Friday, June 09, 2006

A Comparison

NicRic is truly one of those Hollywood creatures who wouldn't be much to look at without makeup and a stylist, as evidenced by the photo on the right, taken yesterday.

LOL: Svetlana

What to do after you've finished shooting an especially boring season of The Real World where all you'll be remembered for is crying and bitching about your lame boyfriend?

Do an advertisement for Trojan condoms in Cancun seemed the right answer to Svetlana. I'm sure this caused endless pointless arguments with Martin.

Source: Hot Mamma Drama

Where in the World is LiLo? Part II

Here's LiLo leaving famed club Bungalow 8 in New York. She looks amazing!

Until, that is, you do a scrolldown to her shoes. WTF?!?!? Are those metallic slip-on jazz shoes?

Love Me, Love My Frenemies

Nic Ric has been trotting around town with this guy, a pro skateboarder. He used to date Paris for a hot minute. Wonder who he prefers?

Honestly, I wonder how any guy could put up with the amount of ego and self-love that oozes out of Paris constantly. Over it!

Brit's Challenge to D.O.N.

Back in October, I said I was sure Brit Brit would bounce back from her pregnancy slump and lump in no time and if she did, I would. That was a no-go. I then added a clause in December that if she was hoping to get pregnant again within the year, I didn't think she'd lose the weight yet, but again, I would when she would.

Here's the pregnant, but treadmilling it Britney extending a big "you're ups" to D.O.N.

Ugh. Fair's fair, Brit Brit. Challenge accepted.

Girls Next Door Rockin' It

They are still one sick, happy family. Here's The Girls Next Door posing with their bf Hugh Hefner. Not sure what this is for, but it looks like a promo for their show, hopefully season 2 because I love it. Doesn't it look like Bridget is wearing formal shorts and a beater? I hope she isn't...that is sooo not Playboy. And Kendra could not look more awkward if she tried. It's like putting Britney in a wool turtleneck.

Pulling a Paris

KCav and her bf Brody Jenner ham it up for the photogs. Once compared to Jessica Simpson, I think she's going for more of a Paris now.

Source: B&S

Is She Or Isn't She?

Hmm...haven't heard any rumors supporting this, but Brittany Murphy looks potentially preggy to me. I hope not, as she has some serious issues to work out before even thinking of reproducing.


LOL: Pop Slut Video

OMG, this is great. Best Week Ever has taken Paris' very first video and did a mock pop-up video on it. My favorite comment is on how the video is in black and white. They say, "Paris loves everything that is black and white...except Nicole Richie." LOL! Watch it by clicking here.

Life in the 'Bu

KCav makes me jealous. She gets to spend her days suntanning with her bf and breaking to sip ice blendeds, WITH whipped cream.

Life is good for the queen bee.


That beer looks good.

That Ain't Right

James Woods shows off his ass-candy, Ashley Madison. He is a 59 yr. old dirtbag, she is a 20 yr. old golddigger/starf-er.

This guy is gross! Ashley is the daughter of one of his golfing buddies. What a perv!

Source: Smart

What's Left of Her

These pics of Hilary Duff really make me sad! Where is her shiny blonde hair and carefree attitude? She looks like an extra from a CK ad from 1994. She is completely unrecognizable.

Sia, she needs a hot dog way more than LiLo!

SF Event

Dog Tales & Cocktails
What: Head to the W's rooftop terrace with your pooch for drinks, treats, and photos to benefit Pets Unlimited.
Why: Enjoy the dog days of summer.
When: Sun., 4-6 p.m.
Where: W Hotel, 181 3rd St., at Howard St., 4th fl. terrace.
R.S.V.P. to

Work it Out

I find it funny that photogs take pictures of celebs (not even major celebs) doing things like working out. And even funnier that somebody paid for these pictures to be taken and that I find them worthy of posting on this site. I guess the real reason is that Kate Beckinsale looks better working out than I do at work.

Nylon Party

Michelle Trachtenberg and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy pose at the Nylon/Myspace party on Wednesday where my friend met JTT.

I don't really get why Michelle is considered such a star right now. I mean, I liked her in Harriet the Spy, but what has she done for us lately?

Source: People

Where in the World is LiLo?

At the Cartier and Interview magazine party. She looks great! Lilo's A Prairie Home Companion comes out today. Lately she's been on a bit of a high horse, first saying she works harder than any of her friends' parents and now saying that she's been through more than some people have in lifetimes. You're 19. Chill.

But I love you. Just make Meaner Girls and all will be well.

Source: B&S

Simpsons on the Move

As Jessica returns from NY, Ashlee is off to Las Vegas. Jessica was in NY for a photo shoot, some meetings, and the CDFA Awards. Ashlee, seen here in Hollywood, is leaving home for Vegas for her next concert in her just kicked off "I Am Me Tour." She gets a hand from boyfriend and guitarist for her band, Braxton Olita.

Source: People

Paris in the Springtime

Natalie Portman relaxes in Paris yesterday. Today is her 25th birthday and I presume she's there to celebrate.

Photo: People

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where in the World is LiLo?

Making enemies. According to Page Six:

Lohan got up to use the bathroom to powder her nose six times in two hours. During Lindsay's sixth visit to the bathroom, Wintour turned to a Vogue staffer and whispered: "Tell her, if she gets up one more time, she will never be invited to one of my events again."Meanwhile Lohan's date Karl Lagerfeld was then told, "Karl, this is your guest, control her!" A rep for Wintour said, "Anna was definitely surprised at how busy Lindsay was, but she offered no threat."

