Friday, July 07, 2006


Last night on MTV Justin Timberlake appeared to talk about his new single and his new video. I did not understand at all what he was saying about his new sound and listening to the song didn't help much either.

He said he wants to be more of a rock n' roll singer than an R&B singer, which is just a terrible idea. The song was pretty weird, but had a nice beat. Did you guys catch it? What did you think?

LiLo for GQ

Not really feeling these pics. She tries to be so artsy and old in her pics. She should enjoy her youth and do more pretty, fun pics, no?

Her quote, which is so red-hot LiLo:

"Drama sells. Nobody wants to watch Miss Perfect."

LiLo, you so sassy!

Hot and Heavy

KCav and Adam Brody may have split at the beginning of this year, but they are clearly back on in a major way. The two love making out on the beaches of Malibu, Paris/Stavros style.


Baby News

Russell Crowe and wife, Danielle Spencer, have welcomed their second son.

Meanwhile, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, shown here in London this week, are thinking about baby number two. It has been a hard decision for them. Courteney, 42, had a number of miscarriages and years of trying before becoming with Coco, now 2, and she later suffered from post-partum depression.

Good luck to you both!


Not Again

Paris picks up yet another pet, a purebred kitten named Madison, from an LA pet store on Wednesday. Now, I know Hef is the only person in LA with a zoo permit, so I'm not sure how she's getting away with owning a mini-pet farm. Can't you just see the terror in that kitty's face?


Where in the World is LiLo?

Seemingly not working and living on the beaches of Malibu. Here she is stretching it out and giving the guy coming up the stairs and interesting view. In the second pic, she lounging with Harry Morton, 25, the owner of the Pink Taco restaurant chain. They look mighty cozy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

D.O.N. Down

Day Old News is taking a couple days off after that oh-so-fab 4th celebration and in preparation for a trip to Lake Tahoe with all the best buds from college. We'll try to post at least a couple times a day, but this laptop is about to crash so we'll post after grabbing another computer.

Happy summer days,

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Engaged!: Jen Aniston and Vince Vaughn

Both Life and Style and US Weekly are reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are engaged.

Rumors are flying! They say that she hasn't been showing off her ring until the Brangelina baby story dies down. Maybe that was the celebration Jen was having with her girlfriends the other day? How exciting!!


News from D.O.N. Readers

LA desk Dee Dee calls to report that her gay best friend is in Cape Cod with a bunch of guy friends. He was out at the clubs and just happened to meet Reichen, who then introduced Lance Bass AS HIS BOYFRIEND. Poor Lance, everybody knows so just come out of the closet already!

Derby calls to report seeing LC and Jason still together out and about in Newport driving a very nice Range Rover. That relationship seems to be sticking.

Thanks for the tips!

Jessica Loves That Damn Hat!

Jessica Alba hits the beach again with bf Cash Warren wearing the same ugly bucket hat as the day before. She's looking mighty tan!
I can't believe we see pics of her eating burgers and now chugging Pacifico. Every boy must love her!

Did you notice her bf is holding a pack of Pfunks?

My That's a Fine Sweater!

All that chest here is just to prove I'm a manly man, my dear!

Jakey-poo attends to his favorite sport of bicycling. Homegirl loves his pink spandex shirt flapping in the wind so he can air out his chest hair.



Spelling Mansion Up For Grabs

Wow, Candy Spelling didn't waste any time in leaving her long-time home. She has quietly put the Spelling Mansion on the market for $150 million. The house was completed in 1991 for $47 million on $10 million worth of land. Candy has reportedly let the majority of the staff go and is preparing to close up the house for showing purposes.


It was just one big joke. KFed is now saying that his first single, "PopoZao," was released as a joke. In his words, "At first, when I put out PopoZao, people were kinda laughing at me. I did it on purpose so people would look at me exactly the way they did. That way, when I come out with my real shit, people are fucking blown away."

Kinda laughing? Try hysterically laughing. That Kevin is just so clever! Way to cash in on us laughing at you and pretend you meant for that to happen.


What Are Friends For?

Cameron Diaz is shown here in her friends' wedding over the weekend, where she was a bridesmaid. It was really thoughtful of her to make sure she didn't upstage the bride. She didn't brush her hair or wear makeup just to show her devotion to her friend. I should be so lucky! I just know Britney would look trashy for me in my wedding. She loves me that much.


MK in Bazaar

We might get the naked, pregnant Brit Brit version, but Australia's Bazaar Magazine features Mary Kate Olsen on it's cover.

