Friday, September 22, 2006

Stork Delivery: Edward Furlong

Terminator 2 actor Edward Furlong and his wife, actress Rachael Bella, welcomed their first child, a boy, in the evening of Sept. 21. Ethan Page Furlong weighed 7 lbs., 7 oz. Furlong, 29, and Bella, 22, married earlier this year.

Oh, that poor child...Edward Furlong is a notorious bad boy.


Dunzo: LiLo and Harry

From People magazine:

Harry broke up with Lindsay yesterday (Thursday) at Chateau Marmont after they had dinner on the courtyard patio," a source tells PEOPLE. "Nothing happened at dinner, but shortly afterward, he broke up with her." Why the split? "She was too much drama," says the source. "Lindsay did cut down on the partying, but with her it's all relative. Harry is sober. It wasn't the partying that broke them up. She's young and a little bit immature. Harry's more low-key and not into the same stuff she's into." However, a source close to Lohan says, "No one 'dumped' anyone. You don't dump people when you're 20 and 25. You have a mature relationship, and you take a break and you see what happens. Everyone does that."

Lohan, 20, was spotted at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont on Thursday, running onto the patio where four of her friends were sitting – and weeping, a wad of tissues on one hand, her cell phone in the other. "She ran in, sat with her group, put down her cell phone and cried to her pals," an observer tells PEOPLE. "The group looked very concerned and listened intently to what she was saying." After the Chateau, Lohan went to Hyde Lounge, where she arrived around 12:30 a.m. and stayed until the hot spot closed at 2 a.m. She mingled with friends and didn't appear to be distraught: "She was having a blast," says one patron, "even with a broken hand." Lohan's rep tells PEOPLE, "The story is untrue." A rep for Morton said, "I do not comment on his personal life." Lohan and Morton, 25, owner of the restaurant chain Pink Taco and son of former Hard Rock Cafe chain owner Peter Morton, started dating on July 2. Their relationship started out promisingly: They spent a cozy Fourth of July week in Malibu lounging at Morton's pad (where they blasted Led Zeppelin over the speakers), dining at Nobu, shopping at the Malibu Country Mart and going out with pals. By mid-month, the lovebirds were nearly inseparable. Among their many outings: holding hands at the Prada party in Beverly Hills on July 13, hitting hot spot Les Deux with pal Nicole Richie on July 14 and celebrating David Spade's birthday together on July 15. "They get along great and have a lot in common," a source told PEOPLE in July. Morton had been credited with Lohan's recently toned-down lifestyle – and helped her through more than one sticky situation: He was on the scene when she was briefly hospitalized on July 26 (her camp blamed dehydration and exhaustion) and subsequently missed work on her upcoming drama Georgia Rule. He was also there for her when her Hermes handbag went missing at London's Heathrow airport earlier this month after they attended the premiere of Lohan's upcoming film Bobby at the Venice Film Festival.

Little Superstar

This freaky video was sent to me by Pony. Hope you can sleep at night without him haunting you.

Birthday Fun

NicRic enjoyed her 25th birthday at Disneyland with her boyfriend Brody Jenner and pals. While I'm confident she is tall enough, isn't there a 45 lb. weight requirement for those rides?


Where in the World is LiLo?

Fighting with her mom! On September 14, a birthday dinner at New York City's Philippe restaurant for her momager Dina Lohan, 44, turned ugly when the birthday girl reportedly picked a fight with little Lilo. Lindsay "was miserable," and stormed out, telling her mom to "go to hell."

Dina Lohan, who has called herself the "white Oprah," has been questioned on her parenting techniques in the past. Fiercely defensive over her daugther, she has denied numerous reports that she allowed Lindsay total freedom as a minor, dating older guys and experimenting with drugs and alcohol under her watch.

I'll say it again--Dina Lohan needs a boyfriend so she can move on from her abusive ex-husband and get out of her daughter's life a little bit.


Jailhouse la Bamba

Lou Diamond Phillips was charged Thursday with domestic battery relating to an incident back in August. As previously reported on DON, the actor got into a fight with his girlfriend that quickly escalated to a physical fight, where his girlfriend "was pushed and dragged across the house, resulting in scrapes to both knees." She called police from a locked bathroom and Phillips was arrested at the scene. If convicted, he could face a maximum of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. His arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 18.

