Friday, February 17, 2006

Ok, One More Pic...

Deacon Phillipe is the next Brad Pitt--count on it!

D.O.N. Down

D.O.N. is off to Arizona this afternoon so the site will be down today and also Monday, because even computer geeks need a holiday! I leave you with this super hetero pic from Dlisted of Steve Urkel looking mighty fine if he were Grace Jones. Happy long weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brit Awards

Brandon Davis, Paris Hilton and a bunch of drugged out entourage enjoyed themselves at the Brit awards last night. Can somebody explain to me why any of them were there to begin with? And has Paris possibly split from Stavros? I need answers!

Matthew Fox in a Guido Tuxedo

No matter what he wears, Matthew Fox is hot! He is fantastic on Lost--so much better than he was as the depressing, cryaholic on Party of Five.

If he were a dog, he'd for sure be a chocolate lab.

Brit Brit Loves Her Some People Mag

Brit Brit is featured in the new People magazine and I can't wait to read this on the plane! Um, yeah right her arms are that skinny! But she is looking more and more like her mama everyday. Let the comeback begin!

Source: Dlisted

Where is the World is LiLo?

Looking smoking hot in her new spread for Allure's March issue. (Allure?? Who even reads that?) She's really growing up, our little Lilo. The top photo makes me think of another star on the rise, albeit much less shiny than our precious Lilo.

News in a Flash

Madonna recovering from hernia trouble. Maybe she should lay off the leotard gyrations, huh?

Paul Rudd set to join the cast of Reno: 911! The cast is off to Miami for a police convention when they are struck by a bio-attack. Hot!

Paris Hilton hit by bags of flour in a PeTA protest during London Fashion Week. Paris walked the catwalk for Julien Macdonald's show, a designer known for his penchant for carcassy clothing. Ha ha!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

David Hasselhoff is en Fuego!

David Hasselhoff is a spokeswhore for Pepsi and, apparently, It's no wonder Euros love his ass!

How Celebs Spent Valentine's Day

Denise Richards got coffee in Malibu, while Christina Aguilera picked up some Valentine's cookies, and Brit Brit hit Fred Segal to find a gift for KFed. And maybe a bra for herself, we can hope?

News in a Flash

MTV greenlighting three new reality shows: Two-A-Days about an incredibly successful high school football team in Alabama, MTV Juvies about first time juvenile offenders in Indiana, and Tiara Girls about beauty pageant contestants prepping for competition.

Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl both confirming rumors that one of the interns on Grey's Anatomy is leaving the show. I'm guessing it's Christina...

The Boston Herald reports that Christy Swanson has been carrying on an affair with her Skating with Celebrities partner Lloyd Eisler. Lloyd's wife confirmed the story, saying that Christy sent her a steamy email (LOL!) sent from her husband to Christy. The Eislers have two children aged 19 months and 7 weeks, and separated on November 30th once the news came about. Christy Boner strikes again!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Olsens Lose Some Layers

The Olsen Twins go glam for the new Badgley Mischa ad campaign. They look smokin'! Especially MK! Ashley kind of makes me think of the girl on the Flowers in the Attic book jacket though...

Dunzo: TomKat? Dream on!

Alexa wrote to tell me about a possible breakup between Tom and Katie. Somehow I don't think this is true, especially since I saw photos of her walking around with her scientology posse from just yesterday, but we can all dream, can't we?

The article goes on to say "Tom, 43, and Katie, 27, plan to keep up the
charade of a romance until after their baby's birth this spring. In the meantime, the couple will live in his Beverly Hills home - though sleeping in separate bedrooms - through the summer. Then, presumably, they'll announce a separation - but Tom plans to buy Katie a home nearby so he can visit his child whenever he wishes."

I pretty much only believe things I read in People and E! Online, like any good gossip journalist.

Official camp Tom word via Popbytes, his rep, Paul Bloch exclusively tells Star, "This is totally and 100 percent untrue."

Thanks, Lex!

Happy Valentine's Day!

From our gorgeous hearts, to yours. Sorry I couldn't find a pic of us together to share with you, but know that we are spending a lovely Valentine's day together in Deludedville, USA.

I'm so pretty. And so is bf 2006.

Brit Brit goes to the ER

Britney Spears was off to the emergency room after a bad bout of...stomach cramps?!? Wow those must have been fierce to warrant an ER visit. When I was fourteen I read about curing cramps with the "inverted camel pose" in YM magazine. I posted it at left in case Britney is reading. See how much I can help? Call me!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hilary Plus Joel

Hilary and Joel took in the shows in NY. This is going so well I feel like something is bound to happen. That said, I like them together. They are like the Cashes, but maybe not as cool.

Halle & Hottie

Halle Berry heads out with her new boyfriend who is a Versace model. I love all these Hollywood women dating young guys. Except if they are creepy like Geena Davis.

Brit Brit is Off to Mardi Gras!

Maybe the nip slip at the Grammy's was prep for Britney being a part of the Mardi Gras celebration this year! The Louisiana native is eager to help make the party be big and draw people back to New Orleans.

Jessica's Jeans

This is the third or fourth pic I've found of Jessica wearing these jeans within the last three weeks. If you know you get your pic taken every day, why not change pants this recognizable? Ten points to whoever figures out what brand they are.

And that saying about owners looking like their dogs? Totally...

Daddy plus One

I'm not one to find David Arquette attractive, but he has (for once) cleaned up nicely to spend some time with his daughter Coco Puff. Wonder where the kid got blonde hair from?

Shaun White Dominates the Half Pipe

19 year old Shaun White collected gold for Team USA last night. After a rough start, he came back to win big, doing his big air routine flawlessly. He has been competing as a pro since 13 and is also a professional skateboarder, touring with Tony Hawk. He's also loaded, with three homes and a number of cars. Big pimpin, for sure.

Jake & Austin: A Dialogue

Jake: So, Austin, I'm really glad you finally asked me out.
Austin: Huh. By "asked out," you mean gave you my extra ticket to a basketball game to hang out as two heterosexual chick magnets, right?

Jake: Heterosexual. Hee hee. You're so cute when you act straight.

Austin: Dude, you know I'm dating Sophia Bush. We've talked about this. I'm in no way here on a date with you. You get that right?

Jake: Uhhhh....well, this is a little awkward, huh? I guess we'll just go back to being friends who have an occasional sleepover then?

Austin: I'm going to need you to promise to never bring this up again. In fact, I need it in writing. And my lawyer will want you to sign that, too.

After thoughts...

Jake: Why does this keep happening to me? I hope I still have Seann William Scott's number.
Austin: Why does this keep happening to me? Damn! I'm too hot for my own good.

Austin: So you'll never guess what happened at the game last night?

Sophia: Did Jake try to kiss you? Hee hee, I thought that might happen. He has such a crush on you. How about a three way?

Where in the World is LiLo?

In Berlin at the premiere of her new movie "A Prairie Home Companion" which might be the most boring film name ever. She is looking might thin and mighty goth these days...

Hot Couple of the Minute: Scott Stapp & Jaclyn Nesheiwat

Former frontman for Creed Scott Stapp got married Friday in Miami to 2004 Miss New York Jaclyn Nesheiwat. His seven year old son served as best man.

The day after his wedding, Stapp was arrested at LAX airport for being so drunk that they would not let him board the plane to his honeymoon. Nice.

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