Friday, July 21, 2006

Becks On The Beach

OMG, how punny is that title? I kill myself.

Anyway, here's David Beckham relaxing seaside with his boys, one of which seems to be rivaling Ryder in the "most luscious locks on a toddler" contest.

Becks has recently been in trouble over a very loud party he recently held at his home, much to the chagrin of his neighbors who had a daughter taking her college entrance exams the next day.


Lovely, Lovely Tara

Every day is a holiday for Tara Reid. She has to get up, put on her bikini, and get to a lounge chair before they are all gone. Then she has to wait for somebody to bring her a champagne and ciggy before her day feels right. I can practically hear her sighing with relief now that she is properly settled in for a big day.


For the Love of Colin

During taping of yesterday's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, a woman leapt up from the audience to confront Colin Farrell. Initially thought to be part of a skit, the show's security staff restrained the woman and escorted her from the premises.

Access Hollywood identified the woman as Dessarae Bradford, a phone-sex operator and aspiring singer. It said she had unsuccessfully alleged in a small-claims lawsuit that Colin stalked her with inappropriate calls and text messages. (LOL, she's a phone whore, what does she expect?) An audience member said she yelled, "I'll see you in court," and he replied, "You're insane."

She has recorded a song entitled "Colin Farrell is my Bitch" and self-published a book called "Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy." She has also sued him twice, claiming stalking and menacing behavior from him during their encounters together.

What a weirdo!


Mischa and Fam

While in London, Mischa Barton has found time to hang out with her British pop, seen here with her at a party.

Uhhh, what's wrong with this picture?



NicRic, Eva Mendes, Carmen Electra, and others went out for the Allure summer cocktail party last night in LA. After feeling so proud of Nicole's fashion choices on the red carpet as of late, I have to say this does nothing for me. I looks like she is wearing a cape. A cape the drapes down to her ankle on one side.

Eva and Carmen look happy and lovely. I have a feeling this separation was a long time coming.


Now That's What I'm Talkin' About

These shots are of Justin Timberlake on the set of his video for Sexy/Back, which I am currently listening to on my iPod.

I don't like the bandana, but he looks hot in all these pics, much hotter than in that lame GQ spread. He's definitely bringing the sexy back!


Vince's New Look

Vince Vaughn has chopped his hair and grown a goater for his new flick Into the Wild with Sean Penn. I'm not sure how I will handle Vince as a dramatic actor.

What was your favorite Vince Vaughn character? I thought he was outstanding in The Break-Up.


Jane Party

Jane Magazine has an annual "naked" issue to raise money for charity. They held a party to celebrate it.

Sometimes stars just don't know when they've passed the peak of celebrity and started decending back down to earth.

JC Chasez has touched down.

Remember when he dated Eva Longoria and used to chase her around at parties? And before her Tara Reid? Hilarious.


Justin Timberlake performed in Japan last night. Somebody bootleg filmed a few songs and it's cool to see him performing again. Here are some clips for you:

My Love

What Goes Around

Until the End of Time



Date Night

Heather Locklear accompanies bf David Spade on a dinner date to Koi in Hollywood on Wednesday. I believe he is wearing the gold and diamond skull necklace she gave him for his birthday last week that cost $5,000.

I once had an extremely vivid dream that I was engaged to David Spade. I was moving into his house and planning our wedding and my mom and a friend were helping me unpack my stuff into his Hollywood Hills home. It was weird.


Gnarls in SF

Gnarls Barkley kicked off their 15 concert tour last night at the Fillmore in SF. Did anybody go see them? I was singing "Crazy" in the car this morning and my mom told me to shut up. I guess I can't hit those high notes.

I know I should think of Goodie Mob when I look at Cee-Lo, but all I see is him on My Super Sweet Sixteen and his bratty daughter Sierra.


Heidi on the Go

Heidi Klum continues to relax and shop in Beverly Hills while preggy with her third child. Comfy chic is the way to go!


Conspiracy Theory

Janet Jackson shows her stuff at the XM Satellite Radio.

I'm starting to think that she was never fat at all. Here me out: what better way to generate pr than to wear a fat suit for a few months and then emerge a short time later totally buff and thin? Seriously!

Either that or she had plastic surgery. Do you think she did?

Ugh, the Shoes!

Jessica strolling around the streets of NY with a million fans...must be a pretty average day in her life.

Ok, I HATE these shoes. As I said before, they are not meant to be worn with these long flowy dresses, as she keeps wearing them. Jessica, is it possible you aren't reading this?

