Friday, March 17, 2006

2 Hours Until Lunch...

...get me a pint of green beer!

I Walked the Line

The first wife of Johnny Cash, who's daughters expressed contempt for the film which portrayed Johnny and June as a true love story, has penned a book called "I Walked the Line," and the book will be published next year. "Walk the Line," the famous Johnny Cash song, was written about Vivian, wife #1.

The book, due out Valentine's Day 2007, is based on thousands of letters exchanged between the couple from when Johnny was in the Air Force before they were married. The messages reveal the true Cash, before he was clouded by drugs and alcohol addiction.

The couples daughter, Kathy Cash, said that before Vivian's death, she went to Johnny to tell him about her book idea. She explained she still needed closure as she never got over Johnny or how he left her. He gave her his blessing.

Tre sad! Poor woman.

Maddox is Still a Pimp

I'm telling you, Maddox is the hottest Cambodian orphan ever! Angelina and kids (Maddy, Zahara, and fetus) arrive in Italy where the wedding is supposed to take place this weekend. Brad is reportedly still in France.

Happy St. Patty's to Ya!

Colin Farrell goes for a stroll with his 2 year old son James in New York. After the walk, the relaxed with bottles filled with Bailey's.

Dunzo?: Carmen and Dave

Rumors abound that Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro are heading for a separation. Her rep denies the split, Dave's response was that the truth is they are apart alot and it really sucks. Who knows what that means?

Another possible split is Paris and Stavros who have not been photographed together in quite some time. Paris has been seen out and about with ex-fiance Paris Latsis recently.

Bump Watch: Brit Brit

For those of you who still refuse to believe, check on it. That belly button screams SPF the sequel. Britney is back in L.A. and shopping. Laura Lynne, her beloved cousin, totes around her baby for her.

News in a Flash

This movie sounds fantastic and totally original, right? Ne-Yo (who sings the awesome "So Sick") to star in Stompin', a film about a guy who enrolls in an Atlanta black university and uses his tough street style dance moves to win a national step competition. How fresh.

Wild rumors that Brad and Angie are set to wed in Lake Como, Italy this weekend. Jennifer Aniston has been put on suicide watch.

Shaq and his wife are pregnant with their fourth child, a girl.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bump Watch: Gwen Stefani

Gwen and Gavin took in a tennis match, which has become Gavin's favorite sport. Word on the web is that Gwen is in talks with Jane Pratt (aka founder of Jane magazine) to create her own lifestyle mag. I think Gwen is cool and all, but I can only imagine what kind of weird harajuku stuff she would fill her mag with...

Preggo or No?

Poor Brit Brit

Britney had to go to the hospital yesterday after stepping on a needle with her bare feet. I really don't understand her aversion to shoes. I mean, I wear flip flops all the time, but at least I've got something on my feet!

WTF: Tori Spelling's Ho

Obviously, this pic is from Perez, but I seriously can't believe somebody would have this tattooed on their arm. Is he bananas???? I guess he'll do anything for the pot of gold she has coming to her.

Do You Believe in Angels?

I know this isn't gossip, but I wanted to write about it anyways:

I'm dog obsessed in a crazy way. Ever since my dog Maggie, a Kerry Blue Terrier which is a rare breed that I never see around, passed away two years ago, I've had these very real dreams about her whenever something is stressing me out that always end with me waking up in tears. This entire week I've woken up from this same dream four times in a row. This morning I decided that maybe I needed a walk and to see some dogs in the park to make me feel better. When I got there, there were no dogs in sight. I did a few laps and then decided to sit on the ground and wait awhile. Then I felt something on my neck and turned around to see a Kerry Blue Terrier looking back at me. His owner came running up to me asking if I was ok because he said I looked absolutely terrified or in shock when I saw his dog. I can hardly believe the one dog I saw this morning when all I had on my mind was missing my dog looked just like Maggie...I swear some things are too spooky to not be a plan.

That said, here are the two breeds of dog that I just can't decide between. I know they are pretty similiar, the biggest difference is really the ears. Any votes?

LB News: The Hills

LC is gearing up for her big debut as a solo reality tv star with MTV's The Hills. She's a busy little intern, delivering dresses and putting together invitations, but life is all peaches when you have Jason and Lo by your side.

Who's Hotter?

Me or Me? Jessica Alba poses for some rocking pics for FHM Magazine.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Baby on Board: Jack Black & New Wife

Jack Black and brand new wife Tanya Hayden are expecting their first child. Ew, who would have sex with Jack Black??

Divorce Court: Shannon Elizabeth & Ex

Shannon Elizabeth and Joseph Reitman are currently separated, but
he is now after the money. He is suing her for half of all of her earnings, property, investments, and assets she earned in the five years they lived together before getting married. He argues that when they moved in together they made a deal to split everything 50/50. He claims it was his help that made her become a successful actress. I'm guessing in the past year of their separation, he's realized being an out of work actor without an attractive, working wife can kind of suck.

A True Milestone

Fugly Stewart has hit a major milestone. I finally say that she is indeed uglier than Kelly Osbourne. She wins a mirror, which I'm sure will shatter upon her looking into it.

Rocco's a Babe

That little Rocco may give Deacon a run for his money...

Bump Watch: Angelina

This photo scares me. First of all, she looks like an Ethiopian infant. I know that wasn't PC, but look at her arms! She continues to dress in the most boring colors on earth and continues to fly a plane even though I'm thinking she shouldn't be traveling.

So let's vote: will their baby be a supermodel or the next Marc Anthony?

