Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fur is Gross!

Anybody who knows me is aware of how angry fur-wearing makes me. Trent Reznor speaks out for PeTA in a new video from China showing how that oh-so-cute fur on the hood of your Bebe coat is probably from a dog or cat. Over 50% of fur is from stray animals like these.

PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT THE USE OF FUR AS FASHION!! If you can stomach watching dogs and cats having their skins ripped off while they are alive, there is more below.

Page Six Coming At Ya

US Weekly watch out! There's a new magazine coming to town. Page Six: The Magazine is set to hit stands within the next two weeks. I hope it's better than OK and In Touch because those magazines suck ass!

Mrs. Pink Hart's Wedding Snapshot

Pink is not a Woman, I'm Sure of It

This picture is so nast! It looks either like Linda Blair when possessed or like a male lion having sex. She is supposed to be impersonating Jessica Simpson. Twins, right?

Jessica Simpson Gets The Message

Jessica Simpson finally got word that people like looking at her much more when she looks pretty. She doesn't have the bra-aversion Brit Brit struggles with, but I think Jess wins in the "who takes their extensions in and out the most" contest.

Jake and Sophia Play Nice

Jake and Sophia Bush met up in Malibu to play with their dogs. That's Jake's German Shep Atticus who he got with Kirsten Dunst. The other is his puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) which he got a few months ago.

I hope Sophia is trying to dissuade Jake from dating Chad Michael Murray. She's totally saying, "Look at me. Do you want to end up looking like this after dating that man-whore?"

Jake's like, "Kinda. You look like a pretty boy right now. Except I'd lose the bangs, girlfriend."

Nicole Richie is my Pinkie Finger

Ted Casablanca reports that Ms. Richie was off shopping at Robertson, as she is wont to do. The salespeople at a super trendy store called to tell him their uncomfortable experience with her. They said she loved the clothes but that not one thing in the store fit her. They brought in tons of stuff to try on, all in size zero, and everything was falling off of her. And a zero on Robertson is like itty bitty kitty. Somebody send her to the Limited Too stat!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hot Couple of the Minute: Hayden Christensen & Sienna Miller

Reports keep coming in that Sienna Miller and Jude Law have finally broken up, and other reports are surfacing that Hayden Christensen is in fact not a homo! The two are filming Factory Girl together and have been seen in intimate poses like this at bars after work.

Nicole Stole Steve-O!

Moments after having an in depth convo with Brenda Richie buddy and my law school bff DeeDee, I read that Nicole stole Steve-O right out from under the eyes of...Trishelle! Reportedly she learned of the new twosome after reading about it in the tabloids like everybody else and is truly devastated. My one and only Trishelle sighting was with DeeDee so this makes a perfect circle of comedy.

Perez Hilton

Hot Couple of the Minute: Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols

Austin Nichols is reportedly dating Sophia Bush. He was in Wimbeldon and is currently in Glory Road. Sorry the pic is so small. I think this is a downgrade, but hopefully he is much nicer than CMM.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Scarf shopping in L.A.! On Robertson no doubt. This one looks like T.P. pulled off a tree in the morning that got soaked by the sprinklers.

My mom used to get so mad when I'd go TPing. Not because it was rude, because I used up all the TP in the house.

Brangelina as Bran Flakes

Is it possible that Brad and Angelina make each other uglier? I swear they used to be individually hot and now they are nothing to write home about. The drab clothes. The unhighlighted hair. The pale skin. It's almost like they are morphing into nuns while doing all their charity work.

Please somebody bring back the Brad from Legends of the Fall and the spunky crazy-dyed haired Angie. They were way more fun!

News in a Flash

Sean Penn's brother Chris Penn, star of Reservoir Dogs and Footloose, found dead at age 40 in his Santa Monica home. No foul play suspected.

Melrose Place stars Josie Bissett and Rob Estes divorcing after 14 years of marriage and two children.

UPN and WB Networks combining to form one. All major programs should remain on air.

Pixar purchased by Disney for $7.4 billion.

Jennifer Lopez and Gremlin Marc Anthony reportedly expecting their first child, sure to rival TomKitten for the ability to scare. No confirmation from their reps.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hot Couple of the Minute: Jeremy Bloom & Cameran Eubanks

DAK has informed me that my beloved CU Buff Jeremy Bloom has been dating Cameran from Real World San Diego. I checked and sure enough People January 30th, 2006 issue confirms it. I also checked with Cameran's agent because I really wanted to know if this is true. She now lives in Denver, Colorado--presumably with Bloom. They met in Mexico. I also saw a ton of postings from her old school friends who say she is very nice, normal, and a total pothead who always attracted the attention of the jocks. I guess I can be happy for them since I always liked her. Too bad I'm too old for RW fame!

Sundance, The Clothes

Who does Asians (and humans with eyesight) proud? Lucy Liu or Bai Ling?

Hotties of the Olympics

I love me some Jeremy Bloom! He was so hot on our football team. I'd totally go Demi Moore on his ass.

Click here for Olympic hotties

Where in the World is LiLo?

LiLo has been hiding for a few days, but I found her. She is in some random Canandian magazine. Check out her quote, I love it. Lilo is so deep. She looks hot though.

Annapolis Premiere

Here's my 2006 BF at his movie premiere last night. Boyfriend needs some mystic tan pronto! I can't believe I'm going to say this, but he looks a little like J.Lo's gremlin in this photo. Agh!

D.O.N. has found nothing of interest to report yet. I will work on my Bachelor Recap and have it up by the end of the day.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Worse Day of 2006

I went to the gym at lunch (don't act so surprised) and CNN said that this is the official worst day of the year! They have scientist who do some crazy predictions and work it out to figure when people are the least happy and when they are the most. Most happy day? June 23, 2006.

I believe it! D.O.N. is worn out. I realize a crappy day like this means you need me more than ever, but too bad! I'll be back tomorrow with your Bachelor Recaps and maybe something I actually find newsworthy. Back to work. (ugh)

Drew's Sandbags

If you saw Drew Barrymore at the Golden Globes, you know that she looked awful and was seriously in need of a bra. Saturday night her boyfriend was performing on SNL and Drew had the good humor to make fun at her atrocious ensemble and hopefully fired her stylist.

News Flash

NBC cancelling The West Wing and Will and Grace. My Name is Earl on hiatus while actor Jason Lee is recovering from chickenpox.

And that is literally the only semi-interesting news there is at this time. It's gonna be a long one.

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