heard someone say that they actually looked really cute together. So then JLo and Marc came out. I could not believe how little Marc Anthony is! He's super short and REALLY skinny! He really looks like a skeleton. And JLo is a lot shorter than I realized as well. She looked pretty (again, all I saw was her face).

I finally made it out of the lobby and I nearly ran into Jada Pinkett Smith. She looked amazing in a long, strapless gown and she was asking everyone what they thought of the film. At the after party I was standing behind Cuba Gooding Jr. at the bar and he was in all white and posed for pics. It was a fun night! I didn't see any of the stars at the after party- I don't know if they showed up. Love ya!"

Thanks for the inside scoop! DON loves ya back!


A great suggestion from an anon DON reader has our new poll up and running. As for the last poll, you voted (overwhelmingly) for Jessica Simpson to be Brit Brit's new best friend. At first I couldn't picture it, but it seems they are both a bit lost, both new or soon-to-be divorced, both soutern, bombshell pop singers with dreams of acting on the's a great match-up!

Thanks for voting and check out the new poll!

Simply Mandy

Mandy Moore looked stunning at a Cartier store celebration in New Jersey earlier this week. She looks great with both dark and blonde hair, but the color of this dress is what makes this work so well.

It's time for Mandy to find a new beau. Who'd be up for the job?

Off the Market?: Paris and Stavros

Paris Hilton suprised everybody by wearing a giant diamond ring on her right hand to Stacey Bendet's "Black & White" dinner for her clothing line alice+olivia at Katsuya on Monday. Nobody could help but notice the ring looked a lot like the one Paris Latsis supposedly proposed with. Paris spent the night hanging out with Stavros, Nicky, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mena Suvari, and Brandon Davis.

I smell a publicity stunt. It's not like Paris to keep any news a secret.


Gimme Your Money

Gwen Stefani stopped by TRL yesterday to promote (and promote and whore out) her new album. Mama is working hard for her money and merchandising the hell out of everything she touches.

I HATE that cinnabon on her head! And since when are booty shorts meant to be worn above your belly button?

Color her British

Renee Zellweger looking lovely at a party for her new film, Miss Potter. The flick is a biopic of children's author and illustrator Beatrix Potter, combining stories from her own life with animated sequences from her short stories with characters like Peter Rabbit.

Ewan McGregor plays Miss Potter's publisher and fiance, Norman Warne, and Emily Watson plays Warne's sister, Millie.

There are also rumors that Helen Fielding has almost completed a third installment in the life of Bridget Jones, for which Renee has been interested in taking on again. I don't believe that she would really play this role a third time, but who knows what money will buy?


Kicking it in Keds

Mischa Barton was photographed strolling the streets of Chelsea in her golden Keds. She looks beautiful here, so she must have been styled by somebody at Keds for a "spontaneous" photo-op because she never looks this good on her own.

Does anybody still watch The O.C.? I caught it last night for the first time in awhile and they are bringing back Marissa for a very special Chrismukkah? I don't believe it.


Hot Couple of the Minute: Joanna and Trace

Joanna Garcia attended the Victoria Secret fashion show with her boyfriend Trace Ayala, best friend of Justin Timberlake. Probably a better choice in a boyfriend considering her last one was Lance Bass.


Off the Market: Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster is engaged to boyfriend of one year, producer Andrew Form. "It wasn't a total surprise, but it was very spontaneous!" she said. "It's going to be a pretty small destination wedding - next November." Her dream dress designer? "I love Carolina Herrera!"

Andrew is quite the change from her former boyfriends, Derek Jeter and Mark Wahlberg. Jordana has starred in The Fast and the Furious, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and, my fav, D.E.B.S., where she plays lesbian jewel thief and kidnapper Lucy Diamond.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hot Couple of the Minute: Paris and Foofy Foof

Flava Flav found a replacement for Brigette Nielson without shooting a Flavor of Love 3 when he hooked up with Paris Hilton at the Big in '06 Awards.

