Friday, February 03, 2006

Chandler Bing Back on TV!

Matthew Perry and the horrible Amanda Peet (see her horse face at right) have signed on to star in a new television show title "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." While that is the most awful name for a show ever made, S to the power for 4 promises to be a hilarious look into the behind the scenes of a fictional late night sketch comedy show. Amanda plays Jordan McDeere, the newly appointed president of the network, with Matthew playing a "genius" comedy writer.

Can Somebody Stop This Guy Already?

The aging glam rocker known as Gary Glitter, 61, is set to begin trial in Vietnam for accusations of molesting two girls, aged 10 and 11.

Glitter was previously found guilty of possessing thousands of photos of child pornography in the U.K. where he served two months of a four month sentence. He has been repeatedly accused of sexual assaults on minor fans, both male and female. Once released from jail in 1999, he went to Cambodia, where he was later banned from the country with the reason why not made public. He then moved to Vietnam where he has been in jail awaiting trial for the last two months. They originally had him targeted for the death penalty but have since realized they do not have enough solid evidence. Let's hope he at least gets pistol whipped before he destroys all of Angelina's future children. Sick fuck!

If U Wanna B My Lover, Take Me to This Concert!

The Spice Girls are reuniting for 10-12 concerts next Fall! Sporty, the lead vocalist and token lesbian of the group, has declined to join in the fun. But Ginger Spice is back and will start rehearsing after the birth of her baby in the next month or so.

I'm there!

Sightings from New York

Lizzie texts in from New York that she sees Julia Stiles walking sans entourage around Soho. She says she looks just like she did in Save the Last Dance, earphones on and all. Thin but not too thin.

This is the photo that came up when I googled her. A) Who is this guy? and B) why is there a red scab under her nose? Maybe Nicole can explain it to me.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr

Las Vegas star Nikki Cox and her long-time boyfriend, actor-comic Jay Mohr have gotten engaged. The two will wed next winter. Jay will next be seen on a Superbowl commericial with Jackie Chan. He was the douche bag agent who stole Tom Cruise's clients in Jerry Maguire and Jennifer Aniston's rent-a-boyfriend in Picture Perfect, which sucked, but I still love to watch, especially if I'm hungover and it's on TNT all weekend long.

Congrats and best wishes for months of married bliss!

Fabian is the Best Trash Ever!

Some of you know about how I love to hate Fabian Basabe, the homo from Filthy Rich Cattle Drive and self-proclaimed "male Paris Hilton minus the porn." He thinks he's all that and a bag of chips. So I was ecstatic to come across a new interview with him. He repeatedly talks about how down to earth and normal he is, but then has his friends repeat to the reporter about how he is a reality superstar over and over again. He loves Oprah and Prision Break, two totally gay things! He also says he wants to be a teacher--that's the funniest shit ever! He'd be like, "Ok, kids, today I'm going to teach you how to bitch slap the maid after she doesn't iron your jeans properly. After that, we'll sit in a circle and braid each others hair."

Heather Locklear is a Bitch!

Heather apparently went the route of Jessica Simpson and announced her divorce via publicist without forewarning her husband. In an interview with Sambora an hour after the announcement, ABC News says the actor was totally bewildered by the news, stating "It's completely untrue," adding that he had Valentine's Day plans with his wife. He also said "Heather was just up for our anniversary and that was Dec. 15 … I was home for like two and a half weeks over Christmas, and I have a month off in March, so it's going to be good."

Uh, looks like somebody didn't get the memo!

Beyonce & Jay Z Keep it Real

While we still haven't had confirmation that they are dating, Beyonce and Jay Z have thrown down a pretty penny to buy a Miami mansion together. Still no word on when/if they will marry.

Click here to see photos of their new place.

The Pervy Director, Part II

OMG, it gets even worse/better with the story of the perv director who reportedly tried to solict a cop undercover as a hooker while he was dressed in drag.

Turns out it was the director who was the whore! He thought he was Pretty Woman or something and was walking up and down the street dressed as a bad drag queen. The undercover cop pulled over and the director got in and offered sex for money. SICK, SICK, SICK!