The accompanying article was really boring, probably because MK is so guarded. The one good comment she had was "People who use the same stylist - I won't mention names - have the same look. I'd rather do my own thing."

Such a stab at LiLo, NicRic, and crew, but she is totally right!

For more pics and the article, click here.

Presenting Danity Kane

I honestly think "Making the Band" would be a better name than "Danity Kane." That name blows!

Does anybody agree that Shannon (the very blonde one) can look pretty and then look like a tranny in every other scene? I don't get it. And somebody should tell them thatwhen you are a group, you need to wear complimentary colors.

So glad Aubrey is blonde again! Diddy was right, her brown hair was stank!

ATVin' It

Brad Pitt, Gavin Rossdale, and Maddox ride around on ATVs at his Santa Barbara home. Looks like Mad has spotted to photogs and telling daddy. What a privileged life this kid leads!

Hot Couple of the Minute: Pam Anderson & Kid Rock

Apparently Kid Rock and Pam Anderson have rekindled their romance. The two are vacationing in St. Tropez on a yacht. Pam really needed a break after her hard work of getting naked in a store window for PeTA.

From her website:
"It was my birthday yesterday. So much champagne. Sorry liver. But special occasion. Sad to see England we are on a boat in St. Tropez. Getting a suntan and recovering - back to health and happiness with my boys. There is no better place to be. Nice to relax after the MAC tour. Back home soon. We miss daddy."


Where in the World is LiLo?

Summering in Malibu! LiLo celebrated the holiday weekend and her 20th birthday by hosting a beach bash. She even invited KCav who she has publicly fought with in the past. She changed swimsuits several times throughout her party, although to mer she looks physically different in all three of these photos, no? KCav looks great, I'm happy that she is back together with Brody and with her hair extensions.

The party was held at the Polaroid Beach House, cost $100,000, and was catered by a celebrity chef. Other partygoers were Matthew Perry, Kate Bosworth, Owen Wilson and Courtney Love (I'm telling you, she is a celebrity drug dealer!). Jake Hoffman (son of Dustin) DJed alongside LiLo.

Back On?

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake leave their hotel in Paris yesterday. On Monday they attended the Gnarls Barkley concert with Drew Barrymore.

Looks like they might not be dunzo after all, although I'm guessing her trying to look nice for him wasn't a part of the reconciliation.


Rehab Rehab Rehab

At not the one at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Hillary Swank has revealed that the major destructive force in her marriage was Chad Lowe's addictions. Talking to Vanity Fair, she does not say what he was addicted to, but that she stuck with him until he reached sobriety. She stated, "He is, I think, genuinely happy for my success...I think that any frustration for him stemmed from the lack of opportunities in his own career." Ouch, but true.

Meanwhile, Ashley Judd is talking about her 47 day stint in rehab last February to deal with her "chaotic" and "dysfunctional" childhood, working on issues such as depression, isolation, compulsions, and co-dependent relationships. She said she slept excessively because of her depression and that she had a cleaning compulsion. Ashley described herself as a "hyper-vigilant child" to tried to be perfect to combat her lack of security. She says she is much happier now and has learned, "Now I try to remind myself that if I engage in perfectionism, I am abusing myself."

Wow, who knew being perfect had such a price tag?


Monday, July 03, 2006

Going Goth

Winona Ryder has bided her time and is finally ready to resurface on the movie scene. She's looking very punk princess and independent (carrying her own coffee and purse!) on the set of her new movie Sex and Death 101. It is a comedy about a "femme fatale who targets men guilty of sex crimes."

I'm not sure how that is a comedy, but it sounds a lot like Heathers, which would be awesome!


Aniston and Friends

Jennifer Aniston and her four best friends (for whom she wears friendship rings) get together for brunch at Il Sole in L.A. over the weekend. She looks very tan and very happy. I'm glad for her.


Back in the USA

Nicole Kidman and new husband Keith Urban are back in the States as he prepares for his tour next week.

Here's a question: if they had kids, what would they look like? Do you see them with wild white curls or with flat-ironed, highlighted locks? Tall and pale or short and tan? A premature granny or somebody clinging to their youth and Bon Jovi's stylist?



Chloe Sevigny thinks actresses who wear sweatpants are"sloppy," saying she thinks celebs should look glamorous at all times, even if they are just going to the supermarket.