Phillips was married for 10 years to makeup artist Kelly Preston (who changed her last name to Phillips). They have three children: twins Grace and Isabella, 8, and daughter Lili, 6. Preston filed for divorce in 2005. From 1986 to 1990, Phillips was married to Julie Cypher, who later entered a long-term relationship with Melissa Etheridge and gave birth to their two children.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's a Miracle!

Vanity Fair actually got Janet Jackson to put on some clothes for a photoshoot. Miss Jackson never looked better. She also looks like she is modeling for Ann Taylor Loft. Seriously, straight out of the catalogue. Why not? If Madonna can do H&M, it could happen.

From Dirrrty to Classy

Christina Aguilera reportedly sent this baby basket (delivered by an out of work DMX impersonator) to Brit Brit in honor of SPF, the Sequel.

The basket, from L.A. boutique Petit Tresor where Brit Brit shops regularly, included a set of porcelain crockery, a cuddly elephant, a hooded towel, slippers and a nightlight.

Christina has previously sent Britney wedding and baby gifts, despite their former rivalry. While the two aren't friends, Christina has some class...unless she placed this story to make herself look classy, in which case she's one smart ho.


Vanessa for Maxim

Vanessa Minnillo, current ho of Nick Lachey, has capitalized on her moment in the sun with a spread for Maxim magazine. The pics are aiight. She talks about people being nice to you when you are knocked up and not making guys work too hard to get you. Good advice for your teenage TRL fans!

Dunzo: Jessica and Dane

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook claim they were never an item. In fact, Dane debuted his live-in girlfriend of two years at the Employee of the Month premiere. When asked why he never denied the rumors, he said, "When there are lies, speculation or rumor, you can never fight it. To walk away from it and let it be helps things die out quicker." Or gets you some killer publicity!

Although, I will remind you that a trusted reader spotted these two definitely making out at a resort in Southern California awhile back.

Jessica will next star in a remake of Working Girl with Luke Wilson, while Dane will be featured in Good Luck Chuck with Jessica Alba.


Teen Vogue Pics

Paris and Nicky Hiton both look bad. On first glance, I thought Nicky was carrying a mini cooler, which would have been a lot more interesting and sold many, many pictures. All little girls across America would beg to use the family cooler as a purse to hit up the mall. Hot!
Mischa Barton is beyond helpless. And she pays somebody to dress her this way.
Nicole Richie should be told that she doesn't need to do the slimming only causes her to disappear further. If she posed sideways, it would be a thin line.

When I was 17, I went skiing in Mt. Bachelor with a bunch of boys who thought it was smart to head down the closed double black diamond run. I fell and my sunglasses broke into my face. Now that I just told that whole story I realize that this pic is too small to tell, but Brody has the cuts on his nose that suggest NicRic broke his glasses into his face. Good story, grandma...

Moving on now.

Where in the World is LiLo?

LiLo relaxed in L.A. while friends signed her cast. Let me just say, when I broke my wrist last year, the doctor told me to get black because my friends would write inappropriate things all over it and it would humilate me. Lilo, however, probably loves the attention.

Best Week Ever has taken their best guesses on what LiLo's frienemies would write on her cast.


Lance Finally Chooses...Matt!

Matthew McConaughey hit the surf in Malibu on Wednesday. Notice his braclet, stating his commitment to cancer...and Lance.

So this morning I was listening to Ryan Seacrest's radio show (I know, don't ask) and they played a clip which several DON readers commented on. Here's a DON reenactment of approximately what he said re Lance Armstrong:

We met about 8 years ago and exchanged numbers, but never hung out or anything. Then we ran into each other earlier this year. I said something funny and he laughed. Then he said something funny back and I was like, this dude is really cool. So I got his number again and this time I called him. We had a nice steak dinner and had two bottles of wine and seriously six hours later we were still sitting there with more to talk about.

Ok, that was not a specific quote, but I am in no way exaggerating what he said. I could not have sounded more like he was in love with him if he had called in from Lance's bed.

Somewhere, Jake Gyllenhaal is crying manly tears.


Reunited and it Feels so Good: Paris and Stavros

Paris poses with her ex-boyfriend Stavros at the Teen Vogue party. The party, held at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, was featured on last season of The Hillz.

I guess when you only have dozens of handlers, it's only natural that nobody tell you your closet hanging thingys are hanging out of your couture dress. I have to say, this must be the dressiest I've ever seen Stav. He still looks closer to a homeless man than a billionaire though.