Battle of the Lard: Tonya Harding, Part II

So I am thrilled to report that fattie Tonya Harding has dragged her ass away from the chicken bucket and over to VH1's Celebrity Fit Club. YES!!! I can't wait to see her club or TKO other contestants that try to get in her way. I would only be happier if Brit Brit and Mooriah Carey would sign up.

Sightings from Las Vegas

D.O.N. enthusiast LP writes in from Las Vegas to say that she saw E!'s Brooke Burke at TAO in the Venetian last night. She was there with her boyfriend David Charvet, who was a Baywatch hunk awhile back. LP says Ms. Burke is super tall. The couple is in town for the launch of the Hooters Hotel. WTF?!? A Hooters Hotel?!?! That is pure class. I'm checking in for sure.

Naomi Doesn't Discriminate

Naomi Watts sits down on a curb in New York City to share her breakfast with a homeless man. Just kidding, that's Mary Kate Olsen. Wait, no, she just lent her look to Liev, Naomi's bf with whom she is reportedly trying to get in the family way. Is it normal for famous people to eat sitting on a dirty sidewalk?

WTF Moment of the Day

Roseanne Barr has a new children's music video out where she sings and dresses up like a drag queen. She looks like Miss Piggy here.

What kind of mother would let her child watch this???

Sighting from New York

Lizzie just called me from New York where she is visiting friends. She reported in to let me know of her celeb sightings. Last night she saw Luke Wilson and Teri Hatcher at dinner, but they were not together. She said Teri actually doesn't look crazy skinny in person and looked good. She was dining with a man that Lizzie did not recognize (I asked if was George Clooney, but that was a no go). Luke was there with a huge group of people and was sitting next to some skinny blonde chick--aren't they always! She said he looked really hot and not like he had gained weight, as some recent pictures seem. Then out at the clubs she saw
MJ from the Real World Philly who looks the same, with his big floppy blonde hair.

Thanks for the phone report, Lizzie!

Where in the World is LiLo?

Pissed off little LiLo is upset about her diary being stolen. It was eventually returned to her with pages missing. Her reps and attorneys have warned that anybody publishing what they have from the diary will be prosecuted.

Various websites are now reporting that they have the missing pages and that she discusses things ranging from her feelings to sex with Jared Leto (apparently he's huge) to taking drugs which she codes as a copyright sign.

Who keeps a diary? Especially if your a celeb!

Nick's New Single Drops

This photo, from Pink is the New Blog pretty much says it all. Nick's new solo, "What's Left Of Me" is sure to pull on your heart strings. Here it now at AOL Music.

Finally! A Reason to Watch CMT

CMT has given the ok to start filming an eight-episode reality series following the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders' audition process. This shall replace Making the Band 3 as the greatest show evah!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pirates Ride Gets a Little Hotter

Johnny Depp's character from Pirates of the Carribean, Captain Jack Sparrow, is being added to the ride at Disneyland. The figurine is pictured at left.

WTF Moment of the Day

Lee Tamahori, a Hollywood director, is due in court for soliciting a cop who was undercover as a prostitute. Wait for it...the director was dressed as a woman at the time.

Hollywood is MESSED UP! I'm picturing him in drag as a kind of Driving Miss Daisy character. With some catapillar brows!

The OC & the Death of Ryan and Marissa

Just as a couple, don't freak out. Nikki Reed, the brazilliant little girl who wrote and then starred in Thirteen, will be on the show for at least four episodes, playing Ryan's new love interest once him and Marissa break up. She's like 18 now, but it still sort of grosses me out that she has to make out with Ryan.

More from Bree Turner

Finally! A preview for "Just My Luck," starring both the fabulous Lilo and MVHS grad Bree Turner! Hotness! I don't have sound, but it appears that this is a sequel to "Freaky Friday," where Lilo is a super lucky girl who kisses an super unlucky boy and switches luckiness with him. Get that? Anywho, I shall soon start a countdown until the premiere, which we will all go to as a D.O.N. field trip.

MSN Video

Dunzo!: Locklear and Sambora

"After 11 years of marriage Heather Locklear has filed for divorce from Richie Sambora. This is a private matter and there will be no further comment at this time." -- People Mag.

I so called this!!! Months ago! November 17th to be exact. I'm so cool.

