Wednesday, May 10, 2006

D.O.N. Down

Jump for joy, my little sister is actually graduating...with honors, no less! So sorry to be MIA yet again, but I'm off to Colorado to relive my own graduation with Colls the Balls, Leah, newlywed Kimbo, and Smallison, who is throwing me a par-tay on Friday. Look out, I'm on a mission to party like it's a Tuesday. Because I did party last night. And it was awesome.

McGosling Not Engaged

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams arrive at the airport in New York. She is considering a few upcoming film roles and had meetings to attend. Ryan, ever the perfect bf, carried her luggage.

Nice to see some celebs don't travel in sundresses and pantsuits.

LOL: Winston the Cat

Rich at fourfour is not only gifted at recapping ANTM shows, but also making the everyday activities (or inactivities) of his cats into a hilarious story board. Click here to read his recap of Rudy and Winston's bath adventure. I recently did the same with my cats, Chevron and Techron. It wasn't so bad until I tried to blow dry them. Ouch.

Nick Feels Things...Like, Deeply

Not Dead Yet!: Gastineau Girls

Tay, this is for know you love them!

Brit and Lisa Gastineau have watched their limelight fade since the demise of their reality show which was totally boring and highly addictive. The best part of these photos are all the photographers standing behind her. They obviously cleared the way for Lisa to walk through and are in no way interested in snapping her pic.

Expect to see her hit airwaves again asap. Or maybe move to Coto for season 2 of Real Housewives?

WTF: Teri Hatcher

"I think the Botox is working!"

Please tell me what sad soul would read a novel by and about Teri Hatcher's depressing life? I know, Star Jones???

So Happy Together

Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon, and Deacon Phillipe spent the day on the beach in Malibu. Ryan looks pretty pissed about the photogs snapping away their happy family day. I'm guessing daughter Ava is off at school?

Reese looks cute even at the beach, but not nearly as cute as her boys!

Get Me A Tee

But mine should say "Tom Cruise is here. Hide your children! He might marry and impregnate them!"

Or maybe just "Scientologists are here. Hide your E.T. dolls!"

Dunzo: Jessica Simpson and CaCee Corn Cobb

I wasn't sure what was going on with these two, but here's the scoop: after more than two years as Jessica Simpson's personal assistant, CaCee Corn Cobb has quit. Last Sunday Corn Cobb and Jess celebrated CaCee's last day on the job with friends at Arnie Morton's Steakhouse in L.A. Jessica reportedly was emotional and toasted Cobb, saying "You are my best friend. I will be your best friend forever." Simpson's rep confirms the professional parting of ways to Us, "It's true. They remain close."

Last week, Cobb met up with Nick Lachey at Shag in L.A. This wasn't the first time she's been out partying with him, but Jessica still loves her old Corn Cobb so I guess it's all good.

While I would much rather be a personal assistant to Brit Brit, I'm pretty upset with her today so I will take this job opportunity and run with it. Call me Jess!

Where in the World is LiLo?

It's finally here! The big premiere of Just My Luck was in L.A. last night and here's LiLo looking intense! Can't wait to see her and Bree Turner on screen together!

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Bree:

On Working with Lindsay Lohan: "Pretty nuts, just with all the people and the paparazzi. It's pretty insane but she handles it so well. She really does. She's very gracious about it."
On Lohan's Ability to Detect the Paparazzi: "Oh my God. I've never been in that situation before, just like walking down the street with someone that famous. And it was like I was so clueless. I had no idea. She was like, 'There's a guy over there, there's a guy over there, there's a guy over there.' I was like, 'Geez girl!' I guess you hone your skills after time."


It's official: Britney Spears is going to have a baby. After months of speculation about the size and shape of her abdomen, the pop star confirmed to David Letterman Tuesday that she is expecting her second child with her loser husband, KFed. Brit Brit made a surprise Late Night appearance to break the news. "Don't worry Dave, it's not yours," she said.

