Friday, November 17, 2006

Hot Couple of the Minute: Teri and Stephen

Teri Hatcher confirms that she is dating Eva Longoria's ex-boyfriend, director Stephen Kay. The two met through a mutual friend. Eva dated Stephen back in 2004 when he directed her in the made-for-tv movie The Dead Will Tell, but he dumped her via phone call saying, "I don't think I can do this with you."

Ok, these two look frightening together. It's a match made in Heaven.

Beats by D.O.N.

I'm having a damn fine Friday. Here's what I'm bumping to at present:

Untouchable - 2Pac feat. Bone Thugs
I Wanna Luv U - Akon feat. Snoop Dogg
That Girl - Frankie J. feat Mannie Fresh & Chamillionaire
Maneater - Nelly Furtado
Irreplaceable - Beyonce
Bones - The Killers
Wind it Up - Gwen Stefani

And some Tenacious D for good measure.

My Favorite Tee

When you have a favorite shirt, you wear it to death. And that's how Adam Brody feels about his Crab Trap shirt. That shirt was totally made for Paris.

I have a lot of favorite tees, including the one I wore to work today because I can wear whatever I want! But one of my favorite shirts is my beer pong shirt that says, "Don't hate me because I'm awesome." It psychs people out.

Let's Play Dress Up

Victoria and David Beckham arrive in Rome for the TomKat wedding tomorrow. I have a question: is the wedding a costume party? Posh is dressed as a naughty librarian, while Becks is dressed as a gay snowlodge bunny.

Last night I drove by the Scientology Center on Sunset in Hollywood. It terrified me. It has it's own street and a gigantic sign saying over a million people have already found the way. The compound is the size of a hospital. Guess that's what Tom's movies pay for.

Sick: Kimberly Stewart

Reportedly Fugly Stew has liver cancer from too much boozing.

Rod said, "She just discovered that she has a very serious liver illness from drinking too much. She said to me, 'Dad, I'm half Scottish, I thought I was allowed to drink a lot.' I said, 'No, darling, it doesn't work like that.'"

Somehow I doubt her dad would be making light of his daughter's cancer...

VS Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret had a fashion show last night and lots of celebs showed up. Justin Timberlake rocked the crowd with a live show. Alyssa Milano looked radiant and KCav has gone platinum. So strange to see the Angels sans Tyra and Heidi.

Soundbites: Shanna Moakler

When asked if she had anything to say to Paris Hilton:

"Take your Valtrex."

I love how Shanna pretends she is taking the high road and then calls out Paris on having herpes, which I'm sure is true, but I'm sure Shanna's calling the kettle black on that one.

Under the Knife: Cameron Diaz

It's hard to see in this pic, but Cameron Diaz did appear to go ahead with that nose job. She is sporting a bandage under her nose and it is much more small and pert.

Here she is with Justin Timberlake leaving a showing of Borat. He's totally like, "Sheeeet, when can I ditch this old lady and get back with Brit Brit? I'm gonna teach her boys some real dance moves."

Bump Watch: Matt Fox's Wife

Matthew Fox, 40, and his wife Margherita Ronchi are expecting their third child. The couple married in 1992 and have an 8 year-old daughter, Kyle, and a 5 year-old son, Byron. Margherita is a former model from Venice, Italy.

Um, when did she model, the Dark Ages? That was mean. Congrats on your baby! It's a medical miracle!

Tenacious D & the Pick of Destiny

A DON Special Report

So last night I went as press to the premiere of Tenacious D & the Pick of Destiny. When I arrived at the theater, there was a huge mob of crazy Tenacious D fans. I pushed through them to check in and started laughing when I realized that people feel about Jack Black and Kyle Gass the way I feel about Brit Brit. People were screaming and hysterical and wearing all kinds of weird stuff.