"I've always taken pride in the way I look. I'm not a sweatpants kind of girl. I don't like to see actresses in sweatpants with their hair up in a baseball hat looking really sloppy. They could have made a little more effort. Sometimes I think my outfits are good but magazines always use the most unflattering photo, so that doesn't help. But I always think, 'I like that dress, I don't think Fergie from Black Eyed Peas looks any better, she looks like a freak!'"

Damn! Those are some strong words coming from the likes of her. I know Fergie's got some serious style issues, but Chloe Sevigny has NO right to talk. First of all, she's a whore. Literally. She simulates, or actually has sex in one case, in every movie she's in. She is dog ugly--actually, scratch that because dogs are WAY cuter than her. And she looks like some kind of tranny who shopped at Salvation Army before events like the Oscars.

Fergie, for once I've got your back. Although I'm pretty sure you could kick her ass all on your own.


12 yr. old boy or Actress? You Decide

Keira Knightley attended the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean II in London. Her chest is concave and covered in gold shimmer. It's gross! She looks like she is posing for an spread in Vogue, not out in public promoting a children's movie for Disney! Seriously, her top may as well be a scarf for all it's doing.


The King Meets the Queen

From "Just No Doubt":

"Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie take a stroll with their newborns babies Shiloh and Kingston at Brad Pitt's secluded Santa Barbara estate, July 2nd. The pair wore matching baby slings and compared diaper stories while Angelina's adopted daughter Zahara impressed both beauties with her new-found walking skills. Meanwhile, partners Brad and Gavin Rossdale took a break from babysitting with a jet skiing excursion. Gavin proved the more adventurous, powering into sea, while Brad stayed close to the coast with sidekick Maddox. With the coolest babies on the planet finally meeting each other, security in the compound was on high alert. The estate was heavily guarded by officers on dune buggies, patrol boats and rafts, as well as dogs posted around the property's perimeters."

That pic is really hard to view, but I can imagine it to be them. I had no idea these families were friends?

Where in the World is LiLo?

Not sure, but here she is in L.A. over the weekend. She is filming in L.A., but had said that she wanted to go away to somewhere private and tropical to celebrate her 20th birthday, which was yesterday.

Can we dissect this outfit briefly? She is in fact where tights as pants and what appears to be a nightgown as a top. She has Burberry flats on and a scarf tied around her ankle. And she's holding a can of whipped cream.

What do you think, whip-its?

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LILO! We adore you anyways.


A Letter to Tara Reid

Dear Tara,

I know you've been trying, attempt after failed attempt, to reinvent yourself and jump start the next phase of your "career." But the problem is that nothing has really changed except your age and your bankability.

First of all, denim mini-skirts are not appropriate on the red carpet and are not appropriate on you in general. Maybe you thought that the skirt, if paired with see-through plastic platforms, would make people think of you as a young Pam Anderson. We don't, not that that should be your aspiration anyways.

Your shirt does the impossible; it's made of mesh, but somehow is able to make you look fatter than you are. And, while I'm proud of you for dropping your nasty extensions, it's not ok to keep your hair bleached blonde if you aren't going to maintain the roots.

Either embrace what you are and make a career out of club appearances and celebrity poker tournaments, or step out of the limelight. It used to be fun to laugh at you. Now you just exhaust me.

Sorry for being so severe, but I think you need to hear it. Brandon Davis has a seat waiting for you at rehab.

Air Kisses,

Jessica's Not Happy

Jessica Alba took in some BBQ on the beach over the weekend with bf Cash Warren and some friends. Her outfit is uncharacteristically fug and she looks really displeased about the attention.

I wonder if she will actually eat that cheeseburger?


Out and About

Lil Kim aka Kimberly Jones has been released early from prison for good behavior. The tiny rapper spent 10 months of her 1 year and a day sentence in the slammer for perjury.

I'm not sure if she received some bad jailhouse plastic surgery or if she always looked like this but had great makeup to cover it up, but she looks pretty creepy. It also doesn't look like she wasted away like Martha Stewart did.

Congrats and try not to lie from now on!


Who Needs Pants?

Jessica Simpson cruises around in a coat and heels and what might be some hot pants. Daisy does not seem pleased by the camera flashes.

I wonder how many LV purses Miss Simpson's lays claim to?

Summer Fun

Mischa Barton, Zoe Winkler (I believe), Rachel Bilson, and NicRic enjoy some summer fun. Mischa looks amazonian next to theses three.

It's Over for England

Posh and her son react to England's lose in the World Cup. I wonder if she is crying for real. Her son is cute though.


WTF: Tom Welling

Ew, what happened? He was throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game over the weekend looking like a fat vagrant. Icky!


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