I kid! But wouldn't it make for some great party stories?

Family Feud

23-year-old Nicholas Marino was stabbed last night by a security guard at the home of celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Gunnar was not home at the time of the accident.

Nicholas had been engaged in an affair with Gunnar's estranged wife, Janet Crown Peterson, 43. When she broke off the relationship, Nicholas was beside himself and both Janet and Gunnar obtained restraining orders against him for their safety and for their three children. Janet is heir to a $4 billion family fortune.

He is in intensive care at an LA hospital, where he has been arrested for making criminal threats, stalking and burglary.


Ride For You

Danity Kane give us a new video which further proves that Aubrey and Shannon are only useful as back-up singers and for making stupid faces. Enjoy!

This Girl is a Movie Star

Keira Knightley shows her pointy chompers outside her home in London. While I don't despise her, I do find her to be quite overrated, both in the acting and the looks department. But I'm a ho like that.

Helping Hands

Marky Mark Wahlberg has come a long way since the Funky Bunch. He helped 100 kids in the Boys and Girls Clubs shop for Christmas presents at Old Navy in Beverly Hills. Atta guy!


He's Doing Fine, Yo

Kevin Federline claims he is doing just fine these days. He tells E! news he's doing "Great. I am good, I am great, you know...just moving along, progressing and taking it all in stride." He insists he is a family man at heart saying, "That is the all honestly, that is what it is. I laugh a bit about it you know. I don't take it too seriously. Those are people who don't really know who I am."

Despite having a failed marriage, a failed album, and four kids in four years, he claims he is "Working it slowly, still trying to get out there and do more stuff...I got a lot of options on the table right now."

Father of the year, come and get your award.


More Bloody Diamonds

Jennifer Connolly and Leonardo DiCaprio mug for the cameras at another Blood Diamonds screening. This movie is getting tons of awards buzz and is supposed to make you think about where those diamonds come from, as well as the hundreds of thousands of armed children fighting wars around the world. Normally any movie that makes me think too hard is not on my must-see list, but I've been to Kenya and South Africa and I think this movie might have a really interesting storyline along with the valid message.

Jennifer throws it back WAY old school in that dress. Do you like it?

Soundbites: LiLo

Here's a Blackberry email rant by LiLo, obtained by Page Six. Spelling errors are hers, I assure you.

"The way of the future-Howard Hughes once said. I am willing to release a politically/morally correct, fully adequite letter to the press if any of you are willing to help. Simply to state my oppinions on how our society should be educated on for the better of our country. Our people. Also because I have such an impact on our younger generations, as well as generations older than me. Which we all know and can obviously see. People are just mean. I am going to proceed with putting LR to court if need be for what she's done to me. Its my life. I want to live it. People cannot lie and think that it is okay to continue on having done so. Simply because they will do it again to someone else, and that is not alright with me. I have had many ups and downs, as do we all."

Um, crazy pills anybody? Who is LR??

Dirrrty Dawg

Melanie Brown is justifiably upset about Eddie Murphy’s recent statements questioning whether or not he is the father of her unborn child. Mel, 5 months pregnant, made the following statement:

"I am obviously upset and distressed at some of the comments made by Eddie Murphy to the media. I was astonished by what Eddie said – there is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father. My main concern is to concentrate on the well being of my daughter and baby."

Earlier this week, Mel stated "We're in love...I can't wait to spend Christmas with him, and I can't wait to have this baby." That was before Eddie brazenly brought his new girlfriend (who he claims he has been dating since October) to the Dreamgirls premiere. Mel and Eddie started dating in June of this year.



Total World Domination

It can't be good when all these people get together. TomKat, Victoria Beckham, JLo and her Gremlin all enjoyed dinner at the Cruise's current favorite restaurant, the exclusive CUT in Beverly Hills. Posh dressed for summer and must have frozen her booty off. Katie dressed for the PTA and Tom dressed up way too much. JLo continues to let her husband suck the pretty out of her...she's paler than Posh! All are expected at the next TomKat wedding set for Saturday.

