Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stork Watch: Brangelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie welcomed their first biological child, a girl named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, Friday night in Nambia.

I'm sure you felt the Earth move when she arrived! Congrats!

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Baby is Here!

Gwen Stefani gave birth to a baby boy around 1 p.m. today. He was born via C-section and has a thick head of hair. The couple have named him Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, with the nickname King.


One Happy Family!

Brit Brit, SPF, and the new manny go for a stroll near her Malibu home. Yes, she is wearing curlers in her hair, but she is also wearing a bra. 2 points!

Rumor mill says that KFed has been staying at a friend's house for the last 4 nights since Britney has returned from her NY trip. Uh oh...

Source: DListed

Aye Aye Cap'n!

Jennifer Aniston poses with a bunch of Marines during her appearance on Good Morning America. I really couldn't say who was luckier, the Marines or Aniston?
Loves me some uniformed men!
Source: JJ

WTF: Richelle Nice

Richelle Nice was a juror on the Scott Peterson case. She helped convict him by bringing a guilty verdict, then recommended to the judge that his sentence be the death penalty.

Since the case, Richelle's therapist recommended to her that she write a letter to Scott as a means of closure from the case, but to put it into a mailbox with no address on it. Richelle decided to address the letter and has since become penpals with Scott. She has written to him 17 times, with him responding 8 times. She claims that she is hoping he'll confess to murder in one of his letters to her, but nothing he has written has come close to that.

She has now handed her letters over to People and they will be featured in the magazine. Also, Richelle claims to have had a major breakdown last December after suffering from years of mental health issues, landing her in San Mateo Medical Center's psychiatric ward. She's currently on a myraid of different medications for her psychiatric problems.

"All my life has been a struggle," she says.

It's so comforting to know that mental, unstable looney's are decided capital punishment cases. I'm guessing the Peterson team will use this in asking for an appeal.

Source: Tabloid Whore

Nick Lachey hasn't been moping around town like his soon-to-be-ex Jessica. His album is doing well (better than Jess' ever did) and he's been dating right and left.

Yesterday he took in The Da Vinci Code with Kim Kardashian (25), daughter to famed O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian, sister to Filthy Rich Cattle Drive star Kourtney, and step-sister to Brody Jenner.

The two arrived and left separately, but were reportedly holding hands during the film.

In the picture below, Kim is the one not smiling.

Source: B&S

Where in the World is LiLo?

Shopping AND tanning! LiLo is back in L.A. and getting ready for the summer season, no doubt. You think our girl is busy in the Spring? You ain't seen nothing yet. I predict I'll be doing a where this hour is LiLo with all the events she'll be at this summer. Look out!

Dunzo: Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank

After trying to reconcile following their separation, Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank have filed for divorce.

The couple were together 9 years, after meeting at a Hollywood party that Hilary was attending with Leonardo DiCaprio. The couple say that it was love at first sight.

Tre tragic!

Source: People

Stork Watch: Gwen & Gavin!!!

Per Us Weekly:

A very pregnant Gwen Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles this morning where doctors plan to induce labor and deliver the couple's child via C-section at noon PST. Rossdale dropped his wife off at the maternity ward, parked Stefani's silver Range Rover and "seemed a little nervous and he checked the baby car seat before he got out," according to a witness. Rossdale then took the elevator to the maternity ward. "Gwen was wearing her signature red lipstick and looked so excited," the onlooker added.

Cutest Fam Ever!

The more pics I see of the Phillipe-Witherspoon clan, the more I love them. They really seem like a devoted family. Ryan took the kids to play at the beach while mom Reese hit the shops for the kids, stopping by Babystyle. Even their dog was out with them. Loves it!

Source: JJ

So Sorry

Brandon Davis is sorry for being so mean to our little LiLo. He told the NY Post, "My behavior on May 16 was inexcusable. What started out as a joke got completely carried away and I am horrified at the words that came out of my mouth. I consider Lindsay a friend and I hope she accepts my sincere apology for my reprehensible actions last week."

Something tells me LiLo doesn't share in the friendship.

Ringing in 80 as Many Times as Possible

Hugh Hefner continues to celebrate being an octageniarian, this time in Cannes. The Girls Next Door must be thrilled since Hef never travels and doesn't let them go anywhere overnight without him.

Happy birthday, grandpa!

Source: B&S

Hot Couple of the Minute: Adrienne & a Brady

ANTM cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry is set to wed her bf Christopher Knight this Saturday in Illinois. The wedding is a gothic themed event.

The bride said she wanted to wear a black gown, but decided against it for fear of breaking her grandma's heart. The bridesmaids will all wear blood-red gowns and carry black roses.

Um...dark, not romantic. Creepy, no lovely. I guess it suits them.

Source: Contact Music

H Duff Actually Parties

Hilary Duff hits up Element in L.A. without (gasp!) her sister or boyfriend. I reaaaaaally don't get her outfit choice. Jeans as leggings is sick and wrong!

Forget Something?

Jessica Simpson took a stroll through WeHo looking like she may have forgot even her daisy dukes. She's been looking very lonely and sad as of recent. Poor Jess!

Photo: People

News in a Flash

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora stroll hand in hand through Italy. Next stop for the Bon Jovi tour is Germany. No word on whether Denise will join him.

Kevin Dillon and wife welcoming daughter Ava last week.

Kristin Cavallari being considered to pick up Jessica Simpson's role as Daisy Duke in an upcoming prequel to The Dukes of Hazzard. Ouch!

Source: E!
Photo: People

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Reunited and It Feels So Good: Pitt & Norton

Hot damn, let this be true! Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are teaming up to produce a 10-hour miniseries for HBO based on Stephen Ambrose's book Undaunted Courage. While the screenplay is still being written, the two are still considering starring in the show themselves as the lead characters, Lewis and Clark.

