Friday, August 11, 2006

The Gimp

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is almost unrecognizable as he strolls through New York. He has ruptured his Achilles tendon, which happened during his prep for his new football movie, The Game Plan. He almost looks pale, no?

I know The Rock keeps it real. My roommate saw him in Dunkin Donuts and he was ordering tons of donuts and posing for pics at like 6 a.m. (They have great coffee...which was why she was there).


An Interview with Ryan Phillipe

You play John "Doc" Bradley, a medic who was one of the Iwo Jima flag-raisers captured in the famous photograph. Did you meet his son, James, who cowrote the book that the film is based on?
I had some amazing moments with James Bradley on set. There's a moment in the film where Doc is wounded while he's on the ground, he hears someone screaming for a corpsman and crawls with shrapnel in his leg in the rain over rock to find this guy. I looked over and saw James Bradley watching me do this really heroic thing that his father had done. He had tears in his eyes, and I started crying, and he gave me the thumbs-up.

I imagine Clint Eastwood took pains to get the period details just right.
He would sometimes stage images that he remembered seeing in Time or Life. There were times where 500 guys were shooting guns and moving toward our enemy. You're always conscious of the fact that it's not real, but when the explosions are going off, it feels as close to the real thing as you could get. If a guy sprained his ankle, I'd tape it up. I had a life-size dummy in my hotel room that I could practice on, because with Mr. Eastwood, he expects you to be ready. It was probably very strange the first time the maid came to clean.

Were you at all interested in science or medicine in school?
I was never the one to become a doctor, but I won an award in scienece class for brain surgery on a fetal pig.

You're making another film about war, Kimberley Peirce's Stop-Loss.
It's loosely based on her brother. He was in Iraq. If I'm spending time away from my kids [he has two, with wife Reese Witherspoon], I want to be working on something that matters.

-- Premiere Magazine, Fall Movie 2006 Preview

Love Can Be Boring But True

Ben Affleck rushed to the Arizona set of The Kingdom after his wifey, Jennifer Garner, fainted on set. She was dehydrated. In this case, I actually believe she was dehydrated because there is no way she was beat down from nights of dancing on tables like LiLo. She really was tired.


Xtina Says No to MTV

Christina Aguilera has just said no to the MTV curse. She refuses to put her marriage on a reality show She says, "We've been approached, actually, and it has been a question for some people, but my marriage and my relationship with my husband is something that I really want to protect." Finally, somebody noticed that selling out means divorce-city!


Another Future Hottie

Guy Richie takes son Rocco out to celebrate his 6th birthday at Queens Ice Bowl in London. Rocco is the freakin' spitting image of his dad, receding hairline and all. Adorable. Let's hope that Rocco and Deacon Phillipe and him will someday be a fearsome duo!


Becks Gets The Boot

David Beckham has been dropped from his Team England and will not take part in next Wednesday's friendly game against Greece. Despite stepping down as captain last month following England's World Cup quarter final defeat to Portugal, Beckham had insisted he still wanted to play for the national team. However, today's snub would appear to have brought to an end the 31-year-old's England career. Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Steve McClaren revealed: "I told David I was looking to change things, looking to go in a different direction, and he wasn't included within that, I have great respect for David," he added. "He was a fantastic captain for England, a great player, and still is a great player. He took the news very well, although he was disappointed. I got the reaction I wanted, and the reaction was he would continue to fight for his place, and I will never close the door on that." We are really upset to hear this and sources say David is “extremely disapointed as well.

In a statement David said: "Having spoken to Steve McClaren this week I can fully understand that a new manager should want to make his mark on the team and build towards the next World Cup. I'm proud to have played for England for 10 years and my passion for representing my country remains as strong as ever. I' like to wish the best of luck to John Terry and will offer him my complete support in the future."

Fools! Becks is hot and amazing! What are they thinking!!!


Jessica Turns Up the Charm

Jessica Simpson released another promo photo for her upcoming album. The girl is hot, but her album is not. She is her own brand and should have a career based on selling her name and look like Carmen Electra...I miss seeing her on tv with Nick on lazy Sundays.


In the Slammer: Lou Diamond

Law & Order: SVU actor (and star of La Bamba, as I think of him) Lou Diamond Phillips was arrested today for alleged domestic violence. Police were called around 1:30 a.m. to his home in L.A. after he fought with his girlfriend, makeup artist Yvonne Boismier. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon (the deadly weapon, police said, was bodily force). Phillips was taken to the local police precinct and held on $50,000 bond. However, he was released on his own recognizance without posting bail at about 11:45 a.m.

Don't hit a woman, have a dance off! Better for everybody.


House Hunting

The hateful Scarlett Johansson and smokin' Josh Hartnett are reportedly shopping for an apartment together. They have been hunting around TriBeCa and have landed a $6 million loft home. Josh's rep says that they aren't moving in together, but real estate insiders confirm that a deal was made. A local coffee shop claims the two, plus Scarlett's dad, came in to study floor plans. They have reportedly requested the loft to be upgraded to soundproof walls for the bedrooms where they share a wall with the penthouse next door. The home has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and two balconies. Damn, $6 million doesn't buy you much in NYC!