I'm jumping out my window now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hot Couple of the Minute: Jessica Simpson & Co-Star

DON reader Smallison says her bff Sheila was in Palm Springs for her sisters' bachlorette party this past weekend and, while laying out by the pool, spotted a certain starlet. About 4 feet away from them was Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook, her co-star in the upcoming Employee of the Month, and they were totally making out! I'm waiting for more details, but she was positive it was them.

Who's Fatter?

Here is a new pic of Posh Spice alongside a pic of NicRic from December or January. I do believe NicRic has gained a little weight since then, but not much.

In looking for photos, I came across an old photo of NicRic and LiLo out together being rex. Much like it shocks me to see how great Brit Brit used to look, I'm amazed at how unhealthy LiLo actually was for awhile there.

More Nanny Diaries

Here's some more photos of Scarlett Johansson filming The Nanny Diaries in New York. I don't get why she has such a gross wardrobe for this movie. She could not look any frumpier.

I swear the news on Jessica is forthcoming, I'm just getting more details from the involves her new man!


SPF and mommy Brit Brit go shopping in NYC. OK, I have to say that SPF is turning out to be one adorable child. I feel bad for his other kids. Not only are they not so cute, but they are illegitimate. They will so resent their baby half-bro.

Below is a pic of Jessica Simpson trying to put her dog Daisy on the Xray at LAX airport. Security informed her that she is an idiot and could carry her dog through.

Hot Jessica Simpson gossip coming in...will post soon.

SF Readers: Walk-a-dog-a-thon

Warm up for Bay to Breakers at the second annual Walk-a-dog-a-thon, taking place on Saturday, May 20, 2006 and benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Walkers with dogs will follow a 4-mile walk in the Presidio, from the Sports Basement store to Fort Point, along Crissy Field, and the Marina Green. An after-walk party will take place at Sports Basement, with vendors, food, music, games, a silent auction, and raffle prizes. There will be a pet photographer at the after party, and professionals to dog-sit your pooch while you shop at the Sports Basement store (where you can get sports and camping equipment and clothes at big discounts). If you know someone who wants to walk, but doesn't have a dog, there will be adoptable dogs available to take on the walk (and maybe to take into your heart).

Where: Sports Basement in the Presidio (across from Crissy Field); meet in the loading dock area at the back of the building

When: Saturday, May 20, 2006,
9 am: Registration opens
10 am: Walk begins
Noon - 3 pm: After walk party

All walkers donating $25 or more will receive a special goodie bag, a t-shirt, dog bandana, and photograph.

Spread the word and the love--Doggies Rule!

Star's Fading Fast

Here's a nice family photo of Star Jones and her super-heterosexual husband, Big Gay Al, at 5th Annual Grand Gala in Kentucky last Saturday. In addition to having the worst dressed gay for a spouse, Star is reportedly getting the boot from her longtime job on The View.

The people have spoken and the people hate the evil beast!

Dead or Alive?

Ok, sometimes NicRic looks super cute albeit on the brink of death, and sometimes she just looks like a granny. This is her going to meet with her stylist Rachel Zoe. She actually pays for these looks to be chosen for her. Or maybe she ran out of assembled ensembles and this is what she would put together on her own.

Either way...yikes.

Yeah Friggin Right!

Jake Gyllenhaal is dating Gretchen Bleiler, according to US Weekly. The pair have recently become serious and Gretchen, 25, is moving from her home in Snowmass Village, Colorado to L.A. to be near him. Gretchen is an Olympic snowboarder, so it makes perfect sense for her to live in L.A.

This is the most ridiculous story I've ever heard! Much more likely that they are both gay and using each other for financial gain. Congrats!


Jessica Alba struts her stuff in Beverly Hills, minus boyfriend Cash Warren. At the Alma Awards this past weekend, she picked up an award for her role in Sin City. I think this is one of the only outfits I've seen her wear that is truly hideous. She must be having a bad day.

Can somebody end the leggings craze already?

Hot Hot Hot

Beyonce and long-time boyfriend Jay-Z stroll down the street in Miami. They are in town to see Jay's basketball team play.