"We have friends who've been pointing out that there are some funny echoes, similarities between Lewis and Clark and us. I don't have any prejudice against it. At the moment, we're acting as good shepherds for the project," says hottie Ed.

LOVE these two! Totally want this team on screen again...put me in coach, I'm ready to play!

Source: GossipRocks

LOL: Paris Hilton

Who's the "firecrotch" now, bitch?

It's Just Research

Christina Aguilera left the Ivy Tuesday night looking fadad and whoreish. However, it's possible this is all just prep work for a potential upcoming film role. Xtina has been tapped to play notorious burlesque dancer Tempest Storm who was said to have had affairs with Kennedy and Elvis in the 1950s.

Probably would be a good lead into Htown for her; she was born to play a burlesque dancer, but I can't see major players clamouring to sleep with her.

Source: Socialite's Life

Paris Sucks

Ok, these pics of Paris shooting her "music" video in Malibu are just ridicks! Ugh, I can't stand the self-adoration pouring out of her. If LiLo's album failed, then Paris' better be in the 99 cent bin at Walgreens by the end of summer.

Also, rumor has it Matt Leinart has taken up with some new girl from Arizona. Please let this be true!

Source: TMZ

McPhee Hearts Seacrest

American Idol loser Katharine McPhee was a guest on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning and confessed to him that she has a major crush on him! Apparently she has no gaydar whatsoever. She went on to say she had liked him for awhile, that she was into men in their 30's, and that she would never hook up with Taylor Hicks. She went on to say that she felt they would be able to date in about 6 months and that she didn't think he was too short for her. Ryan reportedly was extremely uncomfortable and kept trying to change the subject.

Source: HollyScoop


Megan Fox, 20, gives her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, 32, a hand while dining at an outdoor cafe. She has been very vocal about her sex life with Brian over the past few years. He probably captured her with his soulful KFed style rappings.

Here's a pic of Megan if you aren't familiar with her. Not bad for a dirty old man.

Source: Hollywood Tuna

Breaking Up Looks Fun

Jen loves formal shorts! Somebody must have recently told her how great her legs are and now she can't put them away. Here's the upcoming cover of Entertainment Weekly, with the first photo shoot of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn together. Very cute.

The Devil Wears Black

I think Meryl Streep is attempting to take over as the mentor to all young Hollywood starlets. She keeps Anne Hathaway close by at a private auction following a screening of The Devil Wears Prada in New York. Anne has gone super-dark with her hair, which I think works for her.

Guess who else attended the screening? None other than the devil herself, Anna Wintour. She refused to be photographed with the stars and did not attend the charity event afterwards, but reportedly found it amusing. Amusing like a cat playing with a mouse before she kills it, right?

Photo: People

Dispelling more rumors that she was in the hospital giving birth yesterday, Gwen Stefani hits the shops of Bev Hills. She is due any day now.

Speaking of moms, Brooke Shields looks fantastic one month after the birth of her second daughter. Let me rephrase, Brooke great, outfit gross.

Photos: People & Smart.

Return of TomKat

They're baaaaaack!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attend, what else?, a sports game for Tom's son, Connor. This is Katie's second public appearance since the birth of Suri over a month ago.

Yesterday rumors were spinning that Katie jetted off to Ohio to be with her family after a fight with Tom. I don't think it's a coincidence that Tom pulled her out for a photo-op today.

Source: Smart.

She's Got Legs

And she knows how to use them! While I don't condone the use of shorts as formal wear (or as attire in general), I'd be hard-pressed to deny that Jennifer Aniston looks fantastic. But her blacks don't match, do they?

Anyways, she went on The Late Show, to promote her new movie The Break Up.

Love the two guys checking her out in the photo at left. LOL!

Source: JJ

Patrick Dempsey takes a break from playing Dr. McDreamy to Mr. Prince Charming. Here he is filming a scene for the forthcoming Enchanted movie, which sounds about as cool as his hair looks.

Bring back the wild, unruly locks!

Source: JJ

Minus Ken Paves

This is what happens when you take away her Ken.
I think that's half of a best friends necklace around her neck.
Source: Hollywood Tuna

Stavros' Moving On Up

When Paris broke Stavros' heart just after his 21st birthday, he wailed and got drunk for a few days, then remembered he's a billion-heir and hit the circuit. Looks like he found a pretty close replacement with two very big improvements from the Paris-version.

He was at Kimona Dragon Simmons party last night chilling with Victoria Silvstedt.

Source: HollywoodRag

Brit Brit Doesn't Quite Get It

Looks like Brit Brit is taking some style tips from Christina Aguilera these days. Bright red lips and something a little trashy, no?

Here she is getting her Starbucks with her producer, JR Rotem, and looking like she's been in the pregnant way for QUITE some time.

Thanks for trying...your getting, er, closer?

PS we all know homegirl likes to keep it real with the men in her life. I would not be surprised if KFed gets the boot and her manny takes his place. Hell, he'd be a lot more useful to her and costs a lot less!

Source: B&S

News in a Flash

Taylor Hicks winning season 6 of American Idol, as expected.

California Supreme Court refusing to hear Michael Jackson's appeal (he is attempting to deny Debbie Rowe's maternity rights). This means Prince and Paris may have to split their time between Bahrain and the US.

Janet Jackson claims she gained all that weight for a movie role, which has since gone to Mariah Carey. LOL!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Things That Confuse DON

THIS (Charlotte Church)

plus THIS (Gavin Henson, Wales star rugby player)

Should NOT equal a couple.

I'm all for helping a sister out, but I hear she's just a horrible person. And he's SMOKING hot. Taygizzle, does this guy play on the same team as your bf???

Photos: JJ

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