Friday, November 10, 2006

It's Bangin'

Alicia Keys: Hey, heard you are getting married? You should really grow those tiny bangs out. Then you wouldn't need a veil and bangs are a sign of power. Haven't you ever heard of the story of Samson?

Katie Holmes: Really? Is that from the Book of Scientology? Besides, Tom likes my bangs short and says I'm not supposed to have power. By the way, things are wonderful with him, we are so in love. It's incredible.

Alicia: What's incredible is how you are letting Tom control your life and take away the power of the bangs from you.

Tom: Hey Alicia...what was that you were telling Katie? I hope you aren't filling her head with religious nonsense. That's my job.

Alicia: No way, Tom. But I do think she should have more control over her own personal style.

Tom: I'd rather you didn't say such things to her. Bad things could befall you. I know aliens.

Alicia: Don't push me, Tom. My bangs are bigger than yours.

Tom: How dare you!

A Chick Flick for the Boys

Beyonce and Eva Longoria are in talks to star as Victorian-era lesbian lovers in a new Sofia Coppola flick. Tipping The Velvet would star Eva, 31, and Beyonce, 25, in Sarah Water's novel about 1890s music hall star Kitty Butler and her partner Nan Astley.

Eva said, "Yes it's true. We are talking about doing the movie together. It's such a wonderful novel, a beautiful love story." Beyonce spoke about the film, too, saying, "We've had Brokeback Mountain so the time is right for this divine novel to get the same treatment."

Somehow that doesn't sound like Beyonce to me, but this movie would be L'Oreal's dream come true.

Dude, How Good Was Grey's?

First of all, Karev is hot to a ridonk level. I love it when he pouts. Second, I thought last night's episode was going to be a lame, throw-away episode, but it was actually awesome. And next week's will be even hotter...the reunion of Alex and Izzie, love it!

Blind Vices

From Janet Charlton's Hollywood:

There's more to the Girls Next Door than meets the eye. Someone very involved in the Playboy world filled me in on what we DON'T see on the reality show. I'm not going to name names, so you'll have to figure it out, but it makes watching the show a LOT more interesting, looking for clues. Apparently ONE of the three girls (Holly, Kendra, and Bridget) is a hard-core lesbian and not the LEAST bit interested in men. Another of the girls is super freaky and into almost any kind of kinky sex. The third girl seems to have a genuine crush on Hef and just wants to keep him happy. The lesbian has claimed the super freak for her girlfriend and they regularly get it on in a wide variety of ways for Hef's amusement. The third one joins in if Hef says to. At his age, he's happy just to watch.

Hmmm, this one isn't too tough to figure out...wonder if it's true? This woman does not have the best track record.

Birthdays are for Lovahs

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo celebrate their shared birthday (he's 33, she's 26). Is Miss M looking a little thin to anybody? And, Nick, getting Snickers to sponsor your b-day? Papa Joe would swell with pride.

Bump Watch: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson's rep has confirmed that the actress has suffered a miscarriage. Pam recently married on-again-off-again boyfriend Kid Rock.

At a Baywatch DVD promotional event last week, she addressesd rumors that she was preggo. "I think that's just what happens when you get together, but we already have three (kids), so not yet." Pam has two sons Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 8, with ex-husband Tommy Lee. Kid Rock has a 16-year-old son, Robert James Ritchie, Jr.


And the Beat Goes On

Brit Brit is off to Miami today to continue recording for her new album. At a Louis Vuitton party in NYC last night, Pharrell Williams said, "The stuff I'm about to do is amazing, but I don't like talking about what I'm about to do...Okay, I'm going in with Britney." Brit Brit (who just loves that dress BTW) was recording in Manhattan from 9:30 to 11:00 p.m. last night, then back again from 12:50 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. this morning.

As for KFed, a rep for his lawyer says he's doing well even though the divorce filing "caught Kevin totally by surprise. I think Kevin's doing pretty well, considering this disastrous situation. But I believe something good will come out of this."

