Friday, June 23, 2006

JT's New Woman

This is Justin Timberlake's supposed new lady. Her name is Lauren Popeil and her dad invented the home chicken rotisserie--we have like 3 of those in my house, I swear!

TMZ has footage of Justin leaving a club recently and a blonde sneaking into the back of his car. Could be her, no? Click here to see the brief footage--it's at the end.

P.S. She is so average. I'm not impressed.

The Year Of The Alba

Entertainment Weekly agrees with every other media outlet in declaring it Jessica Alba's year. For all that hype, she still has yet to take on a truly challenging film role. I'm guessing she needs to get fat, get lezzy, or get strung out on camera for anybody to take her seriously. Until then, she's a great person to look at and feel bad about your own self worth.

Kate Hudson For Vogue

Kate Hudson hams it up for the new issue of Vogue. She poses for one shot with Owen Wilson, promoting their new movie You, Me and Dupree, which I think looks pretty funny. I also tend to forget how cute and bubbly Kate is because every photog pic of her makes her look like a disease-plagued homeless person with a very bad temper. But she is way pretty.

Can I say I am so not on board with Fall/Winter fashion? I keep seeing these GD hats/riding helmets everywhere and it pains me to know I will soon be seeing these on people like LiLo and Mary Kate Olsen in pics around town. Additionally, the shoes are ridonk. They remind me of the shoes the girls are forced to strut in on ANTM to prove they won't crash and die. And then there's the tights. Sigh. I have a bad feeling I'm going to cave on this and be wearing tights come November, but I really hope not.


Black and White All Over

When did Claire Danes die and return as a matronly ghost? And when has NicRic ever looked better? I love this photo of her at The Devil Wears Prada premiere.

Not sure if any of you have caught some episodes of the new season of The Simple Life, but Nicole cracks me up. She's the kind of friend who would terrify me with her suggestions of things to do--the kind of things where you laugh and think its great until you realize she's totally serious.


Promiscuous Duo

Nelly Furtado and Timbaland rock a live performance of their hit summer single. No JT around for this, although he does bust a fine move in their music video.

P.S. Timbaland has neck rolls only Auntie Hum could love.



Ok, just look at this picture of SPF and tell me you don't see KFed as an old man! That fat baby looks just like he will!

Image: People

Are They Or Aren't They?

People Magazine claims that JT and Cameron Diaz are in fact NOT dunzo. They say they were seen eating lunch together yesterday at the Mondrian Hotel in L.A. and that a "friend" told them they are not broken up. That is lame reporting! I still find it odd that neither Justin or Cameron's reps have commented on the situation...

Battle of the Brunettes

Paris wears a wig while at the O2 Wireless Festival in London while Brit Brit shows off her at home dye job on the streets of NY with little SPF. I swear she never puts that baby down for a second! He's her new purse dog. Check out her engagement ring, bought and paid for by herself. That's love!

Another Worthy Couple

I can't believe I forget to put Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson on the poll from last week! Whoops.

Anyways, here's them taking their dog to the vet. Adam looks really hot, but in need of a burger run with NicRic. Rachel is carrying around their rescued mutt, who I hope is ok. They look kind of serious, but at least they aren't crying.



McGosling is overwhelmingly the celeb couple you think will last. Here are some classic moments featuring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams:

Thanks for voting! New poll up soon.

Jessica Strikes Back

I don't have speakers here at work, but here is the link for the new single from Jessica Simpson. The cover for the single is shown here, and I spy with my little eye both Ken Paves and CaCee Corn Cobb in the pic.

Here the Song

Wow, Michael Jackson actually left Bahrain. Here his is in Paris leaving a floral garden wearing pajamas and riding in a wheelchair. Is he dying? His kids are, as usual, cloaked in hats and masks. In the orange tee is his eldest, Prince Michael. In the purple shirt is his daughter Paris, and in the white shirt is Blanket. All three children have long hair and are clearly white, even though Michael has said that at least one of them has a black mother. These poor kids!!!