Brit Brit Dresses Up

Britney Spears got her hygiene on and headed out in New York in promotion and celebration of her perfumes. I'm guessing she isn't preggy, although this dress doesn't do much to dispel that rumor. She looks great for her though.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Making out with her rumored new bf, James Burke. The British model/musician (nice combo) is best known for dating Kate Moss back in January. Pics surfaced recently of the two making out in a nightclub, so I guess they figured why not make things more public.

All I can say is Aaron Carter, Wilmer Valderamma, Talan from Laguna Beach, and now this guy? Come on Lindsay, you can do better than this!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Brit Brit's Exercise

Britney took little SPF and a friend for a walk over the weekend in what I assume is a pool coverup. She is so southern. Naked baby (plus diaper), white platform flops, and a $5 dress. Keepin' it real.

Jude Law and his on-again off-again girlfriend Sienna Miller ate at Nobu together on Saturday night. Jude, realizing that Sienna has been seen making out with Hayden Christiansen, assumed she must now be into gay men and wore this charming ensemble. The rainbow beanie, see-through long-sleeved t-shirt exposing nipples, and silk scarf were the gayest thing he could think of wearing.

Trying to allude photogs, Jude and Sienna entered and left the restaurant at different times and Sienna rode with her head ducked down in the the backseat of Jude's car.

Not Quite the Gentleman

Adam Brody, on seeing his on-screen sex scene with Meg Ryan in the upcoming flick 'In the Land of Women':

"I saw it and covered my eyes - I don't want to see myself doing that! It's not graphic but I grossed myself out."

LOL! Yes, Meg Ryan is old and gross looking after way too much plastic surgery, but, dude, think before you open your mouth to the press!

Brody is also working behind the scenes as a co-producer on the remake of cult classic 'Revenge Of The Nerds'.

Baby Ruth!

Where in the World is LiLo?

Back in NYC and doing promotional work for both "A Prarie Home Companion" and "Just My Luck." On the Today Show, Matt Lauer tried to grill our little Lindsay about her problems and party-girl ways. Lilo just waved him off, saying "I work harder than most of my friends' parents."

Brazen, isn't she?

Ew! Ew! Ew!

Katie Holmes is let out in public, only when securely attached to Tom Cruise's hand, and only to flaunt her nursing bra to further the belief that they really had a child together. She is looking as gorgeous as ever--truly stunning.

Is Anything Uglier?

Is it possible J.Lo married her troll simply to make herself look prettier? The answer is of course yes.

Baby Shower, Again

Christina Aguilera attends Gwen Stefani's millionth baby shower along with her nurse, or maybe CaCee Corn Cobb.

Brit Brit's Working It!

Britney Spears will grace the cover of Elle Magazine for the 4th time next month. She's back, y'all!

LOL: CMM reported that lothario Chad Michael Murray was prohibited from attending teenage fiancee Kenzie Dalton's high school prom because of his age. School policy requires dates to be 20 yrs old or younger. Kenzie attended prom solo and then went back to an after-prom bash hosted by CMM, where he presented her with a new Mercedes-Benz.

Babies, Babies, Babies

Adam Sandler announcing the birth of his first child on his website, which read, "Adam Sandler and wife Jackie welcoming their first child together, according to a posting on the actor's Website, which read: "Sandler had a kid!! Kid is healthy!! Wife is healthy!! He's still a moron, and that's all that counts!!!"

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and wife Lisa had their second child together, a girl named Ava Lorenn.

Jon Favreau and wife Joya Tillem expecting their third child together.

Slutty Duo

Jessica Simpson debuted her new reddish hair at the Alma Awards, which were also attended by a Las Vegas hooker...I mean, Eva Longoria.

UPDATE: Apparently the red hair is a wig from her new collection of hair pieces. "It's a wig!," she said on the red carpet. "I put eyeshadow on the blonde to hide it."

Wedding Bells: Tori & Dean

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were married Sunday on a private tropical island in Fiji, per People. The non-denominational ceremony was attended only by the bride and groom, both barefoot and wearing white. Tori's divorce was finalized last month.

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