I alone on this?


Where in the World is LiLo?

Working on her moving and playing in Malibu, por supesto!

LiLo on the set of Georgia Rule, where she plays a rebellious teen who goes to live with her grandmother and, I believe, she reveals that she is the victim of incest from her father, which is why she is so unruly.

The pic of Lilo in linen pants is from a dinner she went to this week in Malibu. She looks very grown up and not as crazy as usual.


LOL: Bai Ling

Ok, this is the official photograph of the day. I am still laughing at it. This is totally something my sister would wear for Halloween...especially the bottle of Captain's. I'm assuming this is from a Pirates premiere, but who knows with Bai Ling? For those of us headed to the lake this weekend, I hope we can attain this level of glamour while boozing on the waves.


Love in Czech

James Blunt and gf Petra Nemcova stroll around her native Prague while he tours Europe. She really is a gorgeous girl.

I went to Prague for a long weekend a couple years ago (I was living in London at the time) and very quickly realized why so many supermodels come from there. From the flight attendants to the girls working at McDonald's to the housekeepers in the flat we rented...they were all stunning, tall, thin, and perfect without makeup. It made me want to cry into my Chicken McNuggets. But then what would I have eat through those emotions?


Miami Vice Premiere

Colin Farrell shows some Irish pride at the premiere of Miami Vice. He and Jamie Foxx star in the remake that has been totally trashed by critics thus far. I certainly don't intend to see it. Any takers?


Jessica's Album

1. A Public Affair
2. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
3. B.O.Y.
4. If You Were Mine
5. Walkin’ ‘Round In A Circle
6. The Lover In Me
7. Swing With Me
8. Push Your Tush
9. Back To You
10. Between You & I
11. I Don’t Want To Care
12. Fired Up
13. Let Him Fly

My thoughts: let him fly is going to be like Brit Brit's "Everytime," basically a slow song saying goodbye to Nick. The rest of the record seems like it is going to be happy pop for the most part. I finally saw her video last night and I thought it was pretty lame for having a "superstar" director and cast in it. The song is pretty cheesepuff, too. Hope she doesn't crash and burn with this album. Of course, it's not her albums that make her money. Hell, her sister has outsold her everytime.



Despite calling off their engagement, reports confirming that Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morisette have not called it quits. In English Bay, Vancouver last Tuesday, Ryan and Alanis were "frolicking" on the lawn. Ryan "rolled on top of her at one point, they were kissing, surrounded by their dogs, still very much a couple". They are rumored to be traveling together.

What a terrible way to start a Friday! I must go search for better news...


The Hills, Season 2

After two seasons on Laguna Beach (and I'm sure some appearances talking to little sis on Season 3) and her first season of The Hills under her belt, MTV is working on a follow-up season for Lauren Conrad's solo show. Teen Vogue and MTV producers tried to land her an internship with the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, but they declined. They are still figuring out how her life will make for good tv next season.

I know, have her dump Jason! And Heidi too while she's at it!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

So Very Professional

Christina Aguilera makes sure the focus is on her music, not her assets as she works the red carpet in London. While her clothes are still slutty, I really like the new Christina. She's pulled together but still a ho, which works for her.


Daddy Daycare

Not much changes in the life of Ryan Phillipe. He works out outdoors diligently and he hangs out with his adorable son. He is the definition of a family man.

Who is the cutest with their kids, Ryan or Brad?


Luke is a Playa

Luke Wilson was on the Howard Stern show and jumped right in to the "playa tawk" segment. He had a few Playboy Mansion stories including having been put on the DNA (Do Not Allow) list for sneaking in a friend by saying he was his brother Owen. Recently he shared that he hates talking to anybody he's broken up with ever again. Now, he also shares that he sends women running for marriage after dating him, noting Gwyneth Paltrow married Chris Martin after their break up and Drew Barrymore quickly married Tom Green after his romance with her. Guess he is a player!



Thank the stars, Sienna Miller is back to her old routine with bf Jude Law by her side. Despite rumors that she had dumped him for her co-star James Franco, Jude flew in from Paris to spend time with her on set in Canada. She also had her rep issue a strong denial.

Some sources are now claiming that James has been hanging out more with the dudes than with her and speculating that he is (gasp!) gay. Say it ain't so...

