Friday, February 24, 2006

That Judge is Crazy!

Tracy Morgan aka Brian Fellows has been sentenced to three years probation after receiving a DUI in December. He was out clubbing. With some seals.

Brit Brit on TV

Here's a photo of Britney on the soon to air episode of Will and Grace. She looks so good with long hair, her and Jessica need to have patience with their extensions and leave them in!

Hot Couple of the Minute: Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal

Looks like these two are back on again after a 9-month separation. Natalie spent time with her Mexican cutie at the Berlin International Film Festival recently.

Other news, I just had my 10,000th page view! Small victory, and 1/2 of those are probably Mac & Dak, but thanks to all my readers!!

Boobies, For Real

Years ago I was adamant on my stand during the debate of Britney's boobs that they were 100% real and just got bigger with age (hey, it happens to some of us). For all of you who didn't believe me, check out this photo of Brit Brit in Maui yesterday and tell me you still think she has implants.

Where in the World is LiLo?

In NY still filming. Here she is leaving Nobu last night. Most recently, it was rumored that she hooked up with snowboarding phenom Shaun White at Bungalow 8. Little Lilo can't even talk to a boy without hooking it, can she?

G-D! I'm Beautiful.

Here's me at the Dolce & Gabbana runway in Milan yesterday. Stupid J.Lo was there...I considered throwing paint at her, but she actually looked nice and her gremlin wasn't with her, so I refrained.

Knightley Bags Mr. Wickham

Keira Knightley has a new bf, her Pride and Prejudice co-star Rupert Friend. The two are currently vacationing in the Bahamas before Keira's big Oscar night. No word as to whether he will attend as her date.

And hot pants, Rupert!

Photo: People Mag

Thursday, February 23, 2006

More LB News

According to two various sources, Kristin Cavalleri and Brody Jenner are dunzo! He has reportedly been seen out and about on the party scene solo and has removed her photos and link as a friend on his MySpace account--probably the worst burn a 19 yr. old could muster. Does Kristin even know what being dumped feels like? I say she moves on anyways. It's about time Wilmer traumatized another teen starlet.

Talking about Brit Brit

Ok, as much as I adore her, I can't help but start to believe that our Britney may be pregnant again. The fact that she has been pictured wearing a one-piece (soooo not Britney), was recently rushed to the hospital for ("stomach cramps"), and is taking a really long (by Hollywood standards) time to get back in shape all make me really wonder what is going on.

Meanwhile photos of KFed hanging out with some French chick keep surfacing and I can't help but find it strange that a kept man wouldn't accompany his wife and family on a trip to Hawaii?


And here is a pic of the house in Maui that she is supposedly looking to rent until she is finished recording her new album, set to drop in late Fall 2006. Once and only once Britney has eluded me in Hawaii...when I visit the Maui Desk, I expect full on stalkarazzi and pics of me ugly crying next to her.

Meet Your Maid

Yeah right, like Shanna Moakler has ever lifted a manicured finger in her life! If you've seen Meet the Barkers you know that her favorite hobby is laying in bed and her second favorite is pretending her daughter doesn't exist.

When D List Meets D List

It's love! Just kidding. Laguna Beach star Jessica and Cyrus from The Real World hang out and take shots at some bar. After reading this and that Mallory and some girl from Surf Chicks live together, I now believe that MTV is one big clubhouse. Once you are in you must befriend all other MTV reality TV whores.

Seriously, it's time for you to move over to VH1 Cyrus!

Where in the World is LiLo?

According to Page Six, "On Monday night, Lohan and Rhys Meyers pulled up to the Spotted Pig in a black SUV and, spies say, 'were escorted into the draped- off VIP room alone for some privacy . . . They were alone, and left in the car together'."

Now, from what I gather, Jonathan Rhy Meyers would rather hook-up with Toothy Tile than LiLo, but what do I know? I think him and Hayden Christiansen would make a handsome pair.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Realiwhores

Soon to be Mrs. Brady Adrianne Curry has miraculously snagged the cover of Playboy. She won the first ever ANTM and went on to play house in The Surreal Life, where she basically pranced around naked the entire time. This is nothing I'd ever want to see (although I have to admit it's a cool cover photo) and I find it hard to believe any guys are into it. Other than old pervs like Peter Brady, that is.

In the interview, she says how her role models like "Jaime Pressly" have done Playboy so she wanted to. Jaime Pressly is your role model?!?! LOL!!

Send this chick to Flava of Love because you know she'd beat down Hottie and take the title!

Pick a Team

McDreamy or McSteamy?

Fat Camp

If you are like me, you'll watch almost anything that MTV airs, with the exception of Date My Mom and Room Raiders.

Last week I fell asleep with the TV on and woke up to the wonders of their newest documentary Fat Camp. And then I couldn't go back to sleep because it was too much fun to watch.

I'm sorry, but kids at camp is a goldmine. I love the drama of it all and how slutty they are! And make them fat and the humor is just built right in.

My love FourFour has gloriously recapped the star power that was Dianne, a home-schooled, lethargic 14 year old fatty who everybody, even the fat kids, picked on. She's somebody you'll love to hate.