Um, yeah, something good is coming of this...Brit Brit is free, fierce, and recording again!!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another Reason to Go Back to Britney

"I used to be able to eat anything I wanted and then go right to bed. Fried chicken, onion rings, half a bottle of wine. As you get older, your insides rebel. You've asked so much of them for so many years, and then they just go, 'Uh-uh, bi-atch! Gonna eat cheese fries? See how you sleep!' And you’re tossing and turning all night."

-the girlfriend of Justin Timberlake

Viva La Britney

Britney Spears might make her big comeback in her home away from home, Sin City. Rumor has it she is planning to relaunch herself early next year. The Palms hotel and resort owner George Maloof says he would welcome her as a performer in his new 2,500 seat showroom. He says, "There will always be a standing offer for her to play at the Palms, particularly in our new venue."

Now, I'll be in Vegas come January, but for Brit Brit, I'll make another early 2007 trip happen.

Love it or Hate it?

Eva Longoria at the L'Oreal Legends Gala.

Celeb Baby

Nobody guessed this is not DAK's baby. It's little Kingston Rossdale.

Celeb Sighting!

Auntie Hum writes to DON:

"So I went to the lobby of my office and I saw her [celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe] walk in. She is about 5 foot 1 and so incredibly thin!!!!

She was wearing GIANT sunglasses like x10000 bigger then nic ric. She was wearing like 5 inch platforms and carrying a giant Berkin bag in orange and a giant Chanel tote bag with Gold chains.

She's here [at GAP corporate] for a piperlime event, she's the current guest editor.

She also had a venti starbucks and super dark short nails and a BEAUTIFUL calf length white coat and was wearing opaque tights."

Thanks HUM!!!

Keepin' it Real

Jamie Lynn Spears keeps it real, shopping with her boyfriend at WalMart in LA. She totally looks like she is wearing a towel and slippers.

Jamie was photographed bawling her eyes out on Monday. Not sure if it had anything to do with her sister's divorce, but we can't imagine why that would make her cry.


Just Want a Short, Short Man

Nicky Hilton is taking after her sister and snagging an ex of Mary Kate Olsen. While Paris went for Stavros, Nicky is after David Katzenberg. She recently dumped Kevin Connelly for cheating on her and has been quietly seeing David, who was the first serious boyfriend of Mary Kate.

I think MK can take it personally now.

New Work for LiLo

Lindsay Lohan will star in "I Know Who Killed Me," a psychological thriller scheduled to begin shooting next month.
She'll be Aubrey Fleming, a young woman who is rescued after being abducted and tortured by a serial killer. When Fleming returns home, she claims to be someone else, raising questions as to whether she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or if something more sinister is going on.

LiLo seems to be branching out in her movie roles. I'm interested in seeing how she does in Bobby, which comes out on Thanksgiving.


Say It Ain't So

Reese Witherspoon filed for divorce yesterday from Ryan Phillippe. She has asked for joint custody of their two children, with physical custody going to her. She also would like the court not grant spousal support for Ryan.

Ryan has denied most of the nasty rumors circling about him. "I'm not a perfect person, but I'm not guilty of a lot of the things I have been accused of. My priority is and always has been the health and safety of my family." However, he still hasn’t commented on reports that he and Australian actress Abbie Cornis had a relationship. She co-stars with him in an upcoming film.


Where in the World is LiLo?

At the Playstation party, just like NicRic and Paris. Why is she still sporting that stupid wrist thing? It doesn't look like it is doing much for her at all. But I like her outfit other than that.

Anna Faris and Katherine McPhee were also at the party.



Sarah Jessica Parker hosted a book signing by Laura Mercier looking like garbage! What the hell is that torn, shimmery neckerchief and the derelicte Glad bag of a skirt? Maybe that gold ribbon around her neck was the tie for the trash bag? Recycled fashion at its worst.