At the very least, if he is gay, please let him date Jake Gyllenhaal and form the cutest couple ever? I am going to my doctor on Monday who just so happens to be the father of James' longtime ex-gf Marla Sokoloff (The Practice) so maybe I'll get brave and ask him.


Well Hello Gorgeous!

Natasha Lyonne, sometime actress in movies such as American Pie, resurfaced yesterday shopping with her boyfriend. She was hospitalized in NY last summer and then checked into rehab in Malibu a few months ago. She was also previously wanted for drunk driving and animal abuse.

Her weight gain is reportedly due to the constant snacking that comes after kicking a bad heroin addiction. Good luck with your recovery and stop picking fights with animals!


Video Vixen: Pink

Pink has debuted her new video for "U and UR Hand" where she shows how tough she is and wears lots of wigs. What is new is the storybook theme, where she utilizes her love for character role play to tie into a tale.

As you all know, I have no sound so tell me how the song is.

Click here to check it out.

A Man And His Diary

"Midnight Miles: On the Road Through Five Continents and Seventeen Countries," is a brand new gigantic 300-page book by the boys of Maroon 5. The book deals with the band's 3 1/2 years of touring behind their album, "Songs for Jane."

Frontman and hottie Adam Levine shares his journal entries, talking about love, family and other touchy-feeling things and there are plenty of photos by Christopher Wray-McCann.

So, you think he'll talk about boinking Jessica Simpson that night at Chateau Marmont???

Which Look Worse?

Sorry they are fuzzy, but Tori's valley of death or Paula's black hole vortex?

Paris and Lilo Still At It

Poor LiLo has been hacked! Her rep has confirmed that someone stole the password to her BlackBerry and sent her friends "disgusting and very mean messages that everyone thought were coming from Lindsay. They weren't. We now have her lawyers looking into it. Some people think Paris may have been involved because the wording of the messages sounds very familiar." Hilton had her own messaging incident two years ago when her T-Mobile was hacked into and her private messages were put on the Web - including ones saying [then married] Jessica Simpson had a crush on Justin Timberlake and that Us Weekly's Ken Baker was in her pocket.

Paris' rep denies her involvement and adds: "I'm saddened this happened to Lindsay. I lived through this with Paris two years ago when her Sidekick was hacked into, and the loss of privacy is unbearable. But as for any suggestion that Paris would have anything to do with this, that is silly, untrue and unfortunate."

Puhleaze! Like Paris would ever be smart enough to hack into a Sidekick. LOL! Who would you call if you had access to LiLo's Sidekick? She probably has ever number in there.

Tara, Day And Night

Which Tara Reid do you prefer?

Once again, Tara shows off her goodies poolside with a cocktail on July 18th. For being fake, her melons look overripe. Later on she hit up the Sunglass Hut Swim Show and showed off her too-cool-for-school Sidekick 3.


Jordan's Pain

Jordan aka Katie Price was rushed to the hospital in London last Friday due to stomach pains. Despite being a very public person, she had not revealed that she was pregnant. It has been said that she wasn't very far along.

Of course a miscarriage is a terrible thing, but maybe somebody is saying that she shouldn't really be responsible for any more kids. I mean, look at her 4 yr. old son, Harvey, who is deaf, almost blind, obese, and mentally challenged as a result of possible drinking and drugs during pregnancy. What mother poses like this with her son for publicity!

Anyways, we are sorry for her loss and hope she takes comfort in her current fam. Michael K at Dlisted, her biggest fan, is sure to be crying himself to sleep right now.


Nicole Hits the Floor

NicRic reportedly fainted while shopping recently. Life & Style reports that she collapsed while browsing at Kitson in LA on July 15.

“She was looking through a rack of clothes when she suddenly fainted and hit the floor,” an “eyewitness” told the mag. “The staff helped her to a chair and offered her something to eat. She shot back, ‘No!’ and mumbled something about it being ‘so hot.’”

Although Richie turned away food, she did accept a glass of water, and after about 20 minutes “was steady enough to leave.” No comment from camp Richie, but a spokeswoman for the store denies the incident. L&S Magazine is always full of crap anyways!


MK and Ash Do Vogue

My, my, my how busy Mary Kate and Ashley have kept this summer! First we saw Mary Kate in Bazaar, then Ashley in Nylon. Now comes the big stuff, Vogue. Their biggest issue of the year, the Age Issue, has the twin moguls representing for the 20s crew.

Sorry the pics are small. This article is much more interesting than the previous ones on them. They talk much more eloquently about their fashion taste and style icons.

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