Friday, July 28, 2006

The Wedding

When SiaMac got married, we reverted to drunken teenagers.

Couple nights before the wedding we had a dance party at Paul and Sia's.

DAK makes sure that she's hanging in there.

I had enough camera space for two pictures. Here's one of Bree and I at the dinner table.
The happy couple knee-deep in Jack and diets.

Crabcakes, The Sequel

Auntie Hum's birthday is always a good time. We totally weren't sorority girls.

We up our classy factor by getting bonk on champagne instead of keg beer.

Pre-La Colonial and the quick, quick slow dancing


Busin' it to the North Beach Festival this year.
Showers works her thumb mic
BVG and Noodle Neck get down
Union Street Fest '06. Can you say bonk?


So the winner of last week's poll for your favorite new summer couple was Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, beating out Jake, Lance, and Matt by one vote.

Vote in the new poll now!

[Thanks Hum]

The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Is there one person out there that is going to go see this movie? What is wrong with SLJ??

Where in the World is LiLo?

Dining out and about in LA. She's not letting the man get her down-she's fighting for her right to paaaaaaar-tay!

She also has a new tattoo. She got a tiny white heart between her thumb and index finger on her left hand during a 3 a.m. visit to a West Hollywood tattoo parlor last week. She went there with Harry Morton, who got a cross tattoo on an unspecified part of his anatomy, and Amanda Scheer-Demme after a late night at Social Club. She already had the word "Breathe" tattooed on her right wrist (she claims because of her bad asthma), a tiny star inside her left wrist, and "La Bella Vita" inked on her lower back.



Mel Gibson was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Malibu, Calif. early this morning for suspicion of DUI. Bail was set at $5,000. He was pulled over for speeding as he was heading eastbound on the Pacific Coast Highway and a Breathalyzer test was administered. The arrest report lists the time of arrest as 2:36AM and the time booked as 4:06AM. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Department said, "Mel Gibson was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released later this morning. The investigation was still ongoing, just like it would be with any other person."

Jesus says just say no to drinking and driving!


NicRic in Concert

NicRic has been a regular at her friend DJ Samantha Ronson's Tuesday night karaoke at Guy's. She and LiLo performed Dr. Dre and Eminem's "Forget About Dre," where she announced "Just so you know, I'm black, so this is from my roots!" They also sang Journey's "Don't Stop Believin," which got Mary-Kate Olsen to hold up her lighter.


Birthday Fun

I LOVE birthdays...especially mine!

Shawna and Heil get dancing at Carly's birthday party. I had a mirror fall on my head and may have had a concussion. Thanks to Grace for not letting me pass out.

Crabcakes 1, the original. Napkins on heads seemed appropriate at the time.

My 25th birthday. Before the mayhem.

Brooke on her birthday enjoying a Fishbowl.

Sia on her 24th birthday at Round Table Pizza. Before...

...After. This is what happens when you try to outdance a cougar in her own territory.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Getting busted! A Morgan Creek official confirmed to The Smoking Gun that this letter was sent to LiLo and her various representatives earlier this week.

James G. Robinson, who heads the L.A. firm producing Lohan's current movie, calls her recent erratic behavior "discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional." He writes that she has "acted like a spoiled child and in doing so have alienated many of your co-workers and endangered the quality" of "Georgia Rule." He says he is "well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so called 'exhaustion' [and he refuses to] accept bogus excuses for your behavior."

Damn! Somebody needs to take away LiLo's lines, bf, and Malibu pad stat!


Drinking Games

If you're gonna drink, you might as well play a game with it.
Kee's intense concentration was a major asset to Susan's game
Never let a broken wrist get in the way of your dreams. Learn to shoot lefty. Sometimes it makes us get weird. 4th of July after countless flipcup rounds.
The boys team, plus me, repeatedly lost to the girls team through no fault of my own.
We didn't let it get us down.
Auntie Hum gave up on the game in favor of a healthy snack.

Beyond Disturbing

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is getting naked for his London stage debut. He will play a psychologically disturbed stable boy in "Equus." The 17-year-old, currently making the fifth Harry Potter film, will star alongside Richard Griffiths, who plays his grumpy uncle in the the Harry Potter movies. Radcliffe will play Alan Strang, a stable boy who is interviewed by a psychiatrist after he blinds six horses with a metal spike. In Peter Shaffer's controversial play, the role requires the actor to ride naked on his horse.

Ok, so obviously I took Intro to Theater in college because it was super easy. The first play I was assigned to see was "Equus". I went with all my frat guy friends and thought we'd just laugh the whole time. Um, no. As you can see from the description above, it was the most f-ed up thing I've ever seen. A naked boy running around stabbing naked people with fake horse heads on and then RIDING the naked people dressed like horses. So I'm guessing the audience for this will be a bunch of pedophiles...


Laurie's Birthday

It's a nice day for a white trash wedding.The birthday girl who requested no party whatsoever sure seems to be having fun. Danielle shows us that some preggys get their drink on.
Just some light partying. The white scrunchie is such a nice touch.
Natty Ice goes down smooth when you are in love.

Roll with It

Becks arrived at Graz Airport in Styria, Austria for Real Madrid training camp yesterday. The 31-year-old hottie was decked out in aviator sunglasses, toting around his Louis Vuitton luggage. Best of all his skeletor wife wasn't with him!

My God, does he have to dress like his modeling constantly? I mean, I'm fine with it, but doesn't it get exhausting?



I love a good bachelorette party!Kimbo hits it with her best shot in Arizona
All hail DJ AM and Body English
Party bus...a necessity
Katie poses with Mr. D. Sanchez and her gold medal for staying up the latest in Vegas

Crank It Up

On September 1st, Jason Statham is back in theaters in Crank and it looks smokin'! Jason plays a professional killer who has been poisoned and must keep his adrenaline going in order to stay alive. Obviously this film has tons of drugs, sex, expletives, and violence. Fierce!

He was so awesome as "Handsome Rob" that I think he should only be allowed to play roles like this. It's what he's born to do.


Consistency is Key

Halloween at Filbert Street
Professional Ice Skater, White Trash, and TinkerbellPre-party at Hil D's!
Approaching midnight on NYE
Our traditional NY Day Celebration at Shanghai Kelly's...
because why bother with the hangover when you can just keep the party going

No V Card

Elle magazine recently printed, and DON recently posted, a Hilary Duff story in which the 20-year-old actress/singer said she is a virgin. MuchNews spoke with Hilary yesterday, and she had this to say about it:

"The thing is that I didn't say that. I wouldn't say that. I don't know how [the writer] got that out of what I said. [It is] definitely not something that I would talk about or that I would want people to focus on. Or that I even think it's appropriate to talk about. Whose business is that?"

So, she has revoked her V card claim, restoring some cred to her bf. I must say, she's been really annoying lately. Stop pretending you hate the media, you know you love us! Your chompers would be nothing without us!


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