But also making frenemies:

"I think Lindsay Lohan is gorgeous, beautiful and sexy and I love her." - Paris Hilton

Celebrity Sighting!: JT

One of my very best friends works in PR in LA and last night she had the divine pleasure of meeting Justin Timberlake in the flesh! He showed up at the Myspace/Nylon party at Element around 1:30 sans the Diaz.

She writes, "He was wearing a pale yellow shirt, some beige pants maybe- he was pretty muted so as not to draw attention to himself. Then he changed into a burgundy shirt, maybe he was wearing layers. I was so shocked to see him I don't even know. This was at like 1:30 am, trust me, I thought of calling you and screaming, but it was a little late! I went up to him and was like, 'Hey, I work with MySpace. We want to give you and Cameron (the slag wasn't around, but Tara Reid was!) these gift bags. Thanks for coming.' He said, 'Nice to meet you. Thank you so much.' Then I said, 'Have fun.' and we both smiled and I walked away. Keep in mind that this conversation was both of us yelling into each other's ears and basically reading lips. It was funny. He was really genuine and nice."

I asked her if he smelled good too and if she tried to kiss him, but she resisted. Freakin' hot!

He's Not a Manny

Brit Brit has no future of romance with her manny...for now. Manny is actually a security guard named Perry. He's a 28 yr. old graduate of the Naval Academy and moved to L.A. to get into security. He lives with his girlfriend of two years and seems to enjoy his new job. He's certainly better at helping out Brit than the MIA KFed.

Source: TMZ

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

And they're doing it! Reese hits the shops and scores some loot at Marni (not looking preggy at all), while Jessica and her main gay take in some dinner at Mr. Chow's before a night of dancing, where clubgoers say Jess and Ken took to the middle of the dance floor to get their groove on.

Source: People

D.O.N.'s Pissed

Thank you for your patience this week. D.O.N. doesn't understand why the server can't get fixed and is very frustrated when we work on stories only to find when we post that the server has crashed for the 18th time this morning. We're trying...seriously!

Baby Shiloh & Her Rents

Does anybody else think it's weird that two of their kids have nicknames of temperaments, aka "Mad" for Maddox and "Shy" for Shiloh? Are they raising the 7 dwarfs?

Photos: DListed

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hot Couple of the Minute: James Blunt and Petra Nemcova

Are they?...Aren't they?...I think we can now assume that Czech supermodel turned Tsunami fundraiser Petra Nemcova and British singer James Blunt are in fact an item.

The two met at a Tsunami relief fundraiser thrown by Petra's charity last December and have been spotted together ever since, but always denying a romance. They are vacationing together in Ibiza and I'd say, given that pale bulge he's got going on, James should feel pretty lucky to be next to a bronzed supermodel.

Source: JJ

Up and Running

Zach Braff has just launched his new website. Click here to see his video post.

Here is an excerpt from his first blog entry:

"Please watch the's kind of like the inflight safety video on an airplane. (someone recently told me that there's never been a successful water landing-don't know if that's true or not, so please continue to listen to instructions about how to self inflate your life preserver if it doesn't inflate. Can you imagine the day you're having if you're plane crashes into the water and your life preserver doesn't inflate when you pull the string?! I mean at some point you have to start wondering if you're supposed to be dead.)"

He's so random, I love it. Check it out.

666 & The Omen

I took in the opening day showing of The Omen yesterday to see what all the fuss was. With such good reviews, I expected something horrific. I was disappointed.

While there were a few good jump and scream images, I really never got behind a child as the scary villian concept. I mean, he's five and fighting his parents and maybe says two words the whole movie. It's weird.

Symbolically it was all overplayed, too. The mother always wore white (purity, innocence) with a touch of red (passion, blood, death) in every scene. I easily predicted how a couple characters would die early on and was right. Also, there are many Rottweilers in the film, used as protection for the child from his father, but again, a Rottie ain't so spooky to me. I got me one of those, and a mean one to boot.

It's an ok film, but I'd save your money and rent it.

A Girl After My Own Heart

Sophia Bush could not be cuter than when pictured with her actual dog, as opposed to her dog of a husband. Here she is at LAX en route to Texas to begin filming "The Hitcher." Her dog, a one-eyed pit bull named Patch was rescued from a New Orleans shelter by actor Frankie Muniz. He brought the dog to the set of "Stay Alive" in hopes of finding a permanent home for him. Sophia co-starred in the film and fell in love with Patch, giving him his forever home. I love that she totally loves her dog and that she is so casual on the plane--unlike some stars (Jessica Simpson) who wear evening dress on flights and bring 9 L.V. bags. I HATE that purse she has though.

Props to Sophia for rescuing Patch!

Eye Candy: Becks

Yowza! D.O.N. reader Taygizzle writes to request the shirtless David Beckham be posted just for her. Here he is with Ashley Cole at World Cup Training camp.


Source: DListed

More New Parents!

Just when I open my big mouth about new parents in hiding, Brad and Angelina surface looking happy and healthy. Here there are with Namibian First Nady Penexupifo Pohamba after a press conference which they gave to thank Namibia and the Namibian press for their privacy.

Brangelina is due back in L.A. asap so Brad can start filming Ocean's Thirteen.

Source: Perez Hilton

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