Friday, July 14, 2006

Cutest Preggy Ever

Heidi Klum heads out to LAX airport showing us why, even when traveling and pregnant, she'll always be cuter than us. Bitch...



Happy Friday, readers! Stephen Dorff sends you his love from the UK edition of Cosmo.


Who'd want to hear about sex tips from Fergie? She's like, "First I have to put a paper bag over my head or Josh won't even come in the room."


Game Time: KCav

Game Time: Jessica Simpson

Game Time: Jessica Alba

Game Time: Rachel Bilson

Game Time: Reese

Game Time: LiLo

Game Time!

Since it's Friday afternoon and most of my east coast sources are done for the day (aka light news coming in), I thought we'd play a game, k? I'll show you some picks and you tell me which style you like best on the celeb. First up, NicRic:

Vote for PINK DRESS, PURPLE DRESS, or VEST outfits.

Letters To DON

Nicole from Hawaii writes:

I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't feel too bad about making fun of Fergie. My sister was friends with her during their high school years in Hacienda Heights, California. She led a totally priveliged life with a squeaky clean family. I think she turned to meth because she had been so spoiled and tried and failed with her singing career for so long and realized that her biggest claim to fame was singing back-up on Martika's "Toy Soldiers" song that she turned to drugs. Now I think she exploits that fact to give her some kind of street cred. I mean you saw her on Kids, Incorporated right? That's exactly how she was back then - all perky and cute and soooo not into hip hop or whatever she is now. She would sing at the church carnival every year for christ's sake!!

Love the gossip! Keep sending your stories, tips, and any celeb photos you have to us at And thanks for the poll suggestions, too!

New Ink

Heather Locklear is sporting some new ink. She's always had that heartbreaker tattoo, but recently added "Finch" above it. She claims it is because she is "as free as a finch," but that is the lamest crap ever! David Spade's name on his show "Just Shoot Me" was Finch.

"David Spade" would have taken too long.


Still On

LC and Jason snuggled last night and reportedly were making out all over the party. She's got a Red Bull, he clearly has a martini.
Don't you kind of want to dress her up in a slutty outfit that KCav would wear? I mean she's adorable, but sometimes just too school-girly for somebody working in high fashion.
Do you like them together?

Sad Little Brit Brit

Maybe the mac n' cheese came out bad because Perry had to run Miss Britney out to McDonald's for some drive-thru and she looks crestfallen.

It will be out of you soon, don't worry!


Eminem is being sought by police after he allegedly attacked a man in the pisser of a strip club.

"The fight allegedly started at around 1:15 a.m. Thursday, when a 48 year old Royal Oak, Michigan, man identified only as "Miad J" says Eminem punched him in the face four or five times in the men’s room at Cheetah strip club. The victim told local ABC News affiliate WXYZ that he was using a urinal next to Eminem when another man entered the bathroom and struck up a conversation with the rapper. At that point, Miad J. said that one of Em's bodyguards warned the man to keep quiet. Miad J. said he told the bodyguard to relax, when the rapper suddenly lost his temper. "Eminem got done and boom, he started swinging," Miad recounted to WXYZ. "I wasn't even expecting it. I was just minding my own business, taking a leak."

Ew, he punched him before washing his hands!

Walk Away

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody go for another walk. I love them together but really would appreciate them doing something interesting for the cameras already. I mean, do you think they are really as mellow and boring as they look? I realize that this is normal, but they are celebs...they owe us some drama.


B List Parties Too

I know what you're thinking, "DON, since when are these people B List?" But I felt like being nice today. Embrace the rarity.

I really love LC and The Hills. I can't believe she is still with Jason after all the crap he pulls. On NYE at Lobby (which BTW is where I partied last time in LA when we saw Andrew Keegan) he threatens to break up with her after she spends God knows how much on him for his birthday and Christmas. Sheesh.


LOL: Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson says he's still friends with ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore because of her determination for staying close to her old loves. He admits he doesn't pride himself on keeping in touch with his exes and couldn't believe it when Barrymore kept calling after they split. He tells Playboy magazine, "I like to move on after a relationship. If I break up with somebody, I don't want to see her or hear from her. Drew and I started out as friends, and I think that helps. I credit her with being the bigger person. Drew's the one who kept the friendship alive."

LOL! He was like, "bitch, I'm over you" and she kept calling. You know he's only still friends with her because she paid him to be in the Charlie's Angels movies. I've heard through friends that Drew is a total slut. She may have calmed down a lot, but I believe the she rocked a few beds in her heyday.


And Some MKO Love Too

Mary Kate at the Prada event last night. Still hasn't washed that hair...



Thanks for voting! That was our most voted poll ever!! The "actress" you most want to disappear is:

Tara Reid!
Aw, but she's so fun to watch! Thanks for voting, don't forget to vote on our new poll!

Ash at the Marmont

I've never been to Chateau Marmont, but it looks hella cool and every celebrity spends a good amount of time there, at the bar, at the pool, living there if you are LiLo.

Here's Ashley Olsen at what appears to be a business meeting. I HATE this fedora she can't seem to part with lately. Why do the Olsens look like they always want to disappear?



I recently posted pics of Kate Bosworth at the London premiere of Superman Returns. Today I came across her dress at a different angle and Kate is working her butt clevage! So scandalous!

Let's hope she was more careful climbing out of the car than Paris and Fugly Stew because she clearly ain't wearing panties!


It's Fine, Really

Brit Brit's bodyguard, who seems to have to take on some pretty random tasks, is sent out to pick up some marshmellows and tons of mac n' cheese. Looks like he wasn't sure which brand so he got a few.

Hey, now that Brit has revealed her plan to shape up and return to performing after this baby, it's all good. Eat your heart out, as long as you're coming back!


The Killers Are Back

The Killers, well hated in the music industry, but well loved by fans for songs such as "Mr. Brightside", have a new single coming out. You can preview it here.

More Duff Stuff

Sorry to the two people who wish Hilary away, but I still love her, chompers and all! These are from an upcoming issue of Seventeen. I hope I didn't ruin the magazine for all you subscription holders. Notice the pic of her next to the horse head and that's all I'm gonna say about that!


Poor JT

It should have gone well, Justin Timberlake's first big movie. Edison Force, the crime drama, co-stars Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. Yet it tested so poorly with audiences that it is being released straight to video on July 18th.

He still has four other films in the works, including Shrek the Third with maybe gf Cameron Diaz so he'll get a fair shot.

The reviews and feedback on his album, however, have been very impressive. He won't be collecting unemployment anytime soon.


Inside La Casa Duff

Here are photos of Hilary Duff's home in Los Angeles. Not sure what they are for (possibly InStyle?), but her house looks pretty nice.

The Groomsmen Premiere

An extremely tan Eva Longoria and a blonde Brittany Murphy step out at the premiere of "The Groomsmen." I hadn't heard a whisper about this movie, so I looked it up. It was written, directed, and stars Ed Burns and sounds similiar to "She's The One." (Friends and family reflecting on life and their relationships before a wedding). Brittany is in the film.


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