Source: JJ

Cleaning it Up

This is a much better shot of Jude Law and Sienna Miller than the ones that have recently been taken of the couple. They are still in New York and apparently it is so hot there that Sienna needs to wear her swimsuit out to lunch. She looks cute in a boho way though, as does Jude.

Don't forget to vote for your longest-lasting couple in our poll this week! Winner gets their pic posted this afternoon.


Xtina's On the Move

Christina Aguliera is just about everywhere these days. That's the nice thing about celebs, you know you'll see them again just as soon as they have something to sell you. Here she is at an Entertainment Weekly party and I think she actually looks really nice. For her.


Dunzo: Ahmet Zappa and Selma Blair

Selma Blair has filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Ahmet Zappa. The two dated for six months before marrying at Carrie Fisher's house. They say the split is amicable.


Dunzo: Gisele and Kelly Slater

Gisele and Kelly Slater have thrown in the towel after 8 months together. Both are reportedly taking the split very hard and Kelly even missed the premiere of his new movie.

All that beauty must have been too much to deal with.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

D.O.N. Links Like This

Since my server won't let me post pictures, I'm spreading some hot stories via link. Don't say I never did anything for you!

Justin Timberlake already has a new gf?

Brit Brit dyes her hair black

Paris' latest boy toy had a gf!

Did Jessica Simpson get a nose job?

La Familia Seal y Klum


Birthday girl Kelly Beth writes in to say her co-worker Nicole spotted Oprah last night at the Grand Wailea with her dog. She is there with her entire staff on vacation.

Send your sightings and tips to D.O.N. @

Britney is OK

Brit Brit speaks out to OK Magazine about her pregnancy. Usually loyal to People, Britney is now talking to one of the trashiest tabloids, I'm sure for a fee.

She looks much better in these little dresses and with this nice makeup, but she still could have used a brush going through that hair.

Baby steps!


Superman Returns MegaPost

Here Comes Trouble

Two English addicts together equals one potential disaster. Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne (who clearly borrowed her dad's glasses) are at the O2 Wireless Festival in London which is a 5 day concert featuring acts like James Blunt and The Strokes.

Somehow I'm guessing that isn't water and OJ. More like vodka and a screwdriver!

Lollipop Head Returns

What has she done to herself?!? Kate Bosworth, famous for her girl-next-door good looks, has gone and bleached the hell out of her hair. Here she is at the premiere of Superman Returns in L.A. last night with bf Orlando Bloom. Seriously that hair is fug and she is way too skinny. She looks like an alien! Also, that dress looks like she put on a wifebeater and stretched it down to her ankles. No me gusta!

Images: People & B&S

Dunzo?: JT and Cameron Diaz

I was actually wondering about this given how little time they seem to have spent together lately...but rumors are EVERYWHERE that Justin has dumped Cameron Diaz. Recently he has been spotted out partying solo or with his boys, and she is on vacation with a bunch of girlfriends, including Drew Barrymore, in the Bahamas, perhaps to help her feel better?

Celebs Gone Bad

How does this...become THIS?!?! He's wearing Crocs! She's wearing cut-off, flooding jeans! Aughh!

Soccer Shorts are so Chic

Just try and tell Posh that hers are too short, I dare you. The perfect athletic enthusiast attire is not on her son, but on her. Spike heels, denim diaper, Birkin bag, and vest without shirt. Hot.


Birthday Shout Out

Happy birthday to one of my very best friends, Kelly Beth! While she did leave me to go live on the sunny beaches of Maui, I'm sure she'll be thinking of me as she has a celebratory birthday cocktail. Hope you are still getting some use out of that Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease dvd I gave you for your last bday and remember to crank up some Robbie Williams or A-Teens to party properly as we did on Semester at Sea.

Would You Do This Man?

KFed shows how much he is worth at a Virgin event for which he is some sort of spokesman for.

Remember when Brit Brit was the most wanted woman on the planet? Would you ever in your wildest dreams think she'd end up with this creature?


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