Repenting While Working it for the Cameras

Lane Garrison spent some time on Wednesday morning attending church in Beverly Hills. He spent 15 minutes in the Good Shepherd Church before making a tearful exit.

Lane has yet to be charged with the death of his 17 year-old passenger from his crash last week.


Nobody Special Attends SeenOn.Com Party

Reality celebs unite! Lauren (MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills) and Audrina (MTV's The Hills), Kristin Cavalleri (MTV's Laguna Beach), and Brittny (E!'s Gastineau Girls and Filthy Rich Cattle Drive) with stylist Kim Kardashian all hit up this party. LC is looking mighty creepy!!

Soundbites: Brit Brit

Britney (finally!) posted a new message on her official website. It reads:

"It's been so long since I've been out on the town with friends. It's also been 2 years since I've even celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a bit too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria Secrets' new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.

I'm just getting started …. Happy Holidays everyone!"

It's Good to be Surly

KCav, looking fresh faced and like the ultimate SoCal girl, attended the one year anniversary party of the Surly Girl boutique. My little sis loves this store as the title describes her personality pretty well (love you kid!). She regularly sports their "Don't bother me, I'm surly" tank.

Check out their Surly stuff.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Scandal Alert!

Probably just a story, but an interesting one to think about. A tipster who claims to work for the Texas Department of Health released what appeared to be Beyonce's actual birth certificate, along with live births in Texas for the year 1974. Yes, you read that right. Which would make Beyonce 32 instead of 25. How awesome would that be! Such an original scandal! And it makes sense with her father's crazy controlling background and it would explain why she is so secretive.

Hot stuff!


Go On, Tell Me it's Not all a PR Stunt

TomKat feel that their $3 million Italian castle wedding wasn't enough to celebrate a love as big as theirs. They are hosting another wedding celebration this Saturday at Tom's production partner Paula Wagner's house in Beverly Hills.

If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by.


Hot Couple of the Minute: Jaime King and Randy Random

Jaime King out and about with her boyfriend, who I can't find a name for. I did learn that she has been sober since 1997 when, at the age of 18, she dealt with the death of her boyfriend from a heroin overdose. She was a heroin addict herself, which probably helped her land all those major modeling contracts in the 90's.

More on that Crash

Five eyewitnesses claim they saw Lane Garrison down between four and seven shots of vodka the night he crashed his SUV. It is being reported that Lane met up with the two 15-year-old girls and the 17-year-old boy at a gas station, then went on to a party where Lane showed off that he brought a bottle of Grey Goose with him. The party (not known if it was friends of the teens or friends of Lane's who hosted) consisted of about 30 people. Pics were taken and I'm sure they'll be sold to Star any moment now.

It has been said that when the alcohol ran low, Lane agreed to go buy more and took his new friends with him, making it sound like he was attending a high school party. You know the rest.


Aliens in the Hills

Victoria Beckham shops at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills yesterday. Call it a hunch, but that girl in the high waisted pencil skirt next to her just might be her assistant. Nobody else would be dressed like a librarian at a kitschy boutique.


Would You Wear This Shopping?

For me, it seems a little odd for mall shopping in December, but Heather Locklear says, "Damn it, I want to wear a sundress and I shall! All I need is a scarf to stay warm." Here she is at the Bev Center in Bev Hills. Probably buying Xmas presents for her on-again-off-again boyfriend David Spade at Baby Gap.


Still On: CMM & his Child Bride

Chad Michael Douche Murray attended the premiere of Home of the Brave with his 18-year-old fiance Kenzie Dalton. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but he looks skeevier than ever.

Let's remove this poor child from the picture and stick Tara Reid in there. Now that couple would make sense.


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