Natural High

Brooke Burke and her fiance, former Baywatcher David Charvet had a frolicking good time on the beach of Malibu. They are expecting their first child together.

I know these are meant to be cute, but David's face looks lecherous, like "yeah, I hit that." And Brooke just looks bananas.


DON's Deal

DON misses you guys all day long while we work hard for our money. While work is challenging, let's just say it makes us happy when today we got to complete and send out a new movie contract for one of our top THREE celebs. Putting the "sign here" tabs next to her name made us giddy.

So we're tivoing all the shows tonight in order to blog for you. Cheers to you and thanks for reading!

Inside Secrets,

News in a Flash

Oscar-winning rappers Three 6 Mafia set to star in a reality comedy series for MTV called Adventures in Hollyhood. The show follows the group as they make their way from Memphis to Los Angeles and hits the airwaves next year.

HBO renewing Entourage for a fourth, 12-episode season. The final eight episodes of the series' interrupted third season air early next year.

Disney hopes to recreate the billion dollar success of Pirates of the Caribbean by turning another of its water-based theme park rides, the Jungle Cruise, into a movie.

Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer, Howard K. Stern telling E! News that the first of three toxicology reports on Daniel Smith came back negative for any illegal substances. As expected, Lexapro and Ambien were found in the 20-year-old's system, but not at any levels that could have caused his death. Two remaining toxicology reports have yet to be released.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake filing a police report Tuesday accusing a paparazzo of attempting to run Diaz over after she and Timberlake chased him back to his car. The X17 photo agency denying the couple's version of events and claiming its photographer is in the process of filing a complaint against the stars.

DON shout out to Meghan S. and all our readers on the East Coast; thanks for spreading the love!

Moving On'

Britney has let go of her infamous "security guard"/manny, who has accepted work from Jude Law. I'm sure that will make his girlfriend much happier, unless, of course, Jude falls into old habits of seducing the nanny...


Still On: Kate and Pete

Kate Moss visits her fiance Pete Doherty at a rehab clinic outside of London, where he is spending his days until his deferred sentencing in December for 5 different drug offenses.

Such a smart couple.


She's Not a Star Anyway

Looks like all the break-up PR Shanna Moakler generated after splitting with her husband Travis Barker did nothing to earn her some fans. She plans to continue to attend the shows and cheer on Mario Lopez. First, I'm sure she's looking forward to several days of her usual routine - lying in bed.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fires of Love

Adam Sandler is finally back behind the camera filming I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry, a film about two firemen (Adam and Kevin James) who pretend to be gay to get marriage benefits. Not sure what Jessica Biel's role is, but it looks far more tame that what David Spade's is. Dang, he's one ugly tranny!


Don't Look her in the Eyes!

Fergie claims that doing crystal meth takes a toll on your looks. That must be the most honest thing she's ever demonstrated by her lovely mug.

She also says she'd like to get it on with Marilyn Manson's wife, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. Fergie admitted to having experimented with women and says she'd go gay for Dita.

Excuse me while I go hug a toilet.


It's Intervention Time for JT

It's getting to a point where looking at Cameron Diaz physically troubles me. I wonder if it was waking up to this face, minus the help of makeup, that turned Justin Timberlake to drug use and abusive language in interviews. I mean, it couldn't have helped the situation.


Let's Do the Time Warp

Can somebody call 1997? They are missing these clothing artifacts. I swear I'm wearing a shirt just like that in my driver's license photo.


Still On!: Jen and Vince

After being apart for weeks, Jennifer Aniston surfaced with Vince Vaughn again in L.A. They are so boring it's intriguing--PR genius! Now she just needs to start getting fat and denying pregnancy until six months after the child is born. Source

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

First Bam Margera denied claims his fiancee made that he slept with Jessica Simpson while she was filiming Dukes, then recently told People that he ran into Jessica after her record release party and the two discussed how sorry he was that his fiancee made that stuff up and how she forgave him.

Yet, now that Bam has a movie coming out, he's singing a different tune. On the Howard Stern Show, Bam revealed that he spent the night with Jessica while she was with Nick.

He said he bumped into her, (to which Steve-O said, "yeah BUMPED into her") and Bam said they "wound up at her parents house drinking margaritas and it went from there..." Later in the interview Bam said he "left at 8 in the morning." Howard asked Bam "Did she look good naked" and Bam's reply was that she had a personal trainer for the movie, mumble mubmle.. "yeah, she looked good I can't deny that."