Day Old News Report

Jessica Simpson Channels Gwyneth Paltrow

Jessica Simpson out shopping in L.A. I have a question. Doesn't it take hours (and hundreds) to get hair extensions like this? I swear she takes them out and puts them in daily.

Jessica's sample schedule:

2 p.m. wake up. roll over and say hi to CaCee
3 p.m. begin extension application or removal
7 p.m. light shopping ($30,000-$80,000 range)
10 p.m. dinner with sister. falling for photogs


Hot Couple of the Minute: Zach and Mandy

I had so many people write in about this one. I didn't report it because I don't think it is true, but what do I know? And gossip is gossip. You all win.

Zach Braff has broken Taylor's heart and reportedly proposed to gf of 18 months or so Mandy Moore. I will keep you posted with any further developments/word from their reps.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Time for everybody's favorite segment, spotting Lindsay Lohan! Here she is back in New York filming Chapter 27 with Jared Lardo--whoops, meant Leto. Now if we could get him into the ring with Tonya Harding, that would be some good sumo!

Maternity Fashion: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani in Derelicte Couture. Check out those heels! Doesn't pregancy make your feet swell? Hard core fashion victim! Cheer up, trendy!

Battle of the Lard: Tonya Harding

Oh so that's why she was left off Skating with Celebrities. That and the fact that she may have fallen through the ice. Have another chicken wing!

Sightings in L.A.

Smallison writes in on the happenings of her work trip to La La Land:

"Hi There... I was in LA for the weekend so I missed your blog. I got updated today. So here are my sightings from LA. I went shopping on Robertson... Only got a shirt. I am not a millionare you know. There was some guy from Lord of The Rings there. Not sure which hobbit. I was more interested in the paparazi than the guy. On Friday Night... we went to Geisha House. During the first part of our dinner either Jeremy or Jason London was sitting next to us. He was with a rather older group of people. I thought this was weird until we figured out that one of the people was his fiance. She was so nasty. I kept calling her plastic surgery nightmare. She was so skinny with huge boobs and no clothing on. Her hair was platinum and huge. Her face was covered in makeup but you could still tell it was so fake. Nasty. We think they were celebrating their engagement. He kept kissing her and showing off the ring.
Then they got up... thankfullly. I was really scared by her face. So a table of young guys sits down... they looked interesting... and who is the last to join them??? Fez! Yes Wilmer in the flesh. He checked out our whole table while writing on this sidekick. He was better looking in person but I still dont get it!
So all in all it was an interesting day!"

Thanks for the sightings! Cat, don't you have some Jason/Jeremy London connection? What's the deal there?

Reese is a Hip Mom

Here's a photo of Reese out running some mom/producer errands. She is such a hip mom. This is what I picture Brittany Holley looking like as a mom. Tre chic!

Maternity Fashion: Katie Holmes

The bodysuit. It made you feel sexy in 7th grade, like you were wearing a leotard to school. It got uncomfortable by the end of the day and you unbuttoned it for the walk home. But never have I ever seen a maternity bodysuit. Made of wifebeater cloth. On a celebrity. I think she took this picture so people will see proof that there is in face something growing inside her. Looks like her cold sore has flared up again too.

More Reasons to Love Jessica Alba

My fav chick, Jessica Alba, has been named's reader's choice for the celeb they would most want as a girlfriend. I take this as an honor since a few weeks ago I told you she was the celeb I would most like to look like. Therefore, by default, I'm the hottest girl on earth.

Additionally, Jessica is pictured here shopping at Target. Could she get any cooler? I wish I looked that good in sweats and a trucker hat!

News in a Flash

Lots of news in the world of fantasy film. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix begins filming next Thursday starring all the original cast. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian in pre-production, with a Christmas 2007 release date. Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll set to film this summer, starring Marilyn Manson as Alice in Wonderland. Yes, you read that correctly.

Paul McCartney making his first Grammy appearance on February 9th show. Madonna set to perform at the grammy's with Gorillaz.

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are no longer on speaking terms, per People. Denise is now seeking sole custody, with Charlie seeking joint custody of their two children.

Happy Groundhog's Day! Phil says six more weeks of winter. F you, Phil!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The World of Jordan

When I lived in London, I asked my roommate what was the fascination with celebrities like Jordan. They are famous for modeling lingerie in newspaper ads--yes, newspaper ads--and nothing more. From there, she has spawned a Paris Hilton like following and media frenzy, everything from workout tapes to books about herself.