Jack and Kyle came and put there hand prints (and butt prints) in cement outside the theater, then performed some of there songs inside. Jack was actually really funny and as crazy as you'd expect. I know very little about Tenacious D, but was really surprised at how funny the movie was. I laughed the whole time. Basically it's a rock musical and they sing the whole time. They need to write a good song so they can win open mic night and pay their rent. They go to Guitar Center where Ben Stiller tells them the legend of the Pick of Destiny, which is made out of the devil's tooth and makes anybody who holds it insanely good. So they go on a mission to steal it from the Rock and Roll Museum in Sacramento and get back in time for open mic night, but end up in a showdown with the devil who wants that tooth back.

My favorite part was when Jack Black tripped on mushrooms and they cut back and forth between what he thinks is happening (tubing down a strawberry river with a sasquatch) and what is actually happening (almost drowning in the Sacramento river). Anyway, I'm surprised to give this two thumbs up as ridiculous but really funny.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

LOL!: Tina Fey on Paris Hilton

Tina Fey went on Howard Stern and discussed some of the worst hosts ever on SNL. She really laid into Paris Hilton, who she described as a "piece of shit"!

She said Paris had "the hair of a fraggle", and left "nasty wads of Barbie hair on the floor" from her "cheap weave"! Tina caught Paris' giant man hands and said they were as long as her forearm.

Paris actually takes herself seriously and "embraces her stupidity".

She asked them to write a skit so she could play Jessica Simpson "because I hate her" "she's fat".

Paris was so uninterested in anyone else the staff had a bet to see if she would ask anyone something personal (like "how are you").

She did at one point ask someone "is Maya Rudolph Italian?" (she's half Black, half Jewish)

Where in the World is LiLo?

Posing for GQ magazine in some risque shots. Wonder if she was airbrushed much because her legs look especially tiny and her chest especially huge.

They Gotta Eat Somewhere

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo leave dinner (looks like Koi to me) in Los Angeles. Vanessa looks absolutely stunning and Nick doesn't look too shabby himself.

Guess what? I just went on a coffee run and saw Rebecca Romijn standing outside the Ivy. Man, she is tall!

Rome isn't just for TomKat

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are in Rome, but not for the TomKat wedding. The two are filming the sci-fi thriller Jumper.

Rachel seems to be getting loads of movies now, perhaps even outshining Mischa and certainly outshining her bf, Adam Brody. You go chica!


Gwen in London

Gwenyth Paltrow looked gorgeous at a dinner for the Prince's Trust, where she dined Charles, Camilla, and Sting to celebrate the charity's 30th anniversary.

How come she never seems to attend these events with her hubby??


La Vida Olsen

Ashley (brunette) and Mary-Kate Olsen mug for the cameras at a Teen Vogue party where they were the honored guests. The party was held last night in New York's Rose Bar to celebrate their split cover for the December/January issue.

Finally MK has a chance to be the prettier twin!


Countdown to Official TomKattiness

I think TomKat believes they are royalty. These pictures of them make me gag. Everything seems to phony and staged. I mean, look at Katie's outfit? What 27 year old wears clothes like that?

I am so happy for them.

The Office is Gonna Rock Tonight!

CMM does TRL

There was a time when I thought Chad Michael Murray was hot. That time has passed. He went on TRL to promote One Tree Hill and looked every inch the scummy cradle-robber he is.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Jessica and Tony

During the broadcast of the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Redskins game, the Fox TV broadcasters said Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a crush on Jessica Simpson. Since then, Tony and Jessica have reportedly been out on at least one date. More importantly, Papa Joe and Tony have been out on a date; Tony got Papa Joe tickets to last week's game and then the two went to lunch. You know Papa Joe gets to decide when and where Jessica dates and probably met with Tony to discuss PR strategies.

The couple: love it or hate it? I can just see Nick going red after Jessica takes up with a professional athlete.

Frenemies Around the Globe

Paris was on the same path as LiLo (London for the Casino Royale premiere, then the World Music Awards) and, while the two stayed at the same hotel, they kept their distance from each other. Looks like they are still working out some issues.

Meanwhile, back in LA Nicole Richie had lunch with her mom at the Ivy, where they always seem to meet up. She looks incredibly unhappy.