In additional believable claims, Steve-O says that Christian Slater hit on him at a party when he was drunk, and told him he was cute and sexy and asked if he wanted to go with him. Steve-O later talked to Christian's ex-wife and she said "that's what happens when he drinks - he turns gay." Steve-O says NicRic wasn't really into him, she was looking for "some media coverage that wasn't about her being f-ing skinny." (DUH!) He thinks she even called the paparazzi guys. (DOUBLE DUH! Like she'd be into you!)

So what do you think, did Bam actually hook up with Jessica or not?


Employee of the Month Premiere

Jessica Simpson channels Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville at the premiere of her movie Employee of the Month. Dane Cook cuts a dashing figure next to her.

I'll admit I kind of want to see this movie just because I think Dane Cook is pretty smoking and he seems funny. But I might throw my drink at the screen when Jessica starts acting and that would be a waste of a perfectly good $4 soda.


It's So On: Kate and Owen

From US Weekly:

Just past 10:30 pm on September 15, Kate Hudson, 27, and three girlfriends strolled into L.A.'s Chateau Marmont - where the who's who of Hollywood regularly meet (and hook up). As if on cue, 45 minutes later, a blond guy wearing a baseball cap approached their corner table and kissed Hudson on the cheek. "It was Owen Wilson," says another Chateau patron. "She was so happy to see him!" The You, Me and Dupree costars whispered in each other's ears as their knees touched and she showed him photos on her digital camera. Says the patron, "They gave each other their undivided attention." The group exited just past midnight, then hit the chic Les Deux club – where Hudson and Wilson, 37, flirted in front of high-profile revelers, including Prince. "They smiled the entire time," says a witness. "They didn't care who saw."

Dude, as sad as it is to see a family split up, Chris Robinson always seemed as much fun as a bikini wax. At least Owen is good for cocktails, laughs, and the possibility of hooking up with his much hotter little bro.


WTF: JC Chasez

Ok, maybe I'm really tired from my hour and a half commute (7 whole miles takes that long in L.A.), but looking at this picture makes me laugh uncontrollably. Seriously, what is former *NSYNCer JC Chasez wearing!?! He looks like a flamenco dancer with a heroin habit and a beaded belly chain. Maybe he's trying to attract Lance? Source

Sick and Wrong, Papa Joe

Once again, Jessica Simpson's popager father Joe is cashing in on his daughter's sex appeal by starting a restaurant chain called Daisy Dukes. The former minister will open his first barbecue diner in Vegas and then move across the US. I'm sure both Simpson girls will have to show the Hooters-style waitresses how to be what daddy like.


SNL is Circling the Drain

Seasoned Saturday Night Live cast members, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz and Finesse Mitchell have all reportedly been 'let go' from the late night comedy skit show. Now that Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch have announced they aren't returning, only 11 regulars are signed on for 2006-07. Both Chris and Horatio are eight-year veterans of the show, while Finesse has been with "SNL" since 2003.

The white rap wonder that is Chris Parnell and the fat bastard that is Horatio Sanz will be sorely missed. Poor Adam and Amy have to carry that whole show now.

The show resumes with their 32nd season featuring Dane Cook as the host.


Soundbites: Gay Aiken and DON

Clay Aiken addressed questions about his life and rumors of his homosexuality head on today. While his answers were clear and unevasive, DON is still here to help decipher:

Are you gay: "What do you say (to that question)? … It's like when I was 8. I remember something would get broken in the house, and Mom and Dad would call me in and say, 'Did you do this?' Well, it didn't matter what I said. The only thing they would believe was yes. … People are going to believe what they want."

(I believe what you say is YES, I'm as gay as a glitter tutu! How silly of you to ask...)

On the panic attacks he suffered after Idol: "I'd walk into a room and say to myself, 'I am not going to have a problem when these people stare at me.' … But then (in) that situation, my heart would start pumping, and I'd start sweating and looking around nervously and shaking. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack."

(It's easy to understand why he'd feel this way...Clay doesn't need a stage for people to stare at him awkwardly; his face and new bowl cut do that for him)

On taking the anti-anxiety drug Paxil: "I said (to my doctor), 'Listen, I don't want to go to a therapist. I have nothing against therapists. I want to think I can do this on my own.' And she recommended that I try a medication. … Now I can sit here; I can go into a store; I can handle a photo shoot. I'm able to get rid of all that stuff in the periphery. It makes everything easier."