I haven't posted any of the thousands of fug pictures of her I've seen lately, but this one probably takes the cake. It has moved me. I think I shall be Jordan for Halloween '06. Try not to hug me because the beachballs I'll have in my shirt might pop.

To Make Up for that Last Story...

May I present the dogs in my life.

Maggie Blue who is no longer with us but greatly missed. This is her at my parents home a few Easters ago.

Professor Wigglebutt aka P.Wiggs or Rosie, my sister's dog. She lives with our parents for now, wearing clothes because I make her, and keeps me safe from any threat of attack from airplanes, gardeners, or bicyclists/handicapped people.

Mullen and I chatting while I visited Smallison in Denver last October. If this dog isn't part lamb, then I'll be damned.

Bueller (I dogsit him) He is 95 lbs., but you wouldn't guess it from this picture. And, yes, he sleeps on the bed with me.

L.A. correspondent Dee Dee's new puppy Chloe in her bag. Dina said people were dog shopping in Beverly Hills with their sunglasses on.

Thug, one of the dogs I work with at SF Animal Care and Control. He was with a really long time and was just a big baby at heart. But quite intimidating as you can see.

WTF News Story of the Day

A pack of squirrels in a Russian park killed a dog in less than a minute. A shortage of pine cones may have been the cause. Bystanders said the squirrels scampered off with bits of flesh in their mouths.

This is so revolting. Thanks alot, Jennie.

Source: BBC News

Pride Parade

Zach tries to throw us off from Jake G. and we reconsider the possibility he is Toothy Tile for a brief moment. Natalie Portman also looks a little Castro-district here. But apparently they are just rehearsing for some play. Gotta say they both could look WAY better.

Related stories: Zach is not Gay, Just Happy
Toothy Tile Update

The One and Only Mothface

My boss just got back from Mexico today. He stayed at The One and Only Palmilla and I told him I guaranteed he'd see a celeb while he was there since they always stay there. Sure enough, he came back asking if I knew who Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey are. And here's their Papo pic. I must say, Mothface has never looked more mothy or fug. The yellow bikini top and those polka dots in front of her make her look a little like a butterfly, but we all know she is a moth at heart. And in the face.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Out of the hospital and back shopping! LiLo hits the stores in New York after her weekend partying with Bryan Adams (wtf?) in London and cutting up her leg.

This picture looks like she was attacked by a gypsy pirate stylist. I miss her red hair.

Now that she's a Chanel spokeswhore, I wonder if she gets paid just to walk around holding a bag? I'd do it. But I'd rather have somebody push me in a stroller while I held the bag. I hate walking.

The Double Boob

Here is Pam Anderson modeling the afflication I call "double boob." I, too, fell prey to this fashion crime my freshman year of college. Boobs grow and you don't even realize that your bra doesn't fit anymore until you see something like this.

The other boob afflication that bothers me is what I refer to as "boob shadow." If you know the song "Moon Shadow," then you will get when I replace the words for "Boob Shadow" and sing it around my house and on my sister's voicemail from time to time. Boob shadow is when you layout, usually if you are sitting up in a chair, and your boobs cast shadows below them, leaving you with awkward pale areas on your tan stomach. I realize that you flat chested people out there must think I'm nutso, but this happens. Stupid boob shadow.

That's my "what grinds my gears" for the day.

The Curse of Full House

Mary Kate developed anorexia. John Stamos can't keep a show on air. And then there's Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. Does the curse of Full House ever end? Apparently not.

Jodie Sweetin aka Stephanie "How rude!" Tanner has come forward to discuss her addiction to meth. She married at age 20 to an L.A. police officer, but two years later was living as a housewife and "bored," so she turned to meth for some fun. Apparently, her super smart cop of a husband never caught on. After a stint in the oh-so-famous Promises Rehab of Malibu, she is on the mend and in the process of her very first divorce at age 24. She hopes to get back into acting and stay clean and sober.

Jodie went to rehab after an intervention that included John Stamos, Bob Saget, and both the Olsen twins. What family! Good news for Stamos, though, he has a new $$$ contract to star as the newest doctor on ER. Hotness!