Where in the World is LiLo?

Lunching at the Ivy and hiding from her stalker! Yes, LiLo has a stalker. The guy has sent her numerous letters with his phone number and has sent her flowers to her studio. Doesn't sound that scary to me, but what do I know?

How come all these ladies can't figure out how to enter and exit a car without showing us their favorite brand of panties (or lack thereof)?


Baby Brit Brit?

Brit Brit recently went shopping at Sugar in Westlake, with Perry coming along to hold baby SPF. She spent thousands on dresseses and was reportedly very polite, asking another customer who does her hair (yay! She knows she needs new help!). She also purchased a pink baby blanket. Does this mean we can expect a pop princess junior?!? I hope to hell so! She could call her "Brit Brit" for realz!


Vanessa On The Go

Vanessa Minnillo left TRL yesterday. She's been hanging out solo while boyfriend Nick works the media down under.

Things she has in common with Jess: sundresses, big hair, and lotsa teeth!


Bump Watch: Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet is reportedly pregnant with her fiance David Benioff, a screenwriter. She is supposedly trying to hide her pregnancy as her show Studio 60 On Sunset Strip is about to hit tv screens. Her new show has her co-starring with former The Whole Nine Yards buddy Matthew Perry.


Off the Market: Kanye

Kanye West has proposed, and been accepted, by his girlfriend, Alexis. The engagement happened while the two were overseas. This will be his first marriage. Sorry, can't find any more confirmed info on her or a good pic. She must have extreme amounts of patience to handle his massive ego though!

[Thanks, Heather]


Can't Hang With This

Ok, decision made, I'm not digging Rupert Friend, actor boyfriend of Keira Knightley. He always wears manpris, but denim manpris are above my level of tolerance. And that long hair is now layered, taking it dangerously close to a mu-lay. Over it!


Damn, Overalls Are Back!

Micha Barton poses for pics in what appears to be a shimmery gold blouse and overalls made from drapes like the kids on The Sound of Music. She needed practical play clothes.

Meanwhile, Mischa is said to have offended Lord Freddie Windsor when attending a dinner party at his home recently. She reportedly brought along her hairdresser and her Blackberry, both of which she spent the entire night with instead of talking to her host or other partygoers. Sounds about right!

PS According to E! News, it's not overall but JUMPERS that are in style for fall. Cheerio!


Manager or Pimp?

Nelly Furtado employs the jr. high technique of passing along a note when she has a crush.

She says, "I won't name names, but last year I went to the Vanity Fair Oscars party and I told my manager to tell this actor that I had a crush on to come talk to me. That worked out pretty well. We went on four or five dates."

I wonder who she dated? If they got into the Vanity Fair party they must be pretty A list.


Rock That Body

Justin Timberlake gets his groove on in a new photo shoot. This shoot is much hotter than recent pics that have surfaced. I mean, who wouln't want to rock that body ------>


Is This A Good Idea?

Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson and Jordan Knight are teaming up to bring you some new music. I'm not sure I can get into I said, Debbie Gibson = roller rink music and the partner skate when you hold hands and then get an Icee.

Dina's Delusions

Dina Lohan has announced plans to host her own talk show. She has said, "Lindsay's friends call me 'The White Oprah' because they all come to me with their problem. I'm like the mom of these kids in the business! I love to talk. I have a talk show in the works. I would host it and co-produce it. It's a good heartwarming show. It's nothing trashy. We're not going to follow dates to bars and see what happens, or anything like that. But it's a girl-empowered, woman show. I would only do something that would help other people, because that's just who I am and how I was raised. I think the public would listen to me before someone who doesn't live it - you need someone who lives it. Some of these people are clueless about these kids in the business.. Even Star Jones said something about Lindsay that was derogatory a while back. My mother called me and said, 'I couldn't believe she said that!' The difference with me, is that I'm actually there with them. I certainly wouldn't say something to hurt a child. I think it was the way [Star] carried herself. Star thought she was Barbara [Walters] and she's not. You got to earn that right!" speaking of Dina and how she is the mother of the youth of Hollywood, when is she going to start dating? Both her and Lynne Spears have been single moms living for their kids, have money to boot, and never seem to be getting any love for themselves.


Harajuku Mamas

Gwen Stefani steps out all dolled up with son, Kingston. Talk about hot mama style!

She was headed to the Mix Magic studio in Los Angeles yesterday, sporting her Harajuku brand top and pants and Dior shoes, while Kingston models his mom's new line of baby clothes.


Before They Were Stars

So are these two engaged or what? Would you have guessed they would end up together?

A Monkey's Revenge

Paris Hilton was bitten by her kinkajou monkey, BabyLuv, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Her publicist confirmed that she was playing with him and he took a nice bite out of her. Paris was driving to the hospital around 3 a.m. and given a tetanus shot.

Forget Paris, I'm worried about what the monkey may have contracted from her!