Name That Baby!

Leave your guesses in the comments!

Party Time, Excellent!

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie danced up a storm at the Sony Computer Entertainment America "First Look" party last night. Paris seems a little overdressed for the fete. But they both look like they are having a really good time, sweaty and everything!


Reno 911: Miami

I absolutely love Reno 911. Check out the clip for the movie...I think it will be better than the show.

Losing it: Denise Richards

Denise Richards flipped out in Canada yesterday when unauthorized paparazzi were seen on the set of her movie Blonde and Blonder. Denise took matters into her own hands, literally, by throwing the photog's laptops off the balcony at the River Rock Casino, where they fell on an 80 year-old woman in a wheelchair. What a pscyho!

Dee Dee, Emily and I used to have these delusions during class in law school where we would discuss who we would throw our laptops at if we could. Terry, if you're reading this, that old lady should have been you.


KFed v. Brit Brit, Round 1

KFed is such a moron! Las night at his show at Chicago's House of Blues, he yelled out, "Hey, I see a lot of fine ladies in here. You know I'm a free man, right, ladies? You wanna dance with a pimp? All my ladies, I love you to death!"

Following the show, KFed partied in the VIP section at Cabaret, where he drank Jack Daniels straight from the bottle and ordered champagne for the DJ who played his songs. He also got on the mic and yelled, "Ladies if you're drunk, let me hear you scream! I represent the g–damned West Coast. It's a party for K Federline. Gonna rock and roll."

Meanwhile, in NYC, Miss Spears entered a music studio around 1 a.m. She's coming back, y'all!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hitched: Jeff Gordon

NASCAR racecar driver Jeff Gordon married Belgian model/actress Ingrid Vandebosch yesterday in Mexico. They were engaged less than five months and began dating last winter. Jeff is due in Phoenix this weekend for the Checker Auto Parts 500 on Sunday. The marriage is Gordon's second. He was divorced from his first wife, Brooke Sealy, in 2003.



A Dog and a Puppy

Mothface apparently has a penchant for adopting homeless pets. Damn, how can I make fun of that? I know that our dog, Professor Wigglebutt, would totally eat a moth. To be fair, she'd also probably eat a person...she's mean like that, but so am I. More in The Puparazzi.

Michael and Dwight: SexyBack

A long, but fun look at The Office and some really great clips. I flippin' love this show. I feel like I work in a very similar environment now. I'm totally Pam.

Isn't She Lovely?

NicRic attended the Chanel fine jewelry dinner in Beverly Hills last night. I must say, I'm starting to dig her dark hair. What do you think? Oh, and I totally don't buy Us Weekly's statement that she's gained 10 lbs, unless they mean 10 lbs. of purse.

Soundbites: Moby

"[Gay children] are less likely to get into a fight and less likely to date rape people. I'm straight but I've grown up around gay people and gay clubs. They are superior to straight people. If you have a gay child you're more inclined to be a prouder parent."

- Moby

Where in the World is LiLo?

Crashing cars! LiLo was involved in her third car accident in two years on Tuesday. Her rep said, "She was rear-ended by a paparazzi. She's fine." She was partying at Hyde last night and left around 2 a.m., at which time she was hit by the photogs. She drove a short distance before calling a friend to come pick her up.


Conspiracy Theories Abound

While discussing the Britney/KFed split with my dad this morning, we disagreed on the reasoning behind the split. My dad believes that somebody who runs off and gets married in Vegas on a whim might just as easily file for divorce on a whim. I believe that Miss Spears has a bigger plan. Here's some more to support my theory from Fox News:

Britney Spears didn't pick Nov. 6 as the day to file for divorce from Kevin Federline by accident. She filed two years and one month from the day of her marriage, on Oct. 6, 2004. Her prenup, according to legal theorists, evidently carried increases for Federline for every year of their marriage. And those deadlines, they say, likely had 30-day grace periods. Hence, Nov. 6 would have been Britney's last chance to get out of paying a third year of alimony settlement to a basically talentless slacker who was a drain on her finances.