Source: ABC News

Blind Vice

While we may never learn the identity of Toothy Tile (gotta be Jakey G.), we can keep guessing the other Blind Vices. Unless he is trying to throw us off by the obviousness of this one, it's gotta be Nicole Richie for the first part and Nick and Jessica for the second.

"A skinny starlet previously in rehab is back on the blow? Say it ain't so! Suckin' up lines in front of dozens of clubgoers? Shocked! As if.
I mean, gals getting their fix of nose candy in the VIP area is nothing new in Hell-Ay. I've got some much juicier gossip about a supposedly squeaky-clean twosome...
Breaking up is so hard to do, and the aftermath is never pretty. There are so many unanswered questions. Who gets what? Who's to blame? Who will hook up with someone new first? Who will be named in a scandalous, kinky lawsuit? And finally, who cheated?
As if divorces weren't ugly enough, things between Julep Jiggle and Driscoll Dreamboat are about get downright abysmal--even though their split occurred some time ago. You see, in the near future, someone's most likely going to file a lawsuit. And in that suit will be highly incriminating conversations about one partner's penchant for extramarital threesomes--so says balking babe with fancy lawyers. This is so exciting, I feel just like Tom Cruise in The Firm!
Now, I bet you've already pinned Julep as the obvious offender. After all, rumors were flying that J.J. hooked up with a slew of humpy high-rollers. People say she's self-centered and demanding. (By the way, who isn't in this damn town?)
Yep, everyone felt très sorry for poor D2. He seemed like such a nice guy.
Until now. Since he married Julep, Dris has been gettin' more nasty nooky than ever, according to legal-filing chick. And, evidently, Driscoll's a multitasker. Not just around the house but in the bedroom, too. Three's never a crowd for this guy...the more, the merrier. As if that's not naughty enough, Driscoll hinted he might also be down for a threesome with a smokin' girl...and a very hot, semi-famous bud. Yes, buddy, as in a dude.
Whatever, threesomes are the norm here in Blindville.
But you know what's exciting about this one, gals? In like a few weeks, you're prolly gonna know exactly who I'm talkin' about. We'll talk then, 'kay?"

From: Ted Casablanca for E!

The New L.B.

Lately I've really been missing my Laguna Beach. Thankfully I've preserved every episode on my Tivo for reminiscing. However, my heart warms to think of MTV's newest spin-off, 8th and Ocean. Set in Miami, it follows ten aspiring models living together in a beach front house. I had no idea South Beach was such a model haven, but apparently it is since every model show is filmed there. That plus the return of ANTM in March is enough to get me beyond my LB and Making the Band blues.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More on Britney on Will & Grace

When Brit Brit goes on Will & Grace as a guest star, she will be playing a super-conservative Christian. Jack, as you probably know, works for the gay network "Out TV", hosting his talk show "Jack Talk." But Out TV will be bought out by Christian Television Network and forces Jack to take on a wholesome Christian sidekick. She brings her own "flair" to the talk show with her cooking segment called "Cruci-fixin's." Will and Jack eventually take her out and get her to loosen up a bit. The segment will air Thursday, April 13th.

In other news, Britney is reportedly back in the dance studio, working on her moves and dropping the lbs. Oh, the anticipation of the comeback is brutal!

Brit Brit, The Comeback, Part II

Yesterday I reported that Britney's official fan website was revamped and promised a new Britney in 2006. Today comes word of her first step towards reclaiming her former glory: she has landed a role as a guest star on Will & Grace. This is the show's final season and the former guest stars read like a who's who of Hollywood. Britney will tape her episode sometime in February. I hope she and Jack have a dance off! Somebody teach her the Control-Alt-Delete Shutdown.

Nick's Downgrade

Nick Lachey has been repeatedly spotted around L.A. with this girl, Lizzie Arnold, 28, who won the Miss Kentucky crown back in 2001. Most recently they have been spotted at LAX nightclub on Jan. 15 and then again at Wilmer Valderrama's birthday party at Level 3 nightclub on January 29th. I knew Nick was going to go for a brunette next. Definately not as hot as Jess though.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Back in the hospital! Poor little LiLo was taking a shower at Bryan Adams' London home(????) and was having a cup of tea as she was on the stairs. Since she was still wet, she slipped and fell down the stairs, smashing the cup and landing on it, requiring ten stitches.

