Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Ex Club

Former Johnny Depp fiancees Wynona Ryder and Kate Moss team up for a night on the town. Presumably they refrained from grand theft or cocaine use, but that is purely a presumption and easily proved false.


Fergie Ferg

Fergie has released this new promo pic for her album "The Dutchess." What is going on here? Especially with her hands; I just dn't get if this is supposed to be artsy, sexy, mysterious, crackhead back on meth, or what?

It is shocking to report that her first single "London Bridge" is number 2 on the charts, right behind "Sexy/Back." Who'd a thunk it?


HDuff Does Movies

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden attended a screening of

The Black Dahila. Why did she wear a hat? You can't see at the movies with a hat on. Otherwise, it is cute that they match.


Baby Phatness

At the Baby Phat fashion show, all the celebrities you'd expect showed up...Russell, Kimora, and their daughter...Reverend Run's daughters...Brandy...and, of course, JoJo, a 15-year-old white pop singer from Boston. I'd also like to state once more how much it scares me that Kimora's young daughters are already displaying major diva behavior. They will be so much worse than their mother (shudder).


SMG digs Fashion

Sarah Michelle Gellar seems to barely step foot in public. She made an exception for the Marchesa 2007 show. She looks awesome, but could use a little mystic.

I don't really get why people have to be so incredibly dolled up for a fashion show, but I guess there are always cameras there.


Bump Watch: Jon Heder's Wife

Jon Heder, star of Napoleon Dynamite, is expecting his first child with his wife. The couple met while students at BYU so I'm sure this is the first of many. Congrats, GOSH!

I, Posh

Victoria Beckham shows us just how lifelike she can be. Actually, I'm not quite sure this is actually her and not a convincing mannequin. Either way, very realistic, very natural.



Kate Bosworth shows off her ribcage while attending a party for Another Magazine. Seriously, yikes.


Cutie Kingston

Gwen and Gavin love showing off their baby. And why shouldn't they! What a cute little guy Kingston is! Here's the fam in NYC out on a date night.


Jessica Returns

Jessica Alba hits the shops in L.A. after being out of the public eye for awhile. Homegirl could use a haircut, but looks fantastic otherwise.


Britney is Ferocious

All week I've been compulsively checking Brit Brit's official website, awaiting news of her birth and now news of the new baby. Instead what I get is an image of Britney morphing into a tiger and growling...what does this mean?

Dog Goes Down!

U.S. officials have arrested TV reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman and two family members for extradition to Mexico. Chapman's wife Beth told MSNBC's Rita Cosby that heavily armed U.S. marshals arrived at the family's house today and took away Chapman, his brother, Tim, and son, Leland. Cosby said she was told that Mexican government officials wanted the three men sent back there in relation to a three-year-old case. In 2003, the Chapmans went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to retrieve Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, who was wanted in the U.S. on rape charges. Luster is now in jail, serving a 124-year term, but at the time, the Chapmans were also jailed by Mexican authorities for a brief time three years ago. Bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico. At the time, the Chapmans were charged by Mexican authorities with illegally capturing Luster. The three returned to the United States after posting bail of their own.


Are They or Aren't They?

The folks over at Mollygood are on to what I've been thinking as seems like there might be trouble brewing between Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson. They haven't been seen together in weeks and appeared to be fighting a bit at her premiere for The Last Kiss. Additionally, newly single Zach Braff has been overly flirtatious with the pint sized actress during promo appearances, interviews and photo ops. Watch this and tell me they aren't into each other.

For her part, it is understandable why she might go for Zach...he's just like Adam (artsy, funny, Jewish, dorky). For him, she is a lot like his recent ex Mandy Moore (sweet, girly, baby faced, talented). I don't know people, what do you think?

Rachel Bilson for Vanity Fair

Rachel Bilson has her acting career heating up, and it's about time! She is awesome and these pictures are fabulous. It is reported that she has been chosen to play Wonder Woman in the highly anticipated big screen version. While she has the hair, the curves, and the attitude, it's hard to me imagine a little pixie like her kicking ass.


I Don't Get It

Explain to me how this works. Here is Paris and Travis on the night they were caught making out in NYC. She looks like she fell out of the late 1970's and he looks like he fell out of the zoo.


New Shiloh Pics

Oh and Zahara, too. Could Shiloh look anymore like her dad?!? She doesn't take after her mom one bit. You know Z totally hates Shiloh. She is totally going to have middle child syndrome.


WHY are two of the prettiest and most stylish Jessicas dressing like this? We never should be able to describe Jessica Alba's look as drowning chihuahua or Jessica Simpson's as looking like the tanorexic old lady "Marva" from There's Something About Mary. It's so wrong.