Joely Quits Nip/Tuck

Nip/Tuck actress Joely Richardson has had to quit the popular show due to a family emergency concerning her teenage daughter, Daisy, with her ex-husband Tim Bevan. Daisy was born with circulation problems and Joely was told this wouldn't affect her daughter's life until she had developed into adolescence. "Surgeons and hospitals have been a big part of our lives," she says. "We were always told that she would have to have more surgeries when she got older. The time has come."

Joely is returning home to London to help her daughter through multiple leg surgeries.

She hopes to one day return to the show. "I love my work but I had to be in two places at once and I thought, 'If it were all over tomorrow, what would I regret?' It would be not being there for her."

When in Rome

JLo and her gremlin land in Rome in anticipation of the TomKat wedding. I know JLo must hate being at something where she can't be the center of attention.

News in a Flash

Emmitt Smith winning the title on Dancing with the Stars. This is the second win for his partner Cheryl Burke.

Actress Jaime Pressly expecting a son with fiance DJ Eric Cubiche. She announced that she is four months along on The Tonight Show, following months of denial.

Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley has been hospitalized in London with a serious viral infection and has cancelled all European tour dates.

Michael Jackson disappointing fans with a very short performance at the World Music Awards. He also accepted an award, stating, "I would like to thank my wonderful children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, for their unconditional love and support."

LiLo also disappointed fans. She hosted the awards and was "booed" several times for messing up her lines.

DON's deal: I have my first press pass as a blogger! Tonight I'm attending the premiere of the new Tenacious D movie where Jack Black and Kyle Gass are set to perform prior to the screening of the film, and then on to the after party. Woo hoo! I'll be reporting on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Night, Another Club

Elisha Cuthbert hits up Hyde with a friend. I still haven't made it to Hyde, but it is on my club checklist. Watch out now!

A Bit of a Stretch

While Kirstie Alley has done a pretty good job dropping all that weight she gained, I don't know that anybody would consider her "thin." I actually find it annoying how much press she's received on this. It's like, anybody could lose 60 lbs. in over a year, especially if they were paid to and had a weight loss company footing all the bills to make sure you look fab. Come on!

KiKi's Koffee

KiKi picks up food and coffee from Joan's which is less than half a block from my apartment. I'm starting to get really fed up with my lack of celebrities sightings when I find pictures of them all over my stomping grounds. I would love to have coffee with Kirsten and talk about why she thinks snaggle teeth make a statement and how the Salvation Army isn't the only place to find your wardrobe.

I'm Loving It

Angelina Jolie, still in costume, heads to a local McDonald's in India for a veggie burger and fries.
Now, you probably won't believe me, but I had the McVeggie burger when I was in India and it was SO much better than a normal burger. Everybody with me agreed. I wish they'd bring it to Mickey D's here!

Baby Sandler

Adam Sandler and his daugther Sadie hang out on the set of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Looks like she takes after her daddy.

Now There's a Cute Couple

Reese Witherspoon sported a fake baby bump on the set of her new movie "Rendition," which co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal. The film is about a CIA analyst based in Cairo who witnesses the interrogation of a foreign national by the Egyptian secret police. Reese plays Isabella El-Ibrahim, the pregnant American wife of an Egyptian-born chemical engineer whose family emigrated to the States in the mid 1980s and who is shipped off to a third world country for interrogation after he is deemed a political prisoner in our post-9/11 world.

I hate movies that make me think! This should be a romantic comedy.

TomKat in Rome

Tom, Katie, and Suri head to City Hall in Rome to take care of some pre-wedding business. Meanwhile, friends Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony were seen boarding a private plane in Burbank and are suspected to be en route to Italy for the ceremony on Saturday.


My Eyes Deceive

Dayum! Look who got all rexy on us and actually looks great. Natural, classy, and not a drink or ciggy in site! I hate the new Tara Reid! Bring back our fun-loving hot plastic mess.


Brit Brit shows her boos some love while visiting in Louisiana.

Is that a wig??

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