Wednesday, March 01, 2006

D.O.N. Down

Toothy Tile and I are off to L.A. to enjoy the pre-Oscar madness and primo celeb sightings! I'm hitting up some cool clubs thanks to hookups from Rena and L.A. Desk Dee Dee and will be sure and report back all the madness come Monday.

High Fives,

Dear D.O.N.

Whorey asks, "Hey, can you give me the background on Dr. McSteamy?"

Of course. Here is your report on Eric Dane:

Eric is from right here (San Francisco). He is married to actress Rebecca Gayheart. He was on Charmed for awhile as "Jason Dean" and has been acting since a stint on Wonder Years. You can see him next on X-Men 3.

Send all further inquiries my way.

Upcoming Desperate Housewives

I haven't watched this show in weeks because I find the writing has started to suck a little, but I just looked over the casting call for the rest of the season and I think things might get a little more interesting on Wisteria Lane. Here's the characters they are looking for:

[PRESLEY BEALE] A shady lawyer in his late 30's - late 40's, he's friendly and well-dressed but a little frayed around the edges.
[MR. BORMANIS] Another more reputable middle-aged lawyer, he's representing aminor in a family crisis.
[RHODA] An upbeat counselor at an adoption agency in her mid 30's - 50.
[RECEPTIONIST] A sarcastic woman in her late 20's - 40, she works at the adoption agency.[NATE MILLER] A man in his 40's - 50's, he runs a 12-step meeting.
[GANGBANGER #1 & 2] In their early-mid 20's and menacing, these two prisoners are serving life sentences for murder.

Ok, what are the two gangbangers for? And I guess Gabrielle is going to adopt and Bree is going to AA? Who are the attorneys for?

The New Hiltons

Who knew Mothface had such a hot younger sister? Seriously, Penelope can't hold a candle to Monica. They are in Japan acting as spokesmodels for Samantha Thavasa's new line of handbags and jewelry, the same one the Hilton Sisters used to rep for.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Flashing her nips at a GM event last night. Here she is just moments before the flashing, which I am not posting here out of respect for a nudie teen idol, but which you can find on any other site. Her makeup looks buttug, but I'm still happy to see her out and about.

News in a Flash

Courtney Cox returning to TV to star as a tabloid editor in the FX comedy Dirt.

Nick Lachey granting Teen People an interview where he says not to "feel sorry for him" because he has a great life. It's hard not to feel sorry for somebody who is a 30-something man who grants interviews to Teen People, but we can try.

Sophia Bush seeking to annul her five month marriage to co-star Chad Michael Murray sighting fraud as the reason.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton filming The Simple Life in L.A. where they move in with different ethnic families. Nicole is playing a pregnant women with this family. That is the most unrealistic fake bump since Katie Holmes.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Witches Heart Corona

Emma Watson, 15, of Harry Potter fame, uses her magical powers to get into bars in London. It's never to early to start, my love.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Hooking it with Wilmer Valderrama so it seems. The New York Post reports that she was seen heading back to his hotel room with him at 5:30 in the morning after partying at Lotus all night. US Weekly has purchased the photos and should be coming to you soon.

Haylie Ruff & Hilary Duff

I honestly think Haylie Duff maybe be getting less attractive with age. Maybe it's a family thing, because I could say the same about my beloved little Hilary. How sad to have a younger sister that is way cuter and more successful than you. At least she gets to keep her Ice Breakers leather jacket, though right?

J'aime Paris!

Here's me partying in Paris. Europe is fun when you are rich and beautiful.

Not So Simple Life

Paris and Nicole have begun filming the latest (and hopefully last) installment of Simple Life in L.A. They both brought there dogs to the shoot and they neither spoke nor even looked at each other. My how the years have changed them. I'm just glad to see that Nicole is no longer putting hair extensions on her dog.

Dunzo: Kristin & Brody

Yes, it's official. Kristin Cavalleri and Brody Jenner have split after 5 months of happiness. They met at a Stuff magazine party when Talan introduced them and were together three days later.

Source: Teen People

Monday, February 27, 2006

WTF Moment of the Day

No. Just, no.

Hiking in the 'Bu

Kevin Federline leads a group of pot-smoking poseurs on a hike through the Malibu hills. He's hoping to start a new program called "Getting Hip with KFed." The long denim shorts and cornrow comb are included when you purchase the DVD which will sell on QVC next month.

Walking & Talking with Toothy Tile

Austin: Thanks for letting me, um, crash at your place while my floral wallpaper is being installed.
Jake: I knew you'd come around. They all do. Except Kirsten...I really thought she'd go for the tranny op idea after awhile. I mean, have you seen girlfriend's look lately? She'd be such a cute boy.
Austin: Hee, hee. I thought she WAS a boy! Maybe I can hook her up with Sophia?

Nick's Supposed GF

Please don't let this piece of plastic be his girlfriend. Lizzie Arnold has publicly denied she and Nick are an item, but admits they are good friends and doesn't know if things could/will progress once his divorce is settled.

Try not to topple over with those things, now.

News in a Flash

George Michael arrested while sleeping in his car outside a park. At the time of arrest he was in possession of Class C drugs, which would be pot, prescription painkillers, or something else not so major.

Drew Lachey winning Dancing with the Stars II. He is now officially gay.

Mariah Carey taking another stab at box office glory playing a waitress in the indie flick Tennessee.

Sheryl Crow recovering from breast cancer surgery. Her tour is postponed as she begins radiation therapy.

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