(What a great doctor! You don't feel like talking it out? That's cool, I'll just give you the drugs that help numb you to the fact you're a closeted gay nymph of a man.)

On the future: "I want to be a father so badly. I want (kids) one day. Not now. … I would love to adopt. There's an orphanage not too far from my house, and I've been up before with church. I always thought, 'What happens to those kids who have the potential to go to college but just can't afford it?' I've been thinking a lot lately about finding a way to pay for one of those kids to go to college."

(Is adoption the new pink? I mean, I know he's gay and all, but I'm sick of celebrities using 'I'm thinking I might adopt' as a way to sound noble. If you want to feel that way, Clay, I'm sure wardrobe can make you a tiara and wand with streamers.)


Dunzo: Matt and Melissa

After a nine years together (including dating, a 5 year engagement, and a 3 year marriage), Matt LeBlanc and Melissa McKnight finalized their divorce today. They will share joint and legal custody over their 2-year-old daughter, Marina (who has suffered from a brain disorder). He will provide $15,000 a month for child support until she turns 18 and will also cover 100 percent of Marina's medical and nanny costs and school tuition. Sorry, with what money is he getting this done? Friends checks only last so long.

Both waived all claims for spousal support, which was big on her part considering the marriage end suddenly last January when Matt announced he was leaving her and moving in with his Joey co-star, who he is still dating.


DON's Deal

DON has to work elsewhere today but will do her best to get stories up for you, although the picture situation is still iffy.

Last night I had dinner in Beverly Glen with some friends and I was trying to explain to them my stupid Cheshire cat grin I get when I see a celebrity. During my explanation, I was kneed in the shin by my friend, only to turn around and see Amy Smart standing behind me. So I didn't have to keep explaining, just showed them the look.

She has to be the most average looking movie star ever. She had on a white summer dress and a lime green cardigan, no makeup, and messy hair. She had dinner with three friends who all looked really average, too. Nobody bothered her and there were no cameramen. And she actually ate food, imagine that.

Bump Watch: Kimberly Williams

Country singer Brad Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams (Father of the Bride) are expecting their first child together in February.


Croc Hunter Remembered

Steve Irwin was remembered at a public memorial Wednesday morning at the "Crocoseum" at Queensland's Austrailia Zoo. Stars like Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Kelly Ripa, Kevin Costner, Larry King, Cameron Diaz, and Justin Timberlake sent video messages remarking on how much Steve touched their lives. But it was his 8-year-old daughter Bindi Irwin who touched the crowd. WARNING: Reading on my cause you to try in your cubicle.

With her mother Terri holding Bindi's toddler brother Bob, Bindi read her words to the crowd, running her tiny finger across the paper as she went along.

"My daddy was my hero. He was always there for me when I needed him. He listened to me and taught me so many things, but most of all, he was fun. I know that Daddy had an important job. He was working to change the world so everyone would love wildlife like he did. I don't want Daddy's passion to ever end. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did. I have the best daddy in the whole world, and I will miss him every day. When I see a crocodile I will always think of him, and I know that Daddy made this zoo so everyone could come and learn to love all the animals. Daddy made this place his whole life, and now it's our turn to help Daddy."

When Bindi finished, she wrapped her right arm around her mother's neck as a visibly upset Terri held tightly onto Bob. Bindi finished by taking center stage and feeding elephants that were parading around the croc pool.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Heidi is Actually Human!

Heidi Klum works her way through the airport looking like hell for the first time ever! She has proved amazing and annoying throughout her third pregnancy by looking stunning at all times. She finally gave in and wore this piece...way to go! But don't frump for too long or you might start being mistaken for Jessica Simpson.


Kanye's Style

Kanye and his fiancee Alexis attended the Derek Lam show and at the Marc Jacobs show.

Kanye is wearing a fur that looks like a dirty Swiffer pad. High fashion indeed!


Cold Front Moving In?

Is it because female celebs are so tiny and skinny that they can't seem to manage in the L.A. weather? Here is Avril Lavigne with her husband Deryck out in Beverly Hills. I can tell you I'm in a tank top and shorts today...not Uggs, jeans, and long sleeves. I'm going to say she has circulation issues so it's not that I'm a fatty.


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