Friday, December 30, 2005

Where in the World is LiLo?

Why in Miami of course! The whole Lohan clan, sans Daddy in the slammer, decended upon South Beach. LiLo is hosting the party at Prive tomorrow night. Expect shenanigans!

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Vaughniston Get Friendly

Although they continue to deny a relationship, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn spent the holidays together at a hotel in the LB. I was pretty sure this relationship was a publicity stunt, but maybe not if holiday time is involved. Interesting...

Paris Hunts for Crabs

Seriously. Ew. I'll bet she gave them to Stavros and that is why he had to chop off all his hair.

Eminem to Wed Kim

In another smart celebrity move, one that shows us the value of marriage, Eminem is set to re-marry ex-wife Kim on January 14th. Kim is famous for being the target of brutal murders in Em's songs. She also developed a healthy drug habit once he divorced her and pulled a gun on her.

Hope you stay alive, Kimmie! This sounds like wedded bliss!

D.O.N. Has A New Year's Resolution

We will figure out who Toothy Tile is!! (See our first entry back in November if you don't know who TT is.) While this obsession is sometimes more insane than at other times, right now it's at the height of its fury. I will not waste another year with Jake Gyllenhaal on my fridge if he is not the man for me because I'm not a man for him. This must be resolved.

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