Mallory Grows Up

Mallory Snyder from The Real World: Paris has graduated from MTV challenges and dating co-star Ace to a full-time model and Sports Illustrated bikini babe. Dropping out of Iowa State, the Chicago native now lives in L.A. with another former MTV reality chick, from the short lived show Surf Girls.

Thanks, Em!

Jay Rocks My World

Besides being hot as anything, Jay Hernandez and his super cute puppy Donner posed for PeTA's Fur Is Dead campaign to counteract all the disgusting fur trim being added to clothing. The ad reads "The only difference between your "best friend" and animals killed for their fur is how we treat them. All animals feel pain and suffer. Please don't wear any fur." So true.

I'm prepping myself for the painful transition to vegetarian for Lent. I did this last year and felt horrible the entire time, tired and grumpy. Then I found out it was because I had mono. Hope it goes more smoothly this year! If you've got a great veggie recipie, PLEASE let me know.

Hotter then or Now?

Angelina looks so happy in her JCPenny promwear ads. Now she looks so dark and angry all the time. At least she has stopped wearing black and opted for...grey.

With all the Hollywood pregnancies right now (Katie, Gwen, Gwenyth), I can't wait for ten years from now when they are out terrorizing the club scene. Babies are SO the new pink.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Zach and Mandy are Not Engaged

Finally Zach Braff has updated his Garden State blog and is as nerdy and hilarious as ever. He corrects the rumor that he is engaged. Here is an excerpt that I found especially funny:

"I am not engaged. But I am dating a very lovely lady. (read rags for fun if you must, but please don't believe what you read)
I am not part tiger. (one photographer got a shot of my tail and things got blown out of proportion.)
I do love Life Cereal. (this one's true. Man it's good; either flavor.)
I am going to be Vesper Lind (the new Bond love interest). After the success of certain films this year, they have decided to "shake things up" this time around. And so Bond will be gay. I play Vesper Lind, a German spy who loves trip-hop and raves. I assassinate my victims by forcing them to drink the fluid inside of glow-sticks. James and I meet when our hands accidentally touch during a "Licensed to Kill" seminar in Dusseldorf. We were both reaching for an "Ain't Misbehavin" CD that kills an enemy after he/she listens to the Act One curtain closer. Not very effective as a means of assassination since the target would have to make it through some really mediocre numbers in the first act, and like I said, it only works on "he/she's" which aren't very common in the spy business outside of Thailand. Can't say much more it's all very hush-hush...
That's it for now. Peace and love my friends. Be good to one another and try not to shoot each other in the face."

Oh, that silly Zach! He also says he may be directing his second film this summer but isn't sure yet. He doesn't know if Scrubs will be back next season, but says they are having a lot of fun finishing filming this season. He goes on to talk about some L.A. news reporter with a last name he finds funny that he likes to Tivo and giggle when he hears her name, even though he's 30 and thinks it's inappropriate. Ah, to be a ridiculous but beloved celeb...

Source: Garden State Blog

McGosling Love

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's love burns bright. Here they are at the BAFTA awards looking fantastic. It's nice to see him shaven again, although I think I'd prefer a little scruff. And she is just meant to be a blonde. I heart them so.

Brit Brit on Vacay!

Britney Spears vacations in Hawaii with little SPF and no sign of Kevin. She's still got a long way to go to reach her pre-baby bod, but I know she has it in her. Look at her aqua aerobic jogging!

And, it does seem odd that she isn't in a two piece. She loves showing her belly...wonder if those rumors of another pregnancy could be true? It would explain why she hasn't been working hard to shed the pounds.

Maui Desk, what say you?? Any sightings?

Toothy Tile is a Godfather!

Jake Gyllenhaal has been named the Godfather of Matilda, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams' baby girl. I'm sure he'll be great at helping her pick just the right shade of pink polish and how to work a camera. Congrats!

Where in the World is LiLo?

Shopping in SoHo as per usual. She's still in NY filming with maybe boyfriend Jared Leto. I'd love for somebody to explain this leggings fad to me and when it will end. The last thing we want is for Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe to start carrying $7.99 leggings that anybody of any size could buy and wear, thinking they are Lilo or Mischa. I smell danger...

Doing a Little Better

Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank spent some time together walking the streets of Malibu. They are recently separated but determined to work on saving their nine year marriage. Let's hope this one can make it.

Nick Wants His Sugar Mama

Nick Lachey has further proved he's a big pussy by asking for spousal support from Jessica Simpson. The biggest issue currently on the table is the date of separation. Jessica claims it was November 23, when she made the announcement to the media. Nick claims it was December 13. Rumors have long be swirling that Nick and Jessica separated months before and had a verbal agreement to wait until the December release of the last season of Newlyweds before announcing the split. Word was Jessica was furious that Nick chose to spend Thanksgiving in Ohio instead of with her, which would have hurt their promoted image that nothing was wrong. What this all means is that Jessica made over $1 million between November 24th and December 13th that she doesn't want Nick to touch but he would like a cut of.

So much for the fairytale romance, huh?

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