About Time

Christie Brinkley has officially filed for divorce from her fourth husband, architect Peter Cook. On July 11, Brinkley and Cook announced they were separating after 10 years of marriage due to the fact that Cook repeatedly cheated on her with teenagers. Why it took her a month to file for divorce is beyond me.


Meet the Parents

Nick Lachey took girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo to his home town of Cinncinati for some fun in the sun. His parents reportedly loved her. How could they not? She's a beauty contestant girl and a tv host; she better know how to schmooze people by now.

I love that they have beer coozies and that she has hoop earrings on with her swimsuit...that is so me.

That last pic is like where's waldo; spot the pretty people.


What is This?

Would you believe me if I told you this is Jessica Simpson? Because I barely believe it myself. This hot mess must have sustained a break-up with Ken Paves as she has been looking like garbage lately. She went out to eat, all by her lonesome, at Il Sole in Hollywood in this getup.

Somebody help!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mena and the Photog

Photog at Fashion Week: "Hey Mena Suvari, who's this loser with you? Pete Wentz' uglier brother?"

Mena: "No and that's mean! He's my boyfriend and he's a totally talented break dance artist."

Photog: "Break dancing is not an art. It's a faux career for starf*ckers like KFed and your boyfriend here."

Mena: "Shut it! Krumping is really hard and intense and he's all street. I'll prove I love him--I'll totally wrap myself around him right here and now in the front row of a fashion show, even though it's totally inappropriate and weird!"

Photog: "Shesh, you might want to hit a shower after getting so close to such a grease monkey. But thanks for the photo."

Mena: "OMG, do you think you will use it?!? I totally need some exposure right now. I haven't done a legit movie like...ever! Here, I'll do more!!"

DON: [vomit].

Photo Source

Bump Watch: McDreamy's Wife

It's fetus number 2 for McDreamy and his wife!

Also, as previously speculated on DON, Amanda Peet IS in fact preggo with her fiance's baby, which should be interesting while filming her brand new show.


The Black Family

Jack Black poses with his new wife, Tanya Haden, and their 3-month-old son, Sammy Black while attending a sculpture exhibit in New York. Go figure that the craziest celeb out there picks the most normal baby name of all.
He has his daddy's menacing look, don't he now?

Fabulous Biker Boys do Texas

I LOATHE the Longhorns, so it really bugs me that my favorite boy trio are cheering them on. Thankfully it didn't help and they still lost.

I believe we posted another pic of the team together earlier this week, but here's another. Jake was in the box along with Matt and Lance, but is not pictured here.


Dinner with an Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen attended a private dinner party on Tuesday in NYC. So many actresses seem to have embraced an early fall wardrobe, wearing tall boots, tights, and darker colors as of late. For MK, this is actually a decent look.


A Better Match

Zoe Saldana and Orlando Bloom get cuddly at the after party for their new film Haven. The party was held Tuesday night at Privilege in L.A. I LOVE Zoe...every movie I've seen her in she's kicked ass, including Pirates of the Carribean, but especially Center Stage as the bitchy, ghetto ballerina and in Crossroads with Brit Brit as a bitchy, rich girl. She's sassy and I think they look way cuter together than him with Kate Bosworth anyways!


Not So Sexy Back

Can't you feel his excitement? JT invited his fans who waited overnight at the Virgin store for his autograph up to the TRL studios to boogey with him. He paused mid-dance to consider whether he'd be better off with one of these chicks than he is with Cameron Diaz.


Catching up with Last Season's LB Cast

A rep at the NYPD confirms that Jason Wahler (aka Lauren Conrad's ex, who appeared on Laguna Beach and The Hills) was arrested in New York City on Sept. 1, at 4:34 a.m, following the VMAs. He was charged with three counts of bribery, criminal possession of a controlled substance (COCAINE), resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Additionally, Jason has been living with a couple of different friends and is now allegedly living on Jordan (Heidi's ex) and Brian's couch...oddly enough Andy Milonakis still lives with them, too.

Talan is currently touring with Reality Check Tour. Reportedly, Alex M. isn't officially on tour, but she might be joining them for a couple of dates. And Jordan from The Hills was supposed to be on the tour, too, but he only has three songs completed, and lip-synced at the first two venues, so his management pulled him off the tour before he could get kicked off. I always wondered what he did for a living; apparently he fancied himself a singer.


Where in the World is LiLo?

Still partying it up in London and still without her damn panties on! I've seen way too many photos this week of Lindsay's naughty bits and feel like sending her a pair of Calvin's. To add to the effect of not wearing panties, she also didn't wear any bottoms at all...just a long blouse with a belt. And, ew is that Brett Ratner with her? What happened to Harry?

Coincidentally, singer Jay Kay (who I like to remember as the voice behind all the classics on Center Stage) was at the same club, got very drunk and punched 3 or 4 of the cameramen waiting for Lindsay. He was probably just jealous they didn't care about him.


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