Baby on Board: Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli

Jennie Garth and her hubby Peter Facinelli are expecting their third child. They have two daughters named Lola and Luca, which I think sound like small, white dog names. I know I'm the only one who watches What I Like About You, but I'm guessing this means she will be preggo on the show with her new on-screen husband Dan Cortese.

Speaking of Dan, I have two stories involving him: 1) Once I went to a restaurant in Malibu to pick up a gift certificate for a friend. When I left Dan pulled up and asked me if he could park his car. I give him a WTF look and he looked really embarrassed. He thought I was a valet. 2) I was behind him at the grocery store and the checker asked for ID since he was buying beer. He laughed and said, "Hey, I'm an actor. Anytime somebody thinks I look that young is a good thing."

And so goes my adventures of Dan Cortese.

PV: Adriana Lima

Color me surprised--Victoria's Secret model and sex symbol to men everywhere has revealed that she is a member of the Proud Virgin club. Adriana Lima revealed to GQ that, "Sex is for after marriage. [Men] have to respect that this is my choice."

This brings me to another point I wanted to wonder aloud about. I really like 8th & Ocean even though, like Laguna Beach, it can be too slow but too short at the same time. Last night I watched as Britt attended Models for Christ or some such club. I can hardly believe that a home-schooled, church-going, midwestern teen would be shipped off by her parents to live with a bunch of anorexica fame hunters. That makes about as much sense as Star Jones' "natural" weight loss.

News in a Flash

Will Ferrell is not dead! Rumors spread that he had died in a freak accident but his rep assures that he is alive and well.

Kanye West set to produce and star in a movie based on his music ala Eminem and 50 Cent. God help us.

Harrison Ford revealing that filming for Indiana Jones IV will soon begin now that he and Steven Spielberg have agreed on a script.

Benicio Del Toro signing on to play the lead in the horror remake of The Wolf Man. Now there's a stretch.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jessica and Her New CaCee

I swear, something is amiss when CaCee can bear to be away from Jessica for this long. Her and her gay shop yet again and she chooses not to do his job and brush her hair. Also, I can't believe it is so cold in L.A. as to require this much clothing, but whatever.

Off the Market: Jack Black & Random GF

Jack Black has eloped with current girlfriend Tanya Hayden. The pair recently started dating but have known each other since they attended the same high school in Santa Monica. Tanya is a musician who used to be in a band with her other two sisters (she is a triplet) but now is a solo artist.

Off the Market: Nicolette and Michael Bolton

According to People Magazine, Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are now engaged. They have been dating for a few months since the breakup of Nicolette's previous engagement, but dated for awhile years ago. Nothing like taking in slow in Hollywood.

Girls, try to understand, Michael is no longer your potential match.

Aww...Sort Of

Travis Barker looks sort of stoned as he poses with his 3 month old daughter Alabama for OK! Magazine. Naturally, Atiana was not invited to the shoot.

Who's That Lady?

It's Kelly Osbourne! Holy cow she looks pretty good, no? She was at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame celebration last night.

News in a Flash

Miles Davis' nephew telling reporters that Don Cheadle is in talks to play the famous jazz man in an upcoming biopic.

The film version of popular 80's tv show Dallas in the works, with John Travolta in the lead for playing "J.R.," J.Lo as "Sue Ellen Ewing," Owen Wilson as "Bobby Ewing," and Shirley MacLaine as "Ellie Ewing."

Ice Cube to star in the big screen version of Welcome Back, Kotter.

P.Diddy signing on to executive produce the latest celeb-reality show, Celebrity Cooking Showdown.

"Chef" Issac Hayes asking to be released from his long-standing gig with South Park because he has taken offense with the shows most recent topics, especially religious overtones.

Monday, March 13, 2006

LOL: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton denies the rumors that she is getting plastic surgery. She has been seen frequenting a L.A. plastic surgery center, but dismisses the rumors. She also claimed that she once asked her dad for boobs and he said it would "cheapen her image." LOL! She says he was right and all her friends with fake boobs look "deformed." Nice.

She's right, fake boobs would destroy her nice, intelligent image we all have of her.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Hayden and Sienna

Rumors have abounded but now there are a number of photos circulating showing Gayden and Sienna smooching in a car in Toronto. You know she's the type of dirty girl who loves hooking up in a car--I'm sure Jude made her role play that she was a hooker that he picked up on the street corner.


Jake strolls down the beach in Malibu, carrying his puggle Boo Radley after he gets a little tuckered out from trying to keep up with his German Shepherd Atticus.

WTF: Big Love

After a fantastic episode of "Sopranos", my Sunday afternoon team tried to enjoy the premiere of HBO's newest creation "Big Love." I'm going to have to give this two thumbs down. It was beyond weird. Obviously any show trying to tackle polygamy is abnormal, but this was above and beyond.

Chloe dresses like this all the time, except usually she sports a french braid that belongs in 1988. And the entire cast is annoying with the exception of "Boss Mom." Anyways, this show blows.

Dunzo: Charlize and Stuart

Charlize Theron is rumored to have broken things off with long time boyfriend Stuart Townsend. He has been notably absent from a number of recent events, including the Oscars and her recent movie premieres. No comment from their reps.

News in a Flash

Alicia Silverstone signing on to play the lead in a new TV show dubbed "Pink Collar" about romance in the work place.

Young Jeezy arrested for carrying an unregistered firearm in South Beach.

Jennifer Aniston following the lead of Nick Lachey in asking people to stop feeling sorry for her. She says she is "so tired of being part of this sick, twisted Bermuda Triangle."

Russell Crowe and his wife expecting another boy.

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