Tea? Showering at Bryan Adams' house? Walking around wet and naked? Something seems perfectly normal here...

Happy Birthday J.T.!

Happy birthday hotness! Please don't marry Cameron Diaz! I promise we'll fix Brit Brit up nice for you!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Wuthering Heights Revisited

"Film chiefs have told the Yorkshire Evening Post 'off the record' that the deal has been done to bring two of the film industry's biggest stars to Yorkshire. Film scouts are understood to have been combing the Yorkshire area in the last 10 days to find the perfect film locations to film the wild, passionate scenes between two of the world's hottest stars, who will play Heathcliff and Cathy, two of the literary world's greatest romantic figures. They are rumoured to start filming next year and could be in Yorkshire for six months, along with a huge crew and cast. The lid is being kept on details of the deal. Depp, 42, who is a lover of the Bronte's literary works, once said during an interview: "Am I a romantic? I've seen Wuthering Heights 10 times. I'm a romantic." From I Don't Like You In That Way

Angelina Jolie is reportedly set to play the female lead. This sucks for me. I adore British Lit (it was my major) and think Wuthering Heights is a fantastic story. But Angelina and Johnny Depp are WAY too old to play the stars and Angelina could never play a confused, frail young girl. I have to believe this isn't true.

Paris Loves Panties

Paris Hilton bought what must equate to an entire Victoria's Secret store. Bras could not take up more than a small paper bag. Oh well, I guess when you are constantly wearing lingerie as clothes you gotta buy in bulk. Lucky Stavros.

Escada Party

So my L.A. reporter Dee Dee Knockers personally attended the launch of Escada's new perfume at Lobby last Thursday. Like a good little reporter, she called me bright and early on Friday morning to brief me further on her text messages sent during the event.

Here is the link to Perez Hilton's description of the party and some pics.

Ms. Knocks gave the following info: Jamie Lynn Sigler from the Sopranos and spokesperson for the national anti-anorexia society or whatever is just slightly bigger than Nicole Richie. She is also an amazing dresser and incredibly beautiful in person. E! reporter Maria Menounos is also especially striking up close. John Stamos is even hotter in person as well. Dee Dee's husband had to ask her to stop drooling over him. Chris Evans (oh so hot) was there minus girlfriend Jessica Biels. Everybody made a tremendous scene when Michelle Trachtenberg arrived--apparently she's some PR hot shit. Joel Madden looks exactly how you'd picture him in real life, wardrobe and all. And Sophia Bush is relatively average on a Hollywood scale of hotness--not super thin, not super hot, but attractive. Brandon Davis ex-bf of Mischa Barton and cousin of Mr. Dee Dee Knockers showed up and gave a causal what's up to Dee Dee and Co. Paris and Nicky showed up, but only after being bribbed with a comped dinner at a nearby restaurant first! Dee Dee's PR friend told her this bit and we both think it is so laughable that Paris and Nicky need anything comped for them, just to attend a party. Steve-O showed and was trashed to the point that his eyes were rolling back in his head. Nicole never showed, but it's possible that it was due to Steve-O telling an E! reporter on the record that they were over already and had broken up that night. He said it bugged him how she never eats and that he was "pulling the band-aid off" before there was too big a wound. What a friggin retard!

Thanks for the stellar report, Knocks! Keep up the good work.

Bless Her Heart

She's trying. She's really trying. Brit Brit and KFed got dolled up for the after parties of SAG last night. A choker? With flowers on it? I know this is a step up, but I'm still desolate over her fashion choices. Her fan-club website was revamped today, promising a revamped & refocused Brit in '06. She'll have yet another new fragrance released this Spring called "In Control" and a new single dropping within the year.

And KFed has never looked worse. She just came from the tanning bed and he from a night of detox.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Da Brat and David Gest

Oh. My. Crabcakes.

Back to the Big House

Sorry readers, D.O.N. took her first sick day ever on Friday thanks to a fever. The news is forthcoming.

Natasha Lyonne has yet another arrest warrant out for her ass. The star has been fighting serious drug and health problems in the past few years. This time the warrant is for failing to show up for her hearing regarding animal abuse to a poor puppy. What a snatch!

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