Paging Dr. Diva

Word is that actress Ellen Pompeo has turned the set of Grey's Anatomy into an uncomfortable work environment because of her huge ego. She has reportedly been acting like quite the diva, insisting on more money and preferential treatment. On a recent trip to Monte Carlo with the cast, she is said to have demanded separate interviews from the rest of the cast. Her publicist, Jennifer Allen, said it was producers who made the request "because she is the star of the show."

Look, Meredith Grey is an important part of the show, but she is also extremely annoying. She could totally be a Brenda Walsh if she isn't careful.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

For the Naughty Quaker in You

Perhaps Jaime Pressly has been playing "Joy" on My Name is Earl for too long already. She has been working on debuting her own line of lingerie for years. YEARS. And this is what those years of reflection have led to.

Here we have a gorgeous, long sleeved, off the shoulder, floral mesh top with lace trim and lovely flared sleeves. Best when worn with matching long mesh pants. Not only is in the most natural thing to wear to sleep, you can confuse your partner by being both conservative and trashy all in one go.

I really think mesh should not be found on anything larger than a bra unless you are a professional figure skater.

Jaime Pressly Fashion Show

Jaime Pressly Fashion Show 2


Nick for Nick

Nick Lachey has landed in Australia. He's there for Nick's Kids Choice Awards. Looks like he left girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo back in the states to actually do some work!

He looks very Top Gun here with the hair and glasses. Not bad!


Step Up Stills

Now be honest, who is going to see this movie? It's very Save the Last Dance meets Honey meets Center Stage. Shockingly, I have zero interest. I think this story has been played out. Plus I will always hold a grudge against Jenna Dewan for going from back-up dancer to Justin Timberlake's first girlfriend after his break-up with Brit Brit...she's just KFed with extensions.

JennaStep UpChanningStep Up 2

Key To Forever: Don't Expect Much

Kate Hudson hits the beach in Malibu with son--yes, son--Ryder. She recently signed on to co-star for a second time with Matthew McConaughey-Armstrong, as he'd like to be now known.

She has been married to rocker Chris Robinson for quite awhile now (by Hollywood standards) and frequently speaks out on making it last. Here's a different side:

"I don't like this idea of the perfect marriage. It doesn't exist. People can be in love madly and deeply and go through so much and still end up with each other and that's what you hope for. But no one should get married if they think it's going to be a fairy tale."

Maybe the fairy tale ends when you make your son look like Tinkerbell?


Laying Down the Beats

Ciara heads back to the studio, with the help of Will.I.Am. Now, I think Ciara is a lovely, talented, and pretty girl. None of that comes across in these photos. Even the girls from Making The Band put on a little makeup to hit the studio.

Either way, I'm sure this track will be hot with these two involved.


Princely Parade

takes part in a parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Surrey, U.K. Ok, he's back to the hotter royal as long as he's in uniform.


Bond Moves On

Pierce Brosnan poses next to a vintage Rolls-Royce on the set of his new film Marriage, currently filming in Vancouver. He's one handsome man. His co-star is Rachel McAdams, looking very blonde indeed.

The film is described as a 1940s-set drama where an adulterous man plots his wife's death instead of putting her through the humiliation of a divorce. How sweet is that?


Off the Bike and Back to Work

Apparently Zodiac, the movie about the San Francisco based serial killer starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is still in production. He is shooting somewhere in L.A. and stopped by the store in WeHo to pick up some necessities. Maybe some ice cream to console himself while Lance is now off gallivanting with his other boy toy. Boo hoo!


Return of Monica

For the three of you who care, Monica is back to making music. What was she up to in the meantime? I don't remember hearing of an overdose, a marriage, or a kid, which is the main reason stars disappear for awhile.

Monica makes me think of three things:
1) She peaked at "Don't Take it Personal."
2) She has diamonds implanted in her teeth. Hardcore.
3) I saw her in concert but only because 98 degrees was there at the peak of their celebrity. And they came on stage in spacesuits while the announcer said, "We've found signs of life on this planet. The temperature here is 98 degrees...and rising!" and then they started dancing. I started cracking up and got dirty looks from all the little girls there.


Summer Lovin'

Eva Mendes cruises the streets of New York with her boyfriend on Tuesday. I don't know who he is, but if anybody does, let us know. Eva is the cover girl for this month's issue of Lucky, which I read this morning. For being a pretty non-descript actress, she has a pretty dynamite sense of style. I want to see more pics of her and the MIA Jessica Alba together and then I'll make my celebrity dream wardrobe. Well, them and the Olsen Twins, right?


Chompers McTat

Hilary Duff and bf Joel Madden hit up Avalon last night to party with BPM Magazine. Joel is looking pretty tame these days. Chompers must be wearing the rebel right out of him. That said, they do seem in love and it is nice to have a couple that actually speaks about their significant other to the press these days.


G'Day Bartons

Mischa Barton and her sister shop around Australia. Mischa is there repping an Australian store called David Jones. She had a bit of egg on her face when she faced her first press conference and was asked who her favorite Australian designers are and couldn't name one. How great would it have been if she said, "Um, Uggs?"


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