And in the end, money is probably what Spears' divorce is all about. Since she deliberately showed off a new trim body on David Letterman’s show the other night, Spears is obviously getting ready to go back to work. If a new album and tour are on the boards, Spears obviously doesn't want to share the proceeds with Federline. It was clearly better to get out now, so that K-Fed can lay claim to only half of Spears' earnings during what has been the most fallow period in her career.


Having a Bad Day: KFed

Hit him with a one-two punch! Results are in following the first week of sales for KFed. His debut album "Playing With Fire" sold a mere 6,500 copies and debuted at #151 on the Billboard Chart.

Meet a Movie Star

Can you believe this woman is a famous celebrity? She could not look more average. I mean, she's great and all, but how plain Jane do yet get? She's showing her support for voting and was recently campaigning in the East Bay for her favorite cause.

Did anybody catch the Midterm Midtacular? LOL!

DON's Deal

I know that many of you want to vote for Justin Timberlake as the perfect new guy for Brit Brit (Hum wrote me with her compelling arguments), but I was trying to limit it to single guys. Besides, we know if I threw Justin on that poll, there would be know question who would dance his way to a victory.

Additionally, I went to the doctor this morning to check up on my knee that has been hurting a lot and it turns out I'm fine. I asked the doc if she could really quick look at my hand because it has been hurting for over a month. And wouldn't you know, I ended up in x-rays with a possible break. The tech was like, "Have you ever had an x-ray before?" I replied, "Only like every year of my life." Who breaks two hands in two years?? Fingers crossed that it's just a vicious sprain and it won't affect my typing. I know, I'm a walking catastrophe.

Dunzo: Rosario and Jason?

After two years of dating, it is being widely rumored that Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis have called it quits. She was overheard telling a friend about the break-up in a New York restaurant over the weekend, explaining she was having to fly to Los Angeles to clear her belongings from the Hollywood home she shares with Jason.

I've been sitting on this news for a few days waiting for the comments from their reps, but since none are coming, I'll just assume the worst.


Smile Like You Mean It

Another single Brittany heads out to promote her film The Dead Girl at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles. While I prefer her with brown hair, she looks nice like this as well. Cute outfit, too.


Hot Couple of the Minute: Rashida and John?

John Krasinski went for an early morning walk in L.A. with his The Office co-star Rashida Jones.

Rashida is the daughter of Quincy Jones and an incredibly interesting character. She grew up in Bel-Air with her mother, then attended Harvard to study acting. She gained the respect of her fellow students when she wrote an open and witty letter responding to Tupac Shakur's nasty remarks about her parents' "mixed marriage." Tupac and her later became friends and he was eventually engaged to her sister. She has written for Teen Vogue, as well as modeled for Triple Five Soul, the Gap, O Magazine, and In Style Magazine. She is also a singer, and sang backup on Maroon 5's last album, as well as on a Tupac album and an album of her father's that led to a Grammy win. She was one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" in 2002 and Harper Bazaar's "Best Dressed Women in America." Rounding that out, she was nominated for an NAACP image award.

Try not to feel inadequate. Think they are dating? Say it ain't so, Pam!

Dunzo: Brit Brit and KFed

It's all Britney, all the time!

Here's what she's been up to today: Brit is still in NYC. She went out last night, eating with friends, shopping at the Gap, and ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Kevin is now in Chicago where he is to perform at House of Blues tonight, despite sales being so low that the venue is now giving away tickets.

Britney heads out for dinner at Baldoria in NYC with some friends and a hot little dress.
Ice skating is more fun without a bra.
All this means one thing, this was a long time coming and well-calculated. She is not giving us the sad, end-of-my-marriage, lay-low routine. She showing us she's hot and fabulous and doesn't need that zero in her life. Way to make a